Monday 6 April 2015

Spring 2015 #3UP {Banana, Tangerine, Bougainvillea, Caribbean Sea, Glass Blue, Purple Rain}

3UP is a feature we run at the conclusion of each semester. We highlight the creativity of our blog and PaperArtsy fans who follow via various social media.The #3UPpers volunteer blind, are given a brief. This time they were asked to work with a specific colour palette and at the same time, incorporate one of the themes explored on the blog of the last 6 topics.

A reminder of those topics:
1. Fragile Papers
2. Shiny Stuff
3. Paint
4. Miniature Art
5. Deconstruction
6. Grunge Paste

Each night this week, Leandra has asked one of our regular bloggers to curate the evening. As you are probably aware, #3UP falls in the middle of 2 shows and PaperArtsy has a team at both: Ally Pally on April  11-12, and Version Scrap in Paris from April 9-12, so the administrative assistance is very much appreciated!

Hi everyone Penny Nuttall here, curating day 2 of a fabulous week of #3UP posts. It was my task to choose tonight's colour palette: Banana, Tangerine, Bougainvillea, Caribbean Sea, Glass Blue, Purple Rain. The first four are the limited edition set created by Lin Brown and are complemented beautifully by the two new range blues.
Leandra gave me a randomly selected team from all the applicants, and they are each focusing on some of the themes we have explored on the blog this semester. Let's see what the 3 people up tonight suggest you could do. Enjoy!

First up it's Kirsten. from Isisimaginings
Kirsten has created something that is just my cup of tea! It's 3-D and delightful.....
Hello and welcome to 3UP! My project was inspired by a book called 'Bitter Greens' by Kate Forsyth. The story is partly set in Venice and contains a reworking of the Rapunzel fairytale, so this is part Venetian palazzo, pat Rapunzel's tower.

I wanted lots of texture....tissue paper, Grunge Paste and lots of the gorgeous new Glass Blue Fresco paint.

My favourite Lynne Perella image! I can't decide if this is Rapunzel or La Strega, the witch who imprisoned her in the tower....

Initially, my theme was meant to be 'deconstruction' but perhaps it's ended up more about the Grunge Paste. I wanted to create the appearance of decay taking over the tower, so I mixed the GP with a little gel medium, covered it with embossing powder and heat set.
Thanks for looking and to Leandra and all at PA HQ for giving me the chance to be on the blog tonight."
Follow me on Twitter here... IsisImaginings

Next it's Karin  from CraftyUnicorn  Love the use of the colours here. They sing out from the canvas! 
Hello, Karin here . For my abstract canvas board my chosen topic is 'Paint'.
The reason why is simple...I love Fresco paints because they are so versatile. For example, even with the opaque colours you can water them down and get a translucent finish, or leave them undiluted for instant coverage.

I was strongly influenced by the colour made me think of tutti-fruities and smarties! I find the process of producing an abstract piece fascinating. In the early layers you get to a stage when you've not really started but you like how it looks, or you hate it because it's hit an 'ugly' phase.....that's when it becomes interesting, getting past those stages!

In places you'll see the tissue wrap that was glued to the canvas board. On reflection I should have sealed the tissue wrap or added papers at a later stage as there are so many layers on this piece it started to wrinkle." (A happy accident I think!.......P.)

Follow me on twitter here Karin_5

Thank you Karin.
Finally (and not least) it's Christine. from Loops and Lines  Here's a lovely and very clever mini journal project. Just check out all the detail! 
Hi All! My theme choices for this challenge are 'Paint' and 'Miniature Art'. I love making mini journals and albums so this was right up my street!

I couldn't have been happier to be restricted to these gorgeous Fresco colours but I didn't stop there! All the colours used are a result of mixing these basic six paints, plus Snowflake and Little Black Dress. Delicious and great fun. 

JOFY's flower stamps are so gorgeous (I agree!..). I use them regularly in my journaling so, of course, I was going to use them in this mini journal. If I'd had more time I would have layered up the flowers and used some Fresco glazes too.

Thank you for joining us!"

Isn't it always amazing when people can come up with such a variety of different and totally individual artistic creations when given such a limited colour brief?!
Thanks to all three of our contributors tonight for giving us such inspiration (off to have a go myself now :)......

Remember the challenge for the  current Blog Topic of Altered Grunge (or any kind of Texture) Paste is still open until April 12th, you are Welcome to link your creativity here until 17:00 that Evening, Winners will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00. 


Helen said...

oh my, what beautiful projects, each so different but so vibrant with this gorgeous palette.

Darcy Marshall said...

well done to all our 3uppers tonight and to Penny for curating. 3 very different projects, amazing to see how people are inspired.

Gabrielle said...

Wow! Each one of these projects are stunning! Love how the palette has been interpreted with such passion! Utterly inspired now x

ionabunny said...

Gorgeous projects everyone. Love that little mini album.Hugz

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh my goodness, another night of wonderful talent! I love the woman in the tower, so inspired, and the smarties, and the gorgeous folded book with a different flower on every page! Thank you penny for your great curating too! (Does anyone else keep singing purple rain every time it's mentioned?!),

Lucy x

Jo said...

Wow, they all look great.

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Gosh, 3 wonderful projects, all so very different but equally amazing. Thank you to all 3 x

PaperArtsy said...

Fabulous projects ladies!!!! All so interesting!

Julie Lee said...

What amazing and original projects! I love Kirsten's fairy-tale/literary inspiration; Karin's magical canvas and Christine's lovely little mini journal - all so fresh and inspiring! xxx

Miriam said...

Beautiful projects and all so different..... love them

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow 3 stunning projects. Great use of the gorgeous colours. Very well done Kirsten, Karin and Christine xxxx

craftytrog said...

Simply gorgeous projects everyone!

Anonymous said...

Once again a fabulous collection of different responses to the colour palate. Love them all.
Well done!

Corrie Herriman said...

Great projects !
Corrie x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! These are all just so fabulous. The colours are just gorgeous too. Lx

Etsuko said...

Fabulous projects, love then all. And I inspired by Rapunzel's tower. xxx

Unknown said...

another fabulous trio of projects!!

Steven said...

Another fabulous edition of 3UP, fabby colours & brilliant projects. Well done all

Scrumplescrunch said...

Gosh I am so impressed by what is being shown so far on 3UP week, you must be so pleased with what is being produced here. These creations are just amazing, and wonderfully different.

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Lovely projects!!

JoFY said...

Another interesting set of projects! :o)

Unknown said...

Stunning work
Happy craftin

Ruth said...

Beautiful, vibrant varied projects, gorgeous! x

Cocofolies said...

Oh, three great projects using a lot of very clever ideas, well done!! Great texture on Kirsten's one, and yummy colours on all! :) Coco xx

Sarah B said...

Wonderful projects everyone xx

Words and Pictures said...

Terrific projects all round - loving the vibrant colours! Kirsten's textured ATBs are a real wow!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning projects. Love how they are all so different in their use of the colours.

Lesley Xx

Kirsten said...

Karin & Christine's projects are so beautiful, I love the abstraction of Karin's piece & Christine's mini journal is adorable. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my effort & a huge thanks to Penny for keeping us all on track.