Monday 7 June 2021

2021 Topic 7: Stamp Mash Up with ... JOFY, EEG, ESN, I&D minis

  2021 Topic 7 - Stamp Mash Up with...

JOFY * I&D Minis * Sara Naumann * Emma Godfrey

Hi everyone, Keren here with the introduction to our second round of mash-ups! If they're anything like the first set, we're going to have some amazing art. Just as we all have different styles and may plump for certain stamps, we'll know a little more about some of our highlighted artists, than others. So, to begin, we'll introduce you to each of our designers, show you some of their art plus showcase what others have created using their stamps. 

Jo Firth-Young is well known for her doodled style florals although many of us are equally as entranced with her snowmen and Christmas sets. As one of the Signature Designers for PaperArtsy, her designs are well loved, whether you are creating art journals, mini album making, creating fabric art or simply a card. Jo often uses white or black gel pen for highlighting details and makes wonderful use of masterboards and stencil techniques. Her bold flowers give a vibrance and exuberance to her art and often contain fabulous mini doodled details.

Jo makes wonderful books- like this one using up bits from her scrap pile..

...or you might find her using her stamps and a stamp positioner in an intriguing way.

Her workshops often contain creating useful and beautiful decorative elements and often with plenty of opportunity for her signature doodles!

So what do others create with Jo's stamps and stencils? Clare Messenger conjured up this lovely layered frame.

Anneke De Clerck always does wonderful things with JOFY stamps, and this is a perfect example of one.

Or perhaps you like a layered approach with depth. Sarah Anderson uses ink, paint and stamps to achieve such detailed effects.

Our next designer Emma Godfrey has designed for PaperArtsy for some years. Her initial collections were based around art journalling and as a scrapbooker, her stamps are perfect for scrapbooking, bullet journalling and so much more. Her later collections were inspired by the time she'd spent in Portugal with wonderful architectural details taken from photographs taken in the Algarve.

Her quotes are always wonderful.

She creates amazing layers with a wonderful palette topped off with more of her inspiring quotes.

This last sample shows Emma's use of texture and multiple layers that cleverly doesn't look overcomplicated. Using Infusions helps give age to the project and draws your eye to those impactful architectural details.

Autumn Clark created some amazing samples using the Portugal themed stamps; look at all that texture!

Anneke De Clerck is popping in again with a gorgeous canvas using Emma's floral and circles release.

Here's a gorgeous example by our own Tracy Scott nonetheless, using Emma's stamps.

Sara Naumann's stamps and stencils have a refined elegance mixed with a pared back vintage vibe. You can see her love for mixed media in her art but she uses them in a considered and restrained way. You might also have noticed how she uses ephemera both in her creative projects and stamp designs.

For those who might not know much about Sara, she is American and has lived in Amsterdam, Sopot, Poland and currently resides in Hamburg. When she was a little girl, Sara loved travelling- often with her nose in a book ( the only way she could travel back then). She says 'I'm a daily journaller and also love to collect ephemera ( a fancy word for extra bits of paper that other people toss! ), little treasures like leaves, feathers and fallen flower petals.'
She loves to walk and always has her eye out for interesting patterns or textures.

You can see her love for pastels, gel prints and she has some amazing stencils in her PaperArtsy collection too.

You might spot extras in her art, whether it's resin, wax seals, grunge paste and more. Sara's art is always worthy of a closer second look to try and work out what she's added in the details. So what about the PaperArtsy bloggers? How have they used her designs?

You can use it in a vintage elegant way like Jennie Atkinson did.

Or perhaps multilayering of images with a hint of grunge like this fabulous example by Lotte Kristenson?

Perhaps you like your Sara Naumann stamps with a side of COLOUR and Michelle Webb provided this in spades.

Lastly we are looking at Ink & The Dog. A quirky collection directly from the PaperArtsy stables that was first introduced to everyone in 2003. We are looking (for this topic) at the Minis which contain some of the images from the larger plates and are perfect if you want a introduction to this style of stamps, but be warned, you may not want to stop at just the minis! 

This gorgeous wall hanging by Rebecca Harris, embellished with Infusions has little bits of Ink & The Dog stamps everywhere. 

Ink & The Dog images have lots of vintage faces and people and Julie Ann using her beautiful artistry has made this tiny yet perfect house with characters residing happily inside.

Heather Crossley curated lots of elements to create this fascinating piece, watched over by a young spiffing gent.

It's easy to use the same substrates over and over, but Darcy Wilkinson created this amazing purse using some of the feather Minis.

I couldn't let this opportunity go by after featuring one of Darcy's projects, to show another superb piece of art created for (& starring) Mr & Mrs. PaperArtsy celebrating their 10th PaperArtsy Anniversary!

So you see the incredible diversity even in the PaperArtsy minis alone, nevermind the combination of Jo Firth-Young, Sara Naumann & Emma Godfrey's images. How will our team of intrepid bloggers combine such different artists, and what types of art will we end up with? Buckle your seatbelts for the next fortnight, this could be a fun ride!

If you want to create along with us while we explore this topic, please share your makes on our social feeds so we can follow along. Instagram @paperartsy or why not join us and post in the PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world!

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