Thursday 18 February 2016

MORE NEW PA Products {March 2016} by Emma Godfrey

Hi Everyone, Leandra here with some MORE amazing new stamps by Emma Godfrey ...

If you are wondering why we have more releases hot on the heels of those we did just 2 weeks ago, it is because we have our UK Craft trade show starting on Sunday at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. We like to keep a few tricks up our sneaky sleeves, so here they are! Three more nights of releases!

We did tell you that Emma had 3 more stamps to follow and here they are. The last release she very recently did in this vein has been so well received, so I think you are going to love these too! And the art samples her wing men have made are magnificent, so lots of ideas for you to pursue.

In addition to these 3 stunning sets, Emma has created 8 minis too! These are going to be so useful, simple phrases, as well as borders, and plenty of useful background elements too, and the leaves will be handy with all the stamps above that can so easily be used as flowers. Minis are Credit card sized stamps.

Of course, we have a video for you showing Emma's new stamps! Do take a look as it is lovely to see all the samples up close!

Leandra also shot a Live Persicope stream to show you the stamps, and all the gorgeous artwork Emma's wingmen made with the 3 large stamps sets. You might find it easier to watch in the Periscope App or go to Leandra's Katch account to see all our new product videos for 2016 , they are listed as a collection. 

As ever, we always have some super talented crafts who volunteer to help us work with our newest stamps.  I'll hand over now to Emma who will introduce her support crew tonight, and has some of her own work with these new stamps to show you too. Enjoy. ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Emma here to show you the newest stamps that I have designed for PaperArtsy.

The three large stamp sets continue in the same style as EEG13, 14 & 15. They are once again larger format images with plenty of quotes and phrases. These stamps also work really well if you mix and match them with the previous sets.

The eight minis are a last minute addition (and thus my wingmen and I did not have them when we made the projects you're about to see) - but I {needed} some basic sentiments for making cards, and of course I couldn't resist doodling a few more images too.

Tonight we start with Gabrielle Price. Gabrielle creates such gorgeous pieces of art, and has a great imagination when it comes to thinking outside of the box (as you'll see here).

'She Was Happy' using EEG16 by Gabrielle Price

Well, I got a little over excited when I saw this stamp set and my mind went bonkers at the possibilities! The large circle type stamps seemed to me to be flowers or suns... or fish and birds (the bird is on my blog!) I LOVE these stamps and I have another animal idea for this set too!

'Quilted Colour' using EEG17 by Gabrielle Price

These stamps reminded me of some vintage retro quilts I saw in a real cool fabric museum and that's what I tried to replicate here! The squares are all cut out and, if you are any good with a sewing machine (unlike me!) this would look fabulous stitched together! I settled for glue!

'Everything is Real' using EEG18 by Gabrielle Price

The large stamps were perfect flowers and I attempted the ombre technique that JoFy recently shared with us - it gives the flowers a cool retro feel that I LOVE! The scribbly leaf is gorgeous! I also saw Japanese fans in the large flower head - more of that idea on my blog!

Next up we have Tracy Scott. Tracy is famous for her beautiful art journaling, so she was one of the first people I thought of to ask to help. I {love} everything she makes ... she has such a good eye for composition and detail.

'Sun Flowers' using EEG17 by Tracy Scott

My first thought when seeing this stamp set was abstract geometric patterns, but then when I read the quotes the one that stood out was "the sun colours flowers", and this immediately conjured up images of meadows filled with brightly coloured blooms. All of a sudden those geometric squares had turned into modern retro flowers.

'Dream' using EEG18 by Tracy Scott

I love circles and this stamp set didn't fail to impress. It was great to colour, and of course the first thing I could see was retro flowers. This stamp is going to be in regular use for my art journaling ... well you can never have enough circles can you?

'Happy' using EEG16 by Tracy Scott

This was my favourite stamp set, I love anything with flowers and that was what immediately spring to mind, but I also knew that I wanted to add a face to my flower girl and the large stamp was perfect for this with plenty of space to draw in the middle. I'd love to try a whole bouquet of flower girls next ... I think that could be fun.

Our third contributor tonight is Kim Osbourn. Kim is a good friend who dabbles in lots of different crafts ... paint is a little bit out of her comfort zone, but she took to the Fresco's like a duck to water. I love the backgrounds she's created here.

'Colour Card' using EEG17 by Kim Osbourn

When I first saw the sentiments on the stamps I thought of "filling my world with colour". So using some wild brush strokes I half filled my page and then stamped the mix and match words on top.

'Jewelled Butterfly' using EEG16 by Kim Osbourn

I wanted a butterfly, so I made my own. The hand-stitched glass beads through each of the "petals" creates some texture. I used the other half of the stamped images to make the next project ... waste not want not!

'Happy Banner' using EEG16 by Kim Osbourn 

Simple and bright is what I was thinking! I wanted to use the four paint colours in their pure form, and then just put simple black stamps on top. This piece made me happy.

'Imagine Card' using EEG18 by Kim Osbourn

My first thoughts when I saw the paint colours and this stamp set was of beach holidays. So I created a card with a red dawn/dusk sky with clear cool waters.

What did you think? Aren't my wingmen amazing? So many different ideas with these stamps.

Well now it's time to show you what I've made with these new stamps. I've got a few step outs so you can see exactly how this all came together. I apologise now ... but I was in the moment, and completely forgot to take step out photos ... hopefully the instructions will suffice!

Project One: Happy Canvas using stamp sets EEG16/18 by Emma Godfrey

First I've made a canvas...

Step One: First I used a wet wipe to apply Fresco Finish Caribbean Sea and Mermaid paints over the canvas board.

Step Two: Then I stenciled Archival Jet Black ink pad through The Crafters Workshop Mini Believe Script stencil, Archival Carnation Red ink pad through some sequin waste, and Archival Aquamarine ink pad through The Crafters Workshop Mini Circle Grid stencil randomly over the canvas. 

Step Three: Apply a layer of Fresco Finish Snowflake paint with a wet wipe to knock it back, and then apply Fresco Finish Coral paint with your finger.

Step Four: Stamp the word and stalk directly onto the canvas using a Versamark ink pad, and heat emboss with black embossing powder.  Do the same on a piece of Smoothy card with the large flower and the quote.

Step Five: Stamp the circles from EEG18 in Archival Jet Black ink pad, and outline with a White Extra Fine Sharpie Paint Pen. Stamp the trio of solid flowers in Fresco Finish White Fire paint.

Step Six: Paint the large flower and cut it out. I added Treasure Gold White Fire to the centre as the Coral was quite bright compared to the rest of the canvas.

Step Seven: Add some white dots using Fresco Finish Snowflake paint and the handle end of a paintbrush.

Step Eight: To finish, trim the quote to individual lines, glue it onto the canvas and then outline it with a black pen.

Project Two: Flower & Mosaic Cards using stamp sets EEG17/18
by Emma Godfrey

I've also made two clean & simple cards...

Step One: First I cut pieces of Smoothy and coloured card to fit my card blank. I then stamped the quote on the top mat, and the flowers and squiggles onto a scrap piece of Smoothy, using a Versamark ink pad. I heat embossed them with black embossing powder.

Step Two: I coloured in the flower and around the squiggles using Copic Ciao pens, and then cut out the flower and two leaf shapes. I used a black pen to outline the leaf shapes so that they tied in with the rest of the card.

Step Three: Go around the edge of the top card mat with Treasure Gold White Fire, and then glue all the card layers together. Stick the flower to the card using 3D foam pads, and then stick down the leaves.

Step One: Cut a square of Smoothy card to fit onto your card blank, and a strip of Smoothy card to fit across the width of it. Stamp the squares using a Versamark ink pad, and heat emboss with black embossing powder.

Step Two: I coloured in the images with Copic Ciao pens, and then matted the strip onto some co-ordinating card. Stick this to your card blank.

Step Three: Stamp the quote with the Versamark ink pad, and again, heat emboss it with black embossing powder. Glue all the layers together.

So I really hope you love the stamps, and all the samples we've made. If you would like to follow me I am on FacebookTwitterInstagram and have a blog and Facebook business page.

I am teaching art journaling workshops at various shops in Essex in March, April and May - you can find more information here. If you would like me to come and teach near you, please ask your local craft shop to get in touch with me.

A huge thank you once again to all my fantastic wingmen!


Wow, such a vibrant release, I am really loving these stamps and can see so many ways to use them, plus they work in really well with other stamps in our collections too!! This year we seem to have so many new ideas and goodies to see. I do hope you can take some time to leave feedback for Emma and her wonderful wing-men here or on their own blogs.

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links

All these stamps will be shipping to PaperArtsy stockists after the trade show ends (from Feb 24th), so that should mean they will be ready for you to buy from early March 2016. As you know,  we urge you to support your local independent retailer by shopping with them.

Congratulations Emma! We have another announcement tomorrow night as we count down to the UK Craft and Hobby Trade show which opens on Sunday.



Helen said...

really enjoyed this unexpected periscope and the new stamps from Emma are ALL just gorgeous.. so are the samples from her very talented wingmen! can't wait to get my hands on these!

Gabrielle said...

LOVE these new stamps - huge thanks to Emma and Leandra for letting me loose with them! Love all the samples - you guys are awesomely talented!

Hazel Agnew said...

Fantastic additions to your collection them all....minis too! Have never applied fresco paint with a baby wipe....,must have a go! Brilliant range of samples...congrats to the wingmen! Enjoyed periscope too! You must be over the moon! Xx

heARTistry said...

Was absolutely thrilled to be asked to be one of your wingmen Emma. The stamps are fabulous. Loved creating with all of them and they will definately be favourite go to's from now on. Tracy xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh no! I NEED them ALL!!! What a fantastic release! Congrats to Emma and ALL the wingmen. Brilliant! Lx

yoursartfully said...

Congratulations Em, they're fabulous and like everyone else, I need them all too!
Such a gorgeous display of artwork from you and your wingmen, so inspiring. x

Kirsten said...

Such a lovely surprise tonight! I've already told you how much I LOVE all of these new stamps, so now I will say CONGRATULATIONS to Emma & her wingmen on creating such gorgeous samples.

craftytrog said...

Fantastic new designs Emma! Great samples from everyone too! xxx

Unknown said...

More fantastic stamps Emma, love the colour one, will be buying that one. Can't wait to to see all the stamps Sunday at CHSI xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful stamps and sámples! I love the texture showing through on your gorgeous canvas, Emma,

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

Congrats to new stamp collections and minis release Emma, these are absolutely gorgeous and so lovely. Samples are so wonderful!! xxx

Jennie Atkinson said...

Such a wonderful array of new stamp sets Emma and fabulous artwork from the Wingmen! Such glorious colours - really brightened a very dull day here and put a smile on my face. Brilliant ! Jennie x

JoFY said...

Fabulous stamps Emma!!' I 'need' them!... all of them !! lol well done everyone for the fun, inspiring samples :o)

Emma Godfrey said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! x

Cocofolies said...

Very cute stamps and makes with them, very inspiring!!!
A beautiful and complete collection which should be successful! :) xx