Thursday 10 June 2021

2021 Topic 7: Stamp Mash Up JOFY, EEG, ESN, I&D minis {by Jenny Marples}

 2021 Topic 7: Stamp Mash Up

Taking a dip again into her photo collection, Jenny has created another architectural homage. It's intriguing how a piece can feel both modern and vintage at the same time; possibly down to her bold and fresh choice of colour. You'll love this sketched and embellished piece of art.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Jenny Marples with you today, and I'm here to share with you a couple of new journal pages which demonstrate how your PaperArtsy stamps can be used to enhance your sketches and drawings. Having enjoyed creating pages celebrating my love of Venice (you can see those here) I decided to dig out photos from other family holidays abroad and use them in a similar way. It's a great way of recording those treasured memories and travel in spirit whilst restrictions still apply on doing this physically.

For this trip we are off to the medieval fortress located at Carcassonne in the south of France. There is far too much beauty to capture in one or two pages so I've concentrated my efforts on the iconic outer walls for this post.

Colour can make a profound difference when you are trying to capture what you feel and recall about a place and time. Your colours should work in harmony and by creating paint colour families the clever people at PaperArtsy have already done a lot of the thinking for you. For example Wolf Eye, Blue Smoke and Surf's Up all come from the Grey Blues set.

That mottled effect has been produced by adding random patches of paint to a gel plate before pulling them with the background colour on wet strength tissue (in this case the 'Pixie Dust' Fresco Finish paint) as shown below.

So that you can see why I chose those colours here are some of the photos I printed from my own collection; as well as blue skies and water there are plenty of terracotta tiled roofs and green trees to be seen in this part of the world.

A quick mention about the paper used for these pages - after the success achieved by adding 'Golden Sands' Infusions to dilute tea to stain the paper for my Venetian pages I had a play with some of the other colours in the range. For this project I picked the soft berry version in the middle, made by adding a tiny amount of 'Rocky Road' Infusions to hot tea.

The basic journal pages were assembled by making signatures with a mix of this berry-hued paper, tea stained postcards, brown wrapping paper, vellum and other random bits of fabric/paper. As well as scraping a little Grunge Paste over the surface of the papers I added some stencilling using Sara Nauman's PS219 stencil.

After drawing one of my Carcassonne sketches some of the gel printed tissue was added either side - parts of the drawing covered up by this were added back in at this point.

Now it was time to start adding to and enhancing the sketching using the mash up of stamps from all four designer lines, beginning with Emma Godfrey's EEG26.

By heat embossing the cobbles image in white I was able to add the detail and some texture in a way that complimented the drawing rather than competing with it.
Wanting to add more detail to the main turret without laboriously sketching all the bricks and blocks by hand I chose to use JOFY Mini JM05.

You can see below how I stamped this fabulous design with grey ink, again to add interest without over-powering the main image.

Line drawings are great but adding shading gives them more depth and dimension, so as well as using a watercolour pencil to do this I also reached for PaperArtsy: Ink & The Dog Mini MN108.

Once again I used grey ink with it, masking off the areas that didn't need any shadowing.

One of the joys of owning a Sara Naumann stamp set is that you get a bunch of beautifully collated images and texts at your disposal and for this page I used a couple from ESN51.

Stamping a line of text in a colour that matches with one of the paints used gives it impact without being over-powering.

The dictionary definition from the same stamp set seemed to fit with the intention and theme of the journal. By stamping and heat embossing it onto a small tag I then had the option to play around with its placement on the page.

The space in the top left corner needed filling, again with something that added to rather than distracted from the central image.

I used the PaperArtsy: Ink & The Dog Mini MN57 to add some ink splats, again in grey to keep them in the background. Notice here also that I've added some pale pink lace trim that has been dyed using more of the 'Rocky Road' Infusions.

Let's take a closer look at the finished page, starting by looking at the view before the flip out postcard piece is opened up;

You may have spotted some stamping in the top right hand corner of the postcard. The tiny text images came from another of Sara Naumann's stamp sets ESN50.

Pull back the postcard and the drawing of Carcassonne's walls and turrets is revealed. You will see that I used the PaperArtsy Mini MN108 again, this time as more of a design detail under the lace and stitching.

And below you can see where I eventually chose to add the stamped tag.

Moving on to a second journal page you can see this one incorporates the use of brown paper as a surface with more Grunge Paste applied along with the use of Sara Naumann's stencil PS247.

The ruler lines reminded me of the castellated walls around the fortress so I used them as an extension of my drawn ones.

You'll also see that I used of some of the stamps from the previous page in combination with two from Sara Naumann's stamp set ESN52.

A much simpler drawing allows for the stamping to be more impactful.


It's easier to see here how that soft berry coloured paper compliments the paint printed tissue.

I hope you can see from this post how the images in your stamp collections can add to and enhance your drawings, using different colours to help push them forwards or backwards as needed.


Helen said...

Love this mashup !

Ellie Knol said...

WOW.. a masterpiece Jenny.. so much to see, and such beautiful detail... very clever coloring with tea and infusions.. it adds to the overall feel of the pages..

Karen said...

Love this and you've given me lots of ideas for incorporating my own travel sketches with my photos.

Skylark said...

Breathtaking Jenny! Love, love, love everything about it! So much thought, detail and great mash up! ~ Stef

Miriam said...

Lovely project Jenny

Abigail Thomas said...

Love this project - so many lovely details - thanks for sharing!

SewPaperPaint said...

I love your funky painty tissue Jenny! The flaps revealing such a large sketch really add to the mystery and intrigue of this cool journal page. I only wish I could hold these and flip through in person!