Sunday 5 April 2015

Spring 2015 #3UP {Slate, Concrete, Stone, Lichen}

3UP is a feature we run at the conclusion of each semester. We highlight the creativity of our blog and PaperArtsy fans who follow via various social media.The #3UPpers volunteer blind, are given a brief. This time they were asked to work with a specific colour palette and at the same time, incorporate one of the themes explored on the blog of the last 6 topics.

A reminder of those topics:
1. Fragile Papers
2. Shiny Stuff
3. Paint
4. Miniature Art
5. Deconstruction
6. Grunge Paste

Each night this week, Leandra has asked one of our regular bloggers to curate the evening. As you are probably aware, #3UP falls in the middle of 2 shows and PaperArtsy has a team at both: Ally Pally on April  11-12, and Version Scrap in Paris from April 9-12, so the administrative assistance is very much appreciated!

Hi everyone Jo Myhill here, curating day 1 of a fabulous week of #3UP posts. It was my task to choose tonight's colour palette: Slate Concrete, Stone and Lichen (green or yellow).  I chose these colours as they are very natural and neutral and not seen very often togethr.  they can be quite soothing, fresh or dark depending on how you put them together. Lichen always fascinates me so I was interested to see how my 3uppers would rise to this different colour scheme. 
Leandra gave me a randomly selected team from all the applicants, and they are each focusing on some of the themes we have explored on the blog this semester. Let's see what the 3 people up tonight suggest you could do. Enjoy!

First up it's Deborah Wainwright, I'll let Deb tell you how she rose to the challenge:  
Hi everyone Debs here with a journal page using the theme of Paint. I chose the colour scheme of Slate Concrete Stone and Lichen because it is an unusual palette and one I would not normally use. I wanted to show that you can build up lots of layers using just paint, three stencils and a little stamping. If you use too many patterns it becomes muddled and in my opinion over complicated

Limiting the colours to three of four means you can add layers without it looking overworked. The layering of the colours creates different tones and values which adds extra interest. 
As I built the layers I used less stencilling Think of a pyramid) until my top layer which was the sentiment ART.  

You can found out more how Deb created this beautiful layered look on her blog.

Next it's Dee Adams.   I'll let Dee tell you why she picked this colour scheme:
I picked Group A  as I love the colours and the grey & green lichen reminded me of the stone and architecture of an old vault that you might find gold icons in hence shiny things as my topic.

I love the way the pediments made it look like an Icon.

 I like the way brayering makes the background look like stone.

Lots of grunge paste, crackle paste, treasure gold and a few gems always make my enjoyment complete and pull  the whole project together.

I hope you all get as much enjoyment and inspiration looking at the projects as I have in taking part in this lovely 3UP Challenge

Finally it's Dounia.  Dounia is from France and she decided to use miniature as her theme for this colour scheme:

I chose to explore Miniature art because I love small objects and I tend to obsess over details so a tiny project was needed to finish in time!  I'm always taking pictures of unusual textures (bark, rust, moss...) so I decided to take the green lichen of our colour scheme literally.

I used a mix of Grunge paste, puff paint and green pigment in a thick layer on a re purposed badge. I love the resulting texture though it completely hides the previous layer (which was supposed to be concrete).

For the dimensional focal points I used glass nuggets and stones that I stamped and painted.  I also made some moss capsules (if you look at moss closely you'll know what I mean) from beads and wire.

I wanted the finished brooch to be eye catching (this is jewellery after all) while respecting the nooks and crannies of the lichen so...beads!  The hardest part was knowing when to stop!

Wow! Aren't all three amazing?  With such a limited palette it can seem daunting and constraining but I think all three artists have captured how this neutral palette with the green lichen accent can really be liberating.  I love Dee's dark Gothic mausoleum looking plaque, you can imagine it in a dark dank mossy crypt.  And I love the contrast of  brightness of Debs subtle stencilling using the same colours but focusing on the Stone and Concrete.  And finally Dounia's brooch with all its texture using grunge paste to get that mossy lichen look on something oh so tiny!

Great imagination, great interpretation, great art.  Thanks for taking the plunge to use my colour scheme.


Remember the challenge for the  current Blog Topic of Altered Grunge (or any kind of Texture) Paste is still open until April 12th, you are Welcome to link your creativity here until 17:00 that Evening, Winners will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00. 


Helen said...

As soon as I saw this colour scheme I thought of Jo! Love all three creations tonight, they are fabulous.

PaperArtsy said...


What an amazing start to this week's #3UP, thanks Dee, Dounia and Deb, and of course Jo for curating this amazing colour scheme and great creative samples.



Darcy Marshall said...

Great start to the week, well done Jo, Deb, Dee and Dounia. Fabulous projects.

Deborah Wainwright said...

Great projects Dee and Dounia love what you both made xx Debsxx

Gabrielle said...

Fabulous start to the week and what incredible projects! Amazing work all xxx

Unknown said...

Wow-three great projects-all very different, all stunning!

Jo said...

Thanks to my 3uppers for a great start to the week. Beautiful .

JoFY said...

great projects from everyone this evening! & love the colour scheme

Claire said...

Well done to all tonight's contributors - all lovely projects and a lovely colour scheme to work with X said...

Hi Debs and Dounia it is really interesting to see the art that you created from the colour scheme brilliant pieces all so very different. Dee x

Miriam said...

Such fabulous work - well done everyone.... I just love the variety of projects and how you have all interpreted the colour scheme - fabulous!

massofhair said...

Fabulous projects from everyone tonight, you all rocked this challenge! :-) xxx

Doudoulina said...

Well done Dee and Debs!
So very interesting to see how colours speak differently to people. We definitely did not see the sames things in this theme.
It was quite a challenge for me as it was quite far from my usual palette (I do not even own green paint!).
Can't wait to see the other colour combos!

Julie Lee said...

Three really original and beautiful projects tonight! Well done! I really enjoyed how different they were and all totally inspiring! A fabulous start to 3UP!!! xx

Karen Petitt said...

All of them are gorgeous creations! Awesome creativity from everyone - thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us Karen x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning creations. I love all three, and how amazingly different they are! Well done!
Catherine x

experiments in paper said...

WOW!! Love all three - in themselves and how they play off each other through the color theme! And lots of techniques from each to examine.... thank you Debs, Dee and Dounia (is that actually "D" cubed?!) And to Jo for an inspirational color theme! xx Lynn

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a talented group of 3uppers and exciting start to one of the best crafty weeks of the year! Really enjoyed your stunning projects!

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

What a wonderful project of the 3uppers! All three tour de force, I love them. xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

A spectacular start to the 3 Up week. Love the variations, textures and colors look amazing together! Great inspiration from all 3 challenges! 😀

Keren Baker said...

So beautiful - gorgeous projects and a super colour scheme!

craftimamma said...

Three wonderful inspirational projects using this gorgeous set of colours. Well done 3 Uppers and Team Leader Jo! Fabulous start to the week.

Lesley Xx

Art By Wanda said...

All wonderful pieces!!!

Steven said...

Great stuff 3Up is back, what incredible projects! Amazing work from you all, Debs, Dee and Dounia and thanks for the inspiration.

craftytrog said...

Three amazing projects, well done everyone!

ionabunny said...

What fabulous projects. Love the natural palette. Hugz

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Wow, fantastic start ladies, fab colour combination. You've each made a stunning piece x

Lauren Hatwell said...

OMG! Awesome projects. Really, truly fabulous! Lx

Corrie Herriman said...

Love all three but that butterfly is stunning !
Corrie x

Unknown said...

Great colour combo & super work
Happy craftin

Ruth said...

Such fabulous work, love the colour combination and such wonderful projects x

Cocofolies said...

Wow, really three stunning and fabulous projects!!! A real feast for the eyes... Congratulations ladies, also to you Dounia! Coco x

Sarah B said...

fantastic projects - so different but all as equally gorgeous xx

Words and Pictures said...

Such fabulous projects to kick off the 3UPing - the green palette is gorgeous, and I love Deb's layers, Dee's ageing and gilding and Dounia's miniature lichens - wonderful inspiration all around!
Alison xx

Kirsten said...

Wow, these are stunning! Deborah's butterfly, Dee's aged icon & Dounia's tiny lichens, all just gorgeous. Such a great colour combination too, definitely one to save for future use.