Friday 19 February 2016

MORE NEW PA Products {March 2016} Elizabeth Borer

Hi Everyone, Leandra here with some beautifully detailed new stamps from Liz Borer tonight

Liz is ever so clever when it comes to drawing flowers, and this time she doesn't disppoint. These flowers can be draped easily around frame, or to ground a collage, and the quotes are such a fabulous addition. For those of you who are colouring aficionados, you will love adding depth and shade to these designs!

Here's a video introduction of these stunning stamps. I introduce the stamps and show samples featured below! It's great to see the 3D effects on the video which you can't see in a photo so easily!

So lets take a closer look at the actual stamps

As ever, we always have some super talented crafts who volunteer to help us work with our newest stamps.  I'll hand over now to Liz who will introduce her support crew tonight, and has some of her own work with these new stamps to show you too. Enjoy ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, Elizabeth Borer here to show you my newest stamps designed for PaperArtsy.

Leandra and I discussed adding more flowers for this release, but in a way that they could be layered or turned in all directions with ease. I love quotes, and so it was hard to choose from my acquired favourites a short list for these, but we decided a larger size would prove the most handy

Let me introduce my wingmen who have been super, along with Lauren, who has been my tech administrator too on this occasion!
Tonight we start with Lesley Ebdon.  

Lesley takes a fairly clean and simple approach to her mixed media art. Her placement is always spot on and she has a keen eye for detail.

'Wild Flowers' using EEB07 by Lesley Ebdon 

As soon as I saw this gorgeous Morning Glory spray, my first thought was chintz and the lovely flowery sprays on my Grandmum's faded bedroom wallpaper when I was a little girl.   I love the addition of quotes to this new release useful!

'Nature Doesn't Hurry' using EEB08 by Lesley Ebdon
One of my favourite things to do is decorate 3D items such as boxes, picture frames, mirrors, etc., and Elizabeth's stamps are perfect for this purpose. The images are perfect for mixed media projects and they look beautiful here stamped in white and layered up.

'Morning Glory' using EEB07 by Lesley Ebdon

I wanted to show that this beautiful Morning Glory image could be kept simple if required. I chose to brayer a rough background but I still couldn't resist stamping a few single flowers and cutting them out though, lol!

'With a  Flourish' using EEB08 by Lesley Ebdon
I love the flourishes Elizabeth has included in both her new stamp sets and have a few ideas brewing to use them as a main feature on projects but I kept it in the background this time so I could use the stunning double flower stamp from EEB08 over Stampbord.

Next up we have Lauren Hatwell.

Lauren tends to be known for her quirkier side and her zany creations so I wasn't sure what she was going to come up with. I'm so pleased to see she has clearly enjoyed colouring and layering all the images to create her samples. 

'Grafitti Wall' using EEB07 by Lauren Hatwell

Oh what a lovely time I had colouring and fussy cutting these gorgeous blooms for this project. I love the way they tumble across the page. Each one is so beautifully and delicately drawn. You can't help but be entranced by them.

'Flower Girl' using EEB08 by Lauren Hatwell

I love these beautiful frilly flowers and the lovely curly flourish. They were an absolute joy to colour in and layer up. There are so many other things I want to do with these stamps. I think they'd make beautiful cards and they're perfect for journal pages. I'd like to stamp them onto a dictionary page and colour them too.

Our third contributor tonight is Julie Ann Lee.

Julie Ann is a talented mixed media artist with a highly individual style. She enjoys drawing and includes a lot of her own artwork in her designs, so I really enjoyed seeing how she used the stamps to embellish one of her faces

'Art Nouveau Greetings' using EEB08 by Julie Ann Lee

Liz's stamps have such life and movement: the flowers look as if you could just reach out and touch their velvety petals. I wanted to embrace that idea with a 3D effect and some texture. There are details of how I created these cards and hangings on my blog here. I wanted to see how these delicate little flowers would work with a master-board that echoed their fluidity in a more abstract way. It was a joy to work with such detailed and elegant designs, which I can't wait to see gracing 3D projects like decorated boxes or glass bottles and jars.

'Kraft Card' using  EEB07 by Julie Ann Lee
I enjoyed experimenting with these blooms on Kraft card and with book text. I'm really excited at the possibility of incorporating them into journals and altered books too.

Next I wanted to see how these lovely Art Nouveau style stamps would look on little MDF hearts. I couldn't resist using the flowers with a face I had drawn onto Vanilla Crackle. It would be fun to match them to stamped faces too. I was really excited to see how the flowers worked on Shrink Plastic.

'MDF Hearts' using  EEB07/08 by Julie Ann Lee

The delicate and detailed flourishes and flowers are great to team with embellishments like these little birds and roses.

So now it's time to show you what I've made with these new stamps. I've got a few step outs so you can see exactly how this all came together.

Project One: Floral Fan using stamp sets EEB07 and EEB08 by Liz Borer

For my first project I made a floral fan 

I painted the background with Nougat Fresco Finish Paint and, when dry, used low tack masking tape to add stripes using Blush and Very Berry. 

Then I stamped the flourish with Mushroom pigment ink. I used this colour because it is neutral and creates a non obtrusive background.

Next, I cut several wedge shaped pieces of card and used a corner punch to decorate the edges. I then stamped the flowers from EEB08 onto the card.

I stamped the flourish randomly using mushroom ink again over the wedges.I painted the background with Wintergreen mixed with Matt Glaze to make it transparent and then painted the flowers with Blush and Very Berry.  I also stamped and painted two single flowers, which I cut out. I stuck the fan pieces onto card painted with Plum and cut out around the edges to create a border .

To complete the project I attached lace onto the background and then attached the fan pieces as shown. I added some ribbon at the base of the fan and then attached the two single flowers over the ribbon. I finished the fan by sticking gold seed beads to the centres of the flowers.

Project Two: Wild Flowers using stamp sets EEB07 by Liz Borer

I painted the base with Wintergreen and then dabbed Plum, Very Berry and Blush onto the base using a wet wipe.

Then I stamped the flowers and swirl from EEB07 onto the background. I used masks over the images to create a curved area of flowers. To hide the background I painted Chalk onto the flowers. There is one flower in this picture that I have painted in this way.

The leaves were painted with a paler green (a mixture of Wintergreen and Vanilla) and then Wintergreen. The flowers were painted with Blush and Very Berry.

To make the smaller panel I painted some card with Nougat and then dabbed Blush and a very small amount of Very Berry over the top. Using Wintergreen I stamped the quote over the card. I liked the fact that using paint made the image rather patchy. When dry, I stamped the single flower onto the panel and painted it as before. I also stamped the word Wild onto the painted card several times and cut these out. I mounted the panel and words onto black card.

Finally, I attached the panel and words onto the base using dimensional glue.

Project Three: Parchment Flower Bouquet using stamp set  EEB08 by Liz Borer

First, I painted the background with Plum paint. Once dry, I stamped the flourish from EEB08 and embossed it with Ivory powder.

Next, I stamped and embossed several flowers from EEB08 onto parchment paper using ivory embossing powder. I then coloured the back of the paper with pencils that toned with the colour scheme. Finally I cut out the flowers.

To make the small quote panel I painted card with Nougat and rubbed a small amount of Very Berry over it. I stamped the quote and embossed with ivory powder. Then l rubbed White Fire Treasure Gold around the edges.

I stuck lace to the background as shown. Then I shaped the parchment flowers and stuck them to the base using dimensional glue to create "fluffy" flowers. To make the bouquet of three flowers, I used the double image and tucked the single flower under it. I then attached the quote to the base as shown.

It's very interesting making projects with stamps that I have designed, because I find I forget that I designed them and just enjoy creating with the images. Although l had had ideas about what I would do with these stamps, the projects took on a life of their own and did not end up the way I had planned! I find that this is part of the fun of making projects and I hope that you have had as much fun as I have.

Many thanks to my wingmen for their hard work, and thanks to Leandra and Mark for their support and advice.

Liz , see my blog here

Wow, isn't this the most exciting time of the year, so many new ideas and goodies to see. I do hope you can take some time to leave feedback for our designer and her wonderful wing-men here or on their own blogs.

All tonight's wing-men have detailed step out's explaining how they made their samples on their own blogs tonight, so do drop by and take a look by following the links

We will be sending these new stamps to retailers from March 1st, 2016. Make sure you pre-order yours with them now!



Helen said...

These new stamp sets are beautiful, Liz - and you and your talented wingmen have made magic with them! the vellum is perfect for them I think.. can't wait to get these and play!

Kirsten said...

Congratulations Liz, you & your wingmen created such beautiful projects for these fab new stamps.

Julie Lee said...

These stamps were just lovely to work with! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the wonderful samples my fellow 'wingmen' created! Loads of talent and creativity! xx

Gabrielle said...

Lovely new stamps and wonderful samples from Liz and her wingmen! Incredible work y'all xxx

Annie60 said...

Really enjoyed seeing Liz stamps , love them , and the samples were beautiful ,,, Annie ,,xx

jojo79 said...

Beautiful stamps Liz, and fabulous samples all x

Hazel Agnew said...

Fantastic array of fabulous artwork! Brilliant stamps, showcased in a show stopping way by you and your fabulous wingmen! Congratulations! X

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Oh Liz these stamp sets are beautiful, top on my wish list. The hearts by Julie Ann Lee are stunning and the fab artwork by the rest of the team is remarkable. Congrats X

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh I love these new stamps, I love morning glory! And what amazing samples from everybody! Can't wait to get these stamps,

Lucy x

rachel said...

absolutely stunning samples and amazing stamps xx

craftimamma said...

As Julie Ann said these stamps were a joy to use and there are so many ways to create with them. It has been a pleasure to be part of Elizabeth's team and play along with Julie Ann and Lauren.

Lesley Xx

Unknown said...

Many Thanks for all the nice comments . Even more thanks to my lovely wingmen for all their wonderful work .

Lauren Hatwell said...

Evening all

Aren't these stamps absolutely gorgeous. It was such a treat to get to play with them and to work alongside Julie Ann, Lesley and the lovely Liz Borer. Lx

Etsuko said...

Very elegant new stamps has been released and beautiful wingmen's samples. Congratulations!! xx

Cocofolies said...

These new stamps to the glory of wild flowers and Nature are wonderful, and all the samples there are awesome!!! So beautiful work by everyone, well done ladies!!! xx

Ellie Knol said...

These new stamps are right up my street - beautiful inspiration too!