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2016 Topic 3 Encaustic Art {by Lin Brown}

 2016 Topic 3: Wax

Hi everyone Lin from Yoursartfully here.

Tonight I'd like to share with you this evening a post about Encaustic Art.

I've been playing around with some encaustic supplies for a while now and I'm not sure if I've mastered the basic techniques yet, but I love the unpredictability of colouring the wax with other mediums. I'm really not good at following step by step instructions from books or videos, I love to experiment and just see what happens, so my project this evening is a picture that was totally experimental. I'd played around with some of the steps before but never attempted to make a complete picture.

Step One: I purchased a really cheap hot plate/griddle along with some mini baking tins from a cookware shop as my basic encaustic equipment. If you are careful, you could of course put a baking tray on your hob as an experiment to see if you like working with wax, before investing any pennies. I decided to invest in this equipment as it means I can melt lots of colours of wax all at once. If you are lucky enough to own a Melt Pot, then you are fully equipped already! You do need to make sure the room is well ventilated and you  have to be prepare to dedicate a brush to Encaustic Medium. Once used for this, it will only ever be used for this medium.The brush needs to have natural fibres too in order to withstand the heat.

Step Two: Working on a wooden frame that I had primed with Encaustic Gesso, I painted on my first layer of encaustic medium. It was a bit patchy in places at first so I reheated it with my heat gun to even out the wax. At this point, I should point out that after every layer that you create, you should fuse the wax. This I do with my heat gun. It bonds the top layer of wax to the layer underneath. You only need to heat it until a shine appears, otherwise you start to loose the crisp images.

I added some colour around the edges with my Portfolio oil pastels, blended them with my finger before fusing. The wax also acts like a glue which is a bonus, I simply warmed the wax gently and this allowed me to fix my collage of papers in place. I then painted on another layer of Encaustic Medium and fused once more.

Step Three: I carefully applied some Pan Pastels through my new stencil PS024 and fused again.

Step Four: Having scratched a line in each leaf with my pokey tool, I added more of the same colour Pan Pastel to add depth to the leaves. I nearly forgot to fuse again at this point, glad I remembered, as the Pan Pastel would have rubbed away in time.

Step Five: I stamped the doorway and clock from HP1509 on tissue paper which I painted with an assortment of Fresco Finish paints. I did trim them closely though before adding to my picture as I wasn't sure if those edges would show or not.


Step Six: The clocks looks fabulous underneath another layer of wax.

Step Seven: While the surface of the wax was still warm, I added tiny pieces of variegated gold leaf. I then scratched into it so that it wasn't solid areas of looks so pretty, I'm not sure my photo does it justice!

Here's a final close up shot where you can see a little bit of all the details including the addition of black Pan Pastel through my stencil.

I hope this little project has inspired you to have a dabble with wax for yourself, it's so much fun with tons of possibilities. Next time I try a project like this, I think I might glue some of my collage papers to the board before the first layer of wax. I could  add more papers with each additional wax layer to see if they appear to be trapped at different heights within the wax.

I think the gold leaf has to be my favourite part, which part do you like best?

Thank you for joining me and the PaperArtsy blog team this evening.
Lin Brown
Yoursartfully (blog)
@yoursartfully (Twitter)

This is a brilliant project Lin to kick start our new theme and explore the world of Encaustic Art ... Like probably many of us, it is something that I haven't explored in depth (and slightly terrifies me to be honest). I love how you have incorporated the use of both the Portfolio Pastels as well as Pan Pastels ... two very different mediums to what we would commonly use on a project, the effects are stunning encased in the wax layers and love the elegant touches of the Gold Leaf. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. ~Gillian

We would love to see how you interpret this Hearts  topic by linking what you make to our 2016 Challenge #3: Wax, on this page HERE.

All of our bloggers love to see your twist on their ideas,  particularly if you were inspired directly by their post.


Helen said...

oh Lin this looks gorgeous! need to make somewhere I can put my melt pot so it doesn't get in the way (running out of floor space!)

PaperArtsy said...

Woohoooo how cool did that turn out Lin!!! Love the foiled bling! Wonder if you could have put that through a stencil too!?

Fun Fun FUn!!!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

VERY Charming!

Tarnished Rose said...

I really like this. Makes me want to give it a try. I actually have a melt pot, beeswax, and colored inks for them that I have never even used. I may have to pull everything out this coming weekend and try this.


Brunemma said...

This is fabulous and yet another idea for me to have a go at one day. I have the little iron and lots of waxes and other tools from a kit I bought years ago, so might even try these. My favourite part of your wonderful piece is the clock, just amazing.
Pam x

Craving craft said...

Oh how beautiful Lin. Must get the beeswax back out. Xx

Craftyfield said...

It looks beautiful, I wish I had a melt pot but I will try and find an alternative!

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project Lin. I really need to get the wax out!

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project Lin. I really need to get the wax out!

Kirsten said...

That is gorgeous, Lin!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! It looks fabulous. I love how the clock face looks under the wax. You've really made me want to have a go. Lx

craftimamma said...

Wow Lin this is gorgeous! Ha, I was just going to type I love the clock face and glanced up to see Lauren said the same thing, lol! I do though! I'd jotted down a few things I'd like to try in the wax after seeing last night's blog post but I never thought of the gold looks really beautiful, a shiny hint of rainbow hues!

Lesley Xx

Ruth said...

Fabulous encaustic project Lin, love the use of pan pastels and gold leaf in this lovely layered creation. Ruth xx

experiments in paper said...

Fantastic inspiration, Lin - definitely going to give this a go! I LOVE your gilding.... fabulous! xx Lynn

Hazel Agnew said...

For a novice, you have certainly created a splendid piece Lin! Have played with beeswax but not as good as this! Need to think about my layers now! Thankyou for your inspiration once again! Xx

Artmadnana said...

The wax leaves such a wonderful glazed finish doesn't it? I love the subdued colours and of course the fab images. Beautiful work as always Lin. Thankyou for such a great step by step. So well explained.

Unknown said...

OMG Lin !!! What a project, so much technique ! I need to re read carefully this post, the result is amazing !!! Looking forward to see you xxx Massive hugs and congrats to your new stamps ! Beautiful flowers !!! xxx

Amanda Openshaw said...

Wow. Love this Lin. Will need to have a go at this. The final piece is beautiful xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is just divine, Lin! I always love your style. I love the creamy layers of wax and the misty almost ethereal look it has added. Sorry I'm behind with commenting on here, I will catch up,

Lucy x

rachel said...

this is amazing - thanks for all the ideas x

Deborah Wainwright said...

Fabulous Lin love it x

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning!!! You did a fantastic job,, love this to pieces!!

Julie Lee said...

Lin, this is totally gorgeous! I love the subtle colours and the gorgeous texture. Your enthusiasm and clear explanation has really inspired me to give en-caustics a go. I've been tempted for a while, but this post has persuaded me!xx

Julie Lee said...

PS I love the gold too!!! xx

Etsuko said...

Oh! this project absolutely gorgeous!! I think It's a fantastic some subject from the underneath and
very interesting various processing onto the surface. It looks fun, I really want play along but I need looking wax first!! xx

Lin said...

wow Lin this is gorgeous!! Love love love all the layers and beautiful creamy colours..will definitely bee having a go xx

Sarah B said...

A beautiful project, the soft colours look amazing. I might even give my melt pot a second airing ! Thanks for the fantastic inspiration xx

Marjie Kemper said...

What a gorgeous project, Lin! Lovely in every day. Thanks for sharing!

Catie Cuddles said...

This is stunning and really shows off the images and colours beautifully.
Catherine x

Catie Cuddles said...

This is stunning and really shows off the images and colours beautifully.
Catherine x

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