Wednesday 23 June 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Eclectica³ Scrapcosy {June 2021}

 Eclectica³ Collection {Scrapcosy}
June 2021 New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
Raquel has created 3 wonderful Forest-inspired autumnal stamps for this release: acorns, squirrels, mushrooms and a wonderful moon-owl combo too! Of course her stencils are designed to work with these images and offer interesting background options. I am in awe of her Grunge Paste layers to build dimension for both mushrooms and acorns with her stencils. As ever she shares so much with us for each release, I am sure you will be left inspired to make something!
Don't forget we have Raquel sharing her ideas live in PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. It's nice for you to meet the designer and hear directly about this new release, so I hope you can catch her either live or on replay.
These stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 3-4 months. You will not find them on the PaperArtsy website, so to find a store you need to check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or near you.
Hi everyone, Raquel here from scrapcosy

I'm soooo excited to share with you my newest release for PaperArtsy with 3 stamps and 3 large coordinating stencils.

It's been a while since I wanted to create some forest themed stamps, actually, since I released ESC05, the mushrooms stamp set, in 2017 I believe. I love animals as well, squirrels in particular. If I spot one, I can't help it... I get my camera/phone out and I start taking pictures. Same applies to mushrooms: if you want to see me on the ground, just put a nice mushroom there, I'll be entertained for a while taking pictures from underneath, at mushroom-eye level and so on. 

So as you can imagine, a walk in the forest with me must be a bit "special"... we all start walking together until I spot something of interest (that may happen on the first 10 meters of the walk) so I'll get my camera out (or my phone) and I'll tell everyone "Carry on, I'll catch you soon", I'll spend my time taking pictures from different angles, I may store in my pockets some forest treasures and then I'll start running (yes, running) towards everyone else and, unless I find something else nice worth photographing, I'll carry on walking with them for another while until something else nice pops up. So after the "walk" I end up sweating, with pockets full of interesting things, with hundreds of new pictures and happy to the moon and back. 

Now that I think about it, this release could well be a summary of one of my walks and all the beautiful things I may have found on the way, mostly hand drawn by me and turned into stamps and stencils so we all can enjoy them. Let me welcome you to my forest, I hope you enjoy the walk!

  New Stamps
Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 24 (ESC24)

I saw this owl in Edinburgh in 2018 (I just found out I was pregnant few days before) some people were exhibiting her/him and few other owls on the main street. She was the cutest one among them and looked at me in the eye, so I had to draw her. I love these animals and how they can turn their heads so much, they are beautiful and soft. I thought it would be a good idea to pair it with a moon, some stars and some related quotes, and why not adding as well some stripes to decorate. I drew the moon from this picture that my friend Jordi took. He is a photography enthusiast and so is his little daughter Jana. I think this set is perfect not only to create a night scene in an art journal, but also for Halloween time or even to create love cards, when you use the sentiment "Love you to the moon and back". Let me show you some samples I've made.

The vintage owl

I really love this image so I thought of creating a very simple one layer card and letting the owl stand out. I just stamped it and added some Infusions Golden Sands with water and that was more than enough. 

The background has no secret either, just some vintage photo distress ink and some splashes of WOW embossing powder Decadent Ruby, from my latest TRIO release Ancient Jewels with WOW. A couple of metallic stars to decorate and mounted on a dark base to make it pop even more.

 Clean and simple moon

I love the moon as well, so much detail, it really stands out! So I thought I would do a clean and simple card with it. I must be honest, it's simple, but it's not that clean... I always mess it up a bit with the ink or with my fingers, hehe. I didn't want to remove the stains with Photoshop, I have to be honest...

I really enjoyed drawing the moon! All the craters, mountains and valleys and shadows. I'm always amazed at how beautiful the moon is and I can't believe we are only able to see one side of it! 

If you stamped the sentiment in the middle of the moon the result would also be beautiful! It fits perfectly there. If you wanted to make it stand out even more, you could emboss it in black. 
Pattern play with the stripes

You can of course use the strips as a decorative element on a card just once, but you can also create beautiful backgrounds by just repeatedly stamping them. I just had a play with distress oxide inks with pretty bright colours and I had so much fun!

I love how detailed these stripes are. I worked my way out from the stars symmetrically and repeated the pattern down from the purple stripe. I'd love to emboss the orange one in gold embossing powder, it would be a great decorative stripe for a vintage card or a Halloween card!

Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 25 (ESC25)

And so the squirrel makes an appearance! This little fellow was one of my neighbours in my previous home. She used to live in the huge tree on the back of the garden, I captured her with my camera while she was sitting on the brick fence and I drew her from that picture (see below). I drew some tiny acorns too so she could be entertained (they are perfect for a shaker card, as you will see later). The fern came from a real plant I was trimming down, aiming to remove the dry leaves and... I happened to cut one perfectly green leaf by mistake (oh, no!) so I pressed it into a book and some time later when I found it again. It looked so beautiful that I decided to draw it and include it in this stamp set, it's an awesome focal on its own, you'll see. 

I need to thank Leandra for suggesting the Mighty quote, I think it's the perfect match for this set. And I decided to incorporate a wreath so you can not only frame the quotes but also the squirrel and any other little image, to make it stand out. The beaded stripe is flexible and you'll see how much fun you can get from it in one of my samples. And the stripe at the bottom... what can I say... I'm in love with it! I can imagine stitching on it with the sewing machine and creating even a longer one by sewing few in a long stripe.

Shake your nuts!

I love a shaker card! And when I created the cluster of nuts, when I actually realised how tiny they were I thought these would be perfect for a shaker card. When I drew the cluster of nuts I made sure that there were at least 3 full nuts and one cap that could be fussy cut to be used standalone. So I selected those: I stamped the cluster multiple times and fussy cut the nuts and I put together this card.

I used the wreath as a window for the shaker card. It took some time to cut all the leaves, but I'm really pleased with it. I used smoothy heavy cardstock. I wanted it to be sturdy.

Since the window was small I didn't need as many nuts as I originally thought I would, so I decided to stick the leftover nuts as if they were falling from a tree and I also created a pile of nuts for the squirrel to eat.

Just by adding a foam square under one of the nuts, it automatically gives so much depth to the pile of nuts. The rest stand out just because the smoothy heavy paper is thick, so it naturally creates layers when you start piling the nuts. 

I enjoyed so much creating this sample! I did it at the last minute though, cutting everything and assembling it while I was listening to my daily meetings at work (don't tell anyone!). It was on the day I was presenting the stamps to our beautiful shops, 2 weeks ago, so I really wanted to show them this idea because I loved it, it was in my head and I wanted to turn it into reality.

 Clean and simple fern card

When I drew this fern I knew it would look beautiful as a focal image, so I wanted to show you a quick and easy card you can get from it. You just need a couple of contrasting inks, one for the fern and one for the quote and you're done! 

I used Bundled Sage Distress Oxide. But imagine using infusions dabbed into the stamp, then sprayed with water and stamp with them. I did that in this video and I think this technique would look awesome here too.

Wobbly and curvy beaded stripe

As I mentioned before, this beaded stripe is very flexible, so you don't need to stamp straight with it and actually you can use it to create a fun card as I did. Again, I created this sample super quickly for the release day for shops, and I went for a quick finish of just water-colouring with Infusions the stripes (using Infusions Golden Sands) and one every 2 sections (with Infusions Olive Tree). 

The sentiment is stamped with the same ink, it doesn't need much more.

Another idea that I didn't have time to do was to substitute the white sections with acetate and create a shaker card. Wouldn't that be fun? And each section could contain different things related to a walk in the forest: leaves, acorns or just sequins in autumn colours.

Mighty Acorn

With a leftover acorn from my first shaker card sample, I thought I'd put together a very simple tag. I used the fern as a frame to the Mighty quote, I embossed it with my Royal Emerald WOW embossing powder from my latest TRIO Ancient Jewels. I missed to emboss few spots, can you notice it? Well, next time it will be prefect...

And I decided to stick one little acorn under the quote with a foam square so it pops up. I think it really stands out and I love the result! 

Fresh Pattern Play

In this set you have the 2 decorating stripes and I thought to again create a pattern repetition in 2 contrasting colours. I love the result! What do you think?

That blue stripe is just gorgeous! So much detailed! It would also look awesome embossed in gold! And so the bead stripe!

Leftovers - a watercolour background

And after both pattern plays, I thought it would be a waste to just clean the distress oxide inks from the stamps, so I put all the stamps in one acrylic block, sprayed some water on the leftovers and I stamped it twice and this is what I got

I love the watery look! It's a great background to start a project and I love the colour combination! So fresh and summery!

Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 26 (ESC26)

And now we go deep into the forests of France, down to the moist ground, and among the autumn fallen leaves, we find these treasures! If you're a mushroom lover, I don't need to say anything else to introduce this stamp set... I drew the main 3 mushrooms from some of the pictures I took. I love the cluster of mushrooms which you can fussy cut and create a smaller cluster or you can stamp more and fill your artwork with them, use them to decorate a corner by stamping half of the image in any side of your page. You can use the amanita muscaria (the dotted one) as it is, or you can cut it and make a shorter version without the ring, twisting the top or just use the top on the ground so you can get the different phases that this mushroom goes through, just by using a single stamp. Similarly you can create a smaller version of the tallest one. And this set perfectly matches ESC05 so it will expand your mushrooms collection!

I decided to add some pair of words that you can mix and match to create many combinations that will perfectly fit on the oval label (and even on my rectangle label from ESC21 or my vintage frames from ESC09). Apart from the already paired combinations, you can create Art Journal, Vintage Treasures, Botanical Curiosities and many more! The made up definition of mushroom and the pair of branches can be used as background elements or as focal elements, you choose! They'll look beautiful either way!

A Folder of Forest Treasures

I really, really enjoyed creating this project. I wanted it to be something that can hold tags or cards and I wanted to use my sewing machine to add a real stitching, so with that in mind, I started.

I created a masterboard with Infusions Golden Sands and some Vintage Photo Distress ink and I used the mushroom definition stamp and the little branches stamp with some ink (second and third generation of stamping) to create a layered background. And once done, I cut my pieces from there. 

On one of the pieces I knew I wanted to use the oval collage to create the title and because I was going to include mushrooms in the project I thought that Forest Treasures would be the perfect fit. I wanted the mushrooms to pop up, so I used Infusions and Glaze to darken them a bit. And I assembled the folder using my sewing machine. 

Then it was time to add the tags on the folder. I selected each mushroom and since they are different in sizes, they would look great in cards made to fit each stamp. For the large one I went super simple, just the mushroom and the mushroom definition. Simple but pretty effective I think.

I love the underneath details of a mushroom, so I'm really happy how this one turned out! So much detail! But still not too much shadow so you can add colour.

And I decided to add the little branches just to dress it up a bit. I think they pair really well. They are very playful and if you needed to, you could add these branches on your background without the mushroom, just ink up the stamp partially and carefully

I love the shape and the fonts of the mushroom definition. It doesn't make any sense, to be honest, because I just selected pieces of the definition that I liked and that fit well to the shape. Fungi appears several times, just because I love that word! Same as Boletus. In my defense, I wouldn't be able to fit the entire 5 pages of mushroom definition in the stamp set, so I had to really cut it out, LOL.

Then I created the middle size card. I just used the Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric or the typical Fairy Tale mushroom (so many names for such an awesome mushroom!), I stamped it and added some branches. I also added a quick title. It didn't need much more, so I just added colour in the same way to get coordinating cards.

The 3D mushroom was done with the coordinating stencil PS266 that you'll see later. I used Quick Cure Clay (which Sara Naumann introduced me to) to create my own embellishment. I find it so cute!

For the final card I used the cluster of mushrooms and the mushroom definition for the background. I created a simple floor with a pen and added colour.

I decided to frame all cards with a dark base, they look much more finished in this way. 

And It was time to assemble the whole project.

I JUST LOVE IT! So if you want to see how I made it, check the video at the end of the post.

New Stencils
Large Size: 6.25" x 9.5" (16 x 24cm) Price: RRP €6.28 +VAT
PaperArtsy Stencil 264 (PS264)

We finally make it into the stencils! This time I decided to go for a large stencil format! I always run out of space when I design a stencil, I want to add quotes and also patterns and in the smaller stencils I don't have room for more. So this time, I went big! I created a re-positionable star pattern, so you can create an endless sky with less effort. It covers a size 8 tag in 2 steps. I added the quotes "Love You" and "to the Moon and Back" so they can be used independently or together. And the bottom stripes can be stacked so you get small stars right at the centre of the big stars: for example, use first the small stars with ink or paint, then go with grunge paste for the big stars on top (you'll easily be able to centre the small stars in the middle of the big stars hole before applying the paste) and you can end there or you can then reapply more ink/paint to get small stars on top of the big stars again. I hope it makes sense!
Love You to the Moon and Back 

I wanted to create a sample where the background was full of stars and a sentiment to pop up so I went and created this one using the smudge technique but with stencils and combine it with the bump effect with grunge paste and ink. I liked how it turned out, so I repeated the technique with the other 2 stencils as well.

For this one my selected colours were Faded Jeans and Vintage Photo. I really like that colour combination! So much vintage looking!

I added some shadows with the vintage photo distress crayons, to make the sentiment pop out more. I'll share how I did it once I have the video edited and available in my scrapcosy YouTube channel. If you want, you can subscribe now and click the ring bell button so you will be alerted when it comes up.

 Interactive Moon cards

I love an interactive card, so when I designed this stencil and the stamp set ESC24 I wanted to be able to create a card of this type. Since I had 2 different ideas, I decided to create 2 samples! Same concept but different supplies, therefore different results. But I like both! Do you?
Interactive card with Infusions and Grunge Paste

For this one I wanted like a galaxy background and a sentiment to pop so I choose 2 colours of Infusions: Raspberry and Black Knight. They work great together!

The Grunge paste really stands out, and I decided to make it shine a bit just by using a Sakura pen that has micro-glitter, it's called stardust clear (XPGB#700) pretty convenient name for the project! It's really tricky to capture it with the pictures but I covered the 4 corner stars, I did the faux stitching with it and I added some faint lines on the letters (top and left sides).

My only regret is that the moon is too dark. If i did this again I think I would make the infusions more watery (I used the leftovers from the table, so I got what I got...)

Interactive card with gold embossing powder

Then, for the other card I wanted the contrast of gold vs black so I just embossed the background and the sentiments, front and back, in WOW gold rich pale embossing powder. I got speckles everywhere, but that just adds charm to the card (or that's my hope! I'm not a clean crafter! Can't help it!).

I love to play with these cards. If I have one in my hands I can't stop opening and closing it. They may break at the end but they will have met their purpose: entertain me! LOL

For this one, the circle exactly meets the moon shape and the sentiment can just hide behind. 

And the sentiment at the front looks powerful there, just surrounded by the bright stars.

PaperArtsy Stencil 265 (PS265)

I love this stencil! Again a re-positionable pattern and to build up layers, so you get an awesome background full of acorns! Play with just inks or paints or just use grunge paste to build dimension (or a combination of both). You'll see how much fun this is! And because I loved the acorns, I decided to make a bigger acorn, also layered, so it can become a focal image that would nicely fit in the wreath of ESC25, for example. The quote "I'm nuts about you", really matches this stencil (thanks again to Leandra! I was going nuts to think of a quote... "You're Nuts" or "We're nuts" just didn't seem appropriate, LOL). You don't need anything else to create a beautiful piece. Let me show you a couple of samples I made. Fun, fun, fun!
Nuts in vellum

When I first got all my new stencils, I started with this one! It lets you create such a nice and playful background, using the 3 layered stencil.

These are the 4 steps to get the background done, I love already step 2, with just 2 layers! 

On the final layer I used grunge paste to add the dots. I love how it turned out once briefly covered with a bit of ink. You could create the 3 layers with grunge paste and it would have lots of dimension!

And since I loved the background and I didn't want it to be covered too much with the stencilled sentiment, I decided to use grunge paste on vellum and trim my sentiment to the bare minimum. It was OK, but I was not 100% convinced, so then I decided to try a different approach with the next sample.
 Smudge stencil and shading sentiment

For this one I just went with ink and that helped just keeping the white for the sentiment. Still I wanted my sentiment to pop so I added some shadows with the crayons. 

This way of adding the sentiment doesn't cover too much of the pattern, so I like it even more. And the pattern with just inks is beautiful. It could also be done in green, at the end of the day, when it's springtime, the acorns are in that colour. Or just pick 3 other colours you like, why not?

PaperArtsy Stencil 266 (PS266)

For this one I wanted to let you build more mushrooms, again in a layered fashion. These look cute and can be the focal point of a card, like the one I made below. The quotes really match any of the stamp sets in this release and can be a title for a book, for an art journal page or for a card. They are the perfect size for an 8 size tag too. I added the branch so you can use it as a background and I imagine the vertical stripe in grunge paste and then covered with a metallic embossing powder to create a nice jewellery-like decoration. I didn't have a chance to play with that stripe yet... I'm looking forward to it!
Learn from Nature - stencilled mushrooms

I love how vibrant this one turned out. A grungy background with Infusions (Olive Tree, Golden Sands and Sunset Beach), some grunge paste on top and the cute little mushrooms at the bottom.

I created these mushrooms with three separate layers of Grunge paste that I coloured with paint and pens to add shadows and details. It's a pity that I didn't have a proper red paint at hand like Fresco Finish London bus. I used Fresco Finish Very Berry which turned out too pinky so I had to go for a pen marker and my second mushroom had some marks which I'm not very proud of... Tip: make sure your surface is flat, it will be much easier to apply all the Grunge Paste layers! My surface was all wobbly after using infusions. I would flatten the paper out before these steps, you have different options: place the card in between books and let a day or 2 pass, or use an iron, a Minc machine or pass it through a paper laminator. Once flat, you shouldn't have any problems. It will also help taping the paper down so nothing moves and you only need to care for the stencil being put.

I did the bump effect that I love for the sentiment. I think it really stands out with the gorgeous and grungy Infusions background. Again, a YouTube video will come up when it's ready for this sample (and with almost 50% of the samples on this post. So many things to share!)
Notes from Nature - Smudge and Bump


For this one I used again the smudge technique with the stencil and Distress Oxides (Ground Espresso and Vintage Photo, I believe). This card is so quick and easy to make!

When you try the bump effect with the shadow ink and the Grunge Paste on top, and it works, is like an aha moment. It seems magic to those that haven't seen it before. I love to hear a "wow" when I demo this technique.

The background, so inky and splashy... it's beautiful to my vintage eyes. It may be too dark, but I can't help it, I love brown! Although if I told you what my favourite colour is you would be surprised: my favourite colour is pink! The one in my Scrapcosy logo. However, I don't like pink for crafting... does that make sense? I hope so!

Video: Vintage Forest Treasures

I hope you found lots of inspiration here today and that you like my new release. I certainly enjoyed sharing all this with you. It was a long post so I hope I didn't bore you! If you want to see more, have a look at the video. And if you want to see the samples live, please head to the PaperArtsy People Facebook group. I'll appear there at 7:30 UK time today and you can ask me anything you want about the release!

Thanks so much for popping by and I'll see you around. 


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Stampers Grove said... have been busy. Superb samples. Love the nature themed stamps and stencils too.

Helen said...

What amazing new sets of stamps - that owl is just beautiful! your samples are gorgeous.

Miriam said...

Congratulations Raquel. A wonderful release.

Raquel Burillo said...

Thanks so much everyone! I'm really happy you liked the release!

Words and Pictures said...

Absolutely magnificent - some real must-haves here. The fungi are my absolute favourites, but I love the pattern strips on the squirrel plate too, and the owl is beautiful. Bravo! (and sorry I'm late!).
Alison x

craftytrog said...

Beautiful designs and samples Raquel! I love the owl and squirrel.
Alison xx

A Pink said...

Congratulations! Raquel on your fabulous new release and boy have you spoiled us with all your inspiring samples. All gorgeous.

Your intro about your walks and how you 'spot, stop, shoot and then shoot some more' made me smile as I'm just the same. 😀 x

SewPaperPaint said...

Oh my gosh Raquel!!! Shut the front door! These are the coolest stamps. I've already ordered the mushroom set and will have to save up for the other two. I am utterly delighted to see the inspiration photos behind your sketches. I love that your personal art reflects vintage illustrations, but even more that you draw these stamps yourself and don't just pick them from an old book and use them as your own. What a clever, creative, AMAZING artist you are! I cannot wait to play with your designs. Biggest congratulations to you! Hugs, Autumn