Monday 11 July 2016

Summer 2016 #3UP {Ink and the Dog}

Good evening everyone, Leandra here to welcome you night 2 of a week of #3UP.

Each night this week, 3 people are UP on the PaperArtsy blog to showcase their crafty skills. They were all randomly selected a few months back, were sent specific stamps and colour products to use however they choose.

All of tonight's bloggers have featured FULL STEP OUTS on their own blogs, so if you would like to find out more, please follow the links, and go and leave a comment here on the PA blog and on their own personal blogs for them; feedback is so important, these bloggers are itching to hear from you!

It a bit of old and new tonight! Our group was sent stamps from our first ever stamp collection Ink and the Dog. Started in 2004, there are over 100 A6 (quarter) stamp plates in this collection, across 28 themes. As they are Vintage in style, they simply do not date. We also have Ink and the Dog Minis (over 100 of those little credit card size beauties), and the Vintage Ink and the Dog, is 10 plates (half plate, A5 size) of some of Leandra's most favourite images, slightly larger in format than the originals.

Tonight's #3Uppers are also using our newest product: infusions. Infusions are dye powder pigments mixed with walnut crystals to create a perfect vintage tone. Sprinkle and activate with water, or try one of the many methods explored by tonight's clever experimental crew!

Enjoy, you are in for a treat!!

First up this evening we have Bryan Evans.

Hello, I am Bryan and I am on a journey of discovery to try and find my own style and uniqueness with inks and paints mixed with stamps, found objects and different substrates.

I am really pleased with the end result, Lemoncello and Royal Blood work well together. I used them with water and gesso, just a small amount, the effects are different all of the time.

The infusions performed really well on tissue paper, I was really impressed how the walnut crystals are visible next to the colour. I will be try different colour combinations next.

I like the style of the stamps, highly detailed and remain crisp even on 2nd generation stamping. Ink and the Dog and Infusions, a great mix!! 

To see the full project please visit my blog posts HERE. 

Places to find Bryan. 

Next up this evening we have Siobhan Brignull

I have been stamping since about 2003, and at my first visit to Ally Pally for a stamping exhibition, I caught sight of the Paper Artsy stand, my first impression was who would want those weird looking stamps, fast forward a year and I couldn't buy enough of them and this has been true ever since, money being the only things that stops me buying more.

My feature stamp is from the Wings series of ink and the Dog. I really enjoyed discovering the sheer amount of different techniques and effects that you could use with Infusions, my piece includes using infusions with water, white paint and metallic glaze, I tried many things and my only failed experiment was with crackle glaze. (I guess crackle needs opaque layers to contrast properly, and Infusions, being a dye, are not opaque)

Initially the technique didn't seem that to have done what I wanted, as it bled under the stencil, but in the end it worked out just right for me. A happy accident. 

I love the variation in colour that infusions brings, also my happy accident of using texture gold and find it recoloured some of my embossing, love that effect ! 

To see the full explanation please visit my blog post HERE. 

Places to find Siobhan. 
Blog: Ink Blots
Facebook: Siobhan Brignull
Instagram: Shiv63

Finally this evening we have Rebecca Harris. 

Hi everyone, Rebecca here, I am a craft addict (time allowing LOL!) I have been crafting for ever, love to try everything with an open mind and get a lot of inspiration from colour!!

First of all my stamp came from the Eclectic family - there is so much on the one plate!

Well what can I say about these little jars of colour infusion; very versatile, everything on my wall hanging has been coloured by infusions, from water spritzing, to painting with and colouring fabric, LOVE UM!

This is a close up of the tissue paper and bias binding coloured with A Bit Jaded, love the variations in colours and bits of walnut that crop up

The versatility continues by mixing the infusions with fresco paint and stamping with it and when painted created a lovely background for stamping a focal image.

To see the full project please visit my blog posts HERE. 

Places to find Rebecca. 
Instagram: craftin_coates

Wow doesn't it look like our guests had so much fun with the Infusions! Tissue paper seems to be a common thread here, but to use them on fabric and with stencils looks awesome! Make sure you take a look at Leandra's pinterest board for more ideas with Infusions.



Miriam said...

Lovely projects everyone.... just love those ink and dog stamps - and infusions - I'm hooked!!

Helen said...

What amazing projects!

Helen said...

What amazing projects!

Caz said...

Amazing projects and all so different showing what a variety of things you can do with infusions!

PaperArtsy said...

I love how you have all rocked the infusions in such different ways tonight!! Thankyou!

geezercrafter said...

Well done to my fellow teamies, Rebecca and Siobhan, your creations are awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Yay had great fun with these well done to my team rock!
Happy craftin

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow, what a fabulous trio of talent tonight! Love the variation and great ideas with infusions! Loving 3up!

Mac Mable said...

Glorious projects, thank you so much x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Another amazing array of gorgeous projects tonight. Absolutely loved every single one of them. Lx

craftimamma said...

A second evening of wonderful inspiration with these great stamps and gorgeous little bottles of powder. Well done 3Uppers, fabulous projects from you all.

Lesley Xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

Bryan & Rebecca fabulous teamies who produced fabulous art.

Ginger said...

Great projects, loving this 3Up.

Carol x

rachel said...

been playing with infusions a bit more over the last few days so I can really appreciate these works of art tonight - fabulous! Hugs Rachel x

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

More fantastic creations, a favourite of mine tonight as I love those Infusions ;)
Donna xx

Etsuko said...

Wonderful project 3 up today. Now I off to check them out. xx

craftytrog said...

Wow! Three amazing projects, so inspiring!!! xxx

Ellie Knol said...

another gorgeous 3UP!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful projects, still need to get these fab little bottles of yummyness xx

Unknown said...

Fabulous work guys! :)

Kirsten said...

Wow!! These are stunning. Congrats to Bryan, Siobhan & Rebecca.

SewPaperPaint said...

OMGosh! Infusions on fabric - I'm starting over!!! How unbelievably cool and considering I just reorganized my fabric stash - I'm so doing this right away! These are all such amazing projects! Well done ladies!

Nikki K said...

Fab projects all, loving the variety of stamps and finishes with the infusions! xxx