Wednesday 24 February 2016

2016 #4 Happy Thoughts In Art {by Helen Chilton}

2016 Topic 4: Image Transfers

Hi everyone Helen here from A Splash of Colour. I'm following the theme of transfer methods and looking at TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). You can use this paper on all sorts of surfaces as long as it's ironable: I've tried fabric, canvas, wood, Stampbord, cork, burlap, all with some degree of success. The only things I've really struggled to transfer onto are glass and metal because they're so slippery. 

Obviously the success of the transfer depends also on the design - very intricate designs will transfer better onto a fine weave or smooth surface. If you want to add colour to your design you can colour directly onto the TAP and then transfer, or you can transfer and colour. If colouring onto the TAP it's better to use a smooth, translucent medium that doesn't scratch the surface of the paper - markers, crayons, inkpads, inks.

I've made a piece of fabric art using Urban Snapshots Nature Plate 3. This is fitted into an embroidery frame.

First of all I've designed a collage on PicMonkey using images from The Graphics Fairy. I've put together 5 images on top of a background pattern, leaving space in the middle for the stamped images. I always do a test print onto copy paper just to check size and colour before printing onto the TAP paper.
If you find it easier you can keep all the images separate and just iron them one on top of the other to make the finished design.

Once printed, flip the TAP over and dry iron onto some calico following the instructions carefully. Try out a small test piece with your iron first as all irons vary - too hot, you could scorch the fabric, too cool and it won't transfer properly.

To see if it's transferred  carefully start to peel away one corner of the TAP. If not ready, just put back down and carry on ironing.

Next stamp your images from Urban Snapshots Nature Plate 3 using Tinned Peas and Granny Smith paint onto separate scraps of calico and tear out. (I tried stamping directly onto the TAPped fabric, but the background colours showed through too much).

Urban Snapshots Nature Plate 3
 Add the quotation (from Ink and the Dog One Penny Plate 2). 

Ink and the Dog One Penny Plate 2

Paint in the TAP images using Frescos.

Back the leaves and tree with Bondaweb and iron on. (This is where I used too hot an iron and slightly scorched the fabric - I just disguised it with some Granny Smith paint added to the background!) Add detailing in black pen.

And there you have it - my TAP fabric piece of art. 
If you've never used TAP before you're going to love it - I've decorated bags, cushion covers and aprons as well -  the large JOFY/Lin Brown/Darcy stamps and stencils are great for those. Experiment with colouring and stamping onto the TAP - bear in mind that the colour on top will transfer first onto the surface.
When using printed images, fill up every spare corner of the sheet with designs/text even if you're not going to use it all at once so that none of the TAP is wasted. It's difficult to feed a partial sheet back through the printer.
So get out your canvas boards, patterned paper, wooden boxes, fabric and have a go.

This is fabulous Helen, so many great techniques all combined beautifully. I had not seen this paper before, so your instructions were really interesting. thankyou for sharing your experience with us ~ Darcy

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Helen said...

Wow!! Gorgeous project Helen

Helen said...

Wow!! Gorgeous project Helen

Craftyfield said...

Super project!

Kaz said...

A really Gorgeous project xx

craftimamma said...

Love it Helen. I'd heard of this transfer paper but didn't know how it worked. Looks like fun and your end result is super.

Lesley Xx

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project Helen - really like the idea of TAP

Crafty Claire said...

A beautiful project. Love the spring colours x

Julie Lee said...

Exquisite! I love the green and the combination of image transfer and stamping. xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

This is fabulous Helen love it xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Its beautiful. I love all the pretty shades of green. Lx

pearshapedcrafting said...

This really is fabulous! I haven't used my TAP for ages - thanks for the inspiration! Chrisx

Hazel Agnew said...

Never heard of TAP but it looks good the stamps that you have used too....very inspiring post, thanks Helen! Xx

CreativePaperCo said...

Helen, You have done it a great. I must say what an art and to create art it's a tough thing & specially with thoughts. Thanks for sharing!!

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous piece!

Keren Baker said...

Helen- this is gorgeous. Love the transfer and the design on the hoop. I've never used TAP before and now I'm itching to use some x