Tuesday 17 February 2009

Fun couple of Days

The last couple of days we have been having lots of fun catching up with people at the UK trade show we all call Stitches, even though it changed its name to something new and really long - we all still call it stitches. There is paper, beads, fabric and all kinds of hobbies represented. And though the show was smaller than previous years, there seemed to be a real buzz this year, and still plenty of cool stuff to check out. We have really been enjoying ourselves.

Last night we caught up with Team Ranger, (Suze, Tim, Mario & owner Alain) and Dy and Ben from Art from the Heart. It was Suze's first Indian, and she was a bit worried that the spices would blow her out of the water, but we chose really mild dishes and she absolutely loved it! I think it would have to be one of the best Indian meals we have had. Every year we go out with all these guys to an Indian as Alain loves it hot, and restaurants like this are hard to find in the USA. The decor was really red and really gold! And the food was really good. Here's a pic i stole from Suze's blog.
When we got back to the hotel Tim wanted Suze and Mario to see the ceiling beams in our room. I think either he or Alain had that room on a previous year. Here's a pic. Just walking down the hall is an obstacle course. You have to duck and dive all the way along the hall - unless you are Suze-sized!

So Stitches has been good fun. I saw some really awesome paints and texture paints from Europe. I still don't get the Yudu thing at all. They say its cheap for what it does, but do we really need to screen print our own shirts at home. They say you have to use special printer's paints, as acrylic is too thick. I just can't see us all wanting one like we would want a cuttlebug! LOL So I'm still not convinced...yet.

2 weeks back i was at CHA checking out all the new product releases from the USA, and at Stitches there was some of the same, but also many European exhibitors who put their own twist on stuff.

New from us we have added Ten Seconds Metal products to the website. More will be added later this week as the new stock arrives in the country, so watch this space.

And tomorrow is Taco Tuesday (actually its today already - I'm up too late) from Ten Seconds Studio. While I was at CHA they asked me to film a demo with them on thier booth, so the last day of the show really early, we made the video. You can see it here - me demoing with Squiggly Stamps on their new metal. Let me know what you think. It was a lot of fun, and if you haven't figured it out already, metal is going to be huge this year.

Have a great day!


PS. If you want to come to ArtsyCrafts second weekend there are still some places left for March 28/29

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Janene said...

Loved your Taco Tuesday clip. Seems like things are going very well - so happy for you. All my best to you and Mark
Janene (NY)