Tuesday 7 April 2015

Spring 2015 #3UP {Got the Blues}

3UP is a feature we run at the conclusion of each semester. We highlight the creativity of our blog and PaperArtsy fans who follow via various social media.The #3UPpers volunteer blind, are given a brief. This time they were asked to work with a specific colour palette and at the same time, incorporate one of the themes explored on the blog of the last 6 topics.

A reminder of those topics:
1. Fragile Papers
2. Shiny Stuff
3. Paint
4. Miniature Art
5. Deconstruction
6. Grunge Paste

Each night this week, Leandra has asked one of our regular bloggers to curate the evening. As you are probably aware, #3UP falls in the middle of 2 shows and PaperArtsy has a team at both: Ally Pally on April  11-12, and Version Scrap in Paris from April 9-12, so the administrative assistance is very much appreciated!

Hi everyone Pam Thorburn here, curating day 3 of a fabulous week of #3UP posts.
It was my task to choose tonight's colour palette: Got the blues

I love monochromatic colour palettes in general, and the new PaperArtsy blues are no exception. There's something about blues; they can be bright and exciting or sombre and serene. But my all time favourite blue is the bright blue sky from my childhood in outback Australia. Oh, how I miss those huge blue skies! I think that's why I was so drawn to select the blue colour palette for this 3up.

Leandra gave me a randomly selected team from all the applicants, and they are each focusing on some of the themes we have explored on the blog this semester. Let's see what the 3 people up tonight suggest you could do. Enjoy!

First up it's Becky Hardman. You can find Becky on Twitter at (@Magia_Guarini, and she blogs at magiacrafts.

Becky decided to go with the paint topic with a project using Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints and the crackle technique. 

Becky says: I love playing around with paints and have never done the crackle technique so I thought there was no time like the present to try on a glass bottle I had that was begging to be used for a project. 

The Fresco Finish Paints I used were Baltic Blue, Eggplant, Beach Hut, Caribbean Blue, Mermaid and Snowflake. 

I even did the crackle effect on the little tag, applying a thinner layer of paint to get a slightly different effect.

Next up we have Ruth, from 'a love to create'. 

Ruth says: I'm so thrilled to get the chance to do a 3up post again. I've really enjoyed the challenges this year, but didn't get the chance to join in with 'Miniature Art', so I knew exactly what I wanted to explore with 'Got the Blues'!

I created a box canvas of miniatures, I painted them all and thought I’d choose the best but loved doing these so much I had to use all 17 of them and improvised an 18th echoing the grunge paste on the sides.

I’d salvaged these tiny plastic dominos from Christmas crackers and thought this is a perfect opportunity to paint and alter them, the glass blue has to be my new favourite colour.

There’s stamping, stenciling, grunge paste and even shrink plastic. It’s funny when you get in the zone of miniatures, you suddenly look up and everything looks HUGE…I am now on the hunt for more tiny dominos (2.5 x1.25cm), if anyone can help let me know!

Finally it's Becky Horn from inkycatpaws.
Becky says: I chose to explore Deconstruction because I really, really enjoy breaking stuff, in fact that would be a dream job (heh).

Wow was this fun!  Cutting, ripping, tearing, scraping and smashing the canvas with a hammer was the best part- a little harder to stick to the colors, but I managed (snuck in some metallics) and used the two PA sets I have that are both Christmas on a non-Christmas project--woot! Those butterflies are made from a can that used to hold soda...I love that huge hole, sadly when I put the cardboard in it covered the smashed up frame, but I still had fun smashing it so that's okay. 

No idea where that netting came from but it was perfect to catch my stars!

Coloring on the back of packaging is great- make sure to use a darker color than you think you need!

Wow!! What can I say? Three very different, but equally stunning and inspiring projects. Thank you so much to Ruth and the two Beckys!!

Remember the challenge for the  current Blog Topic of Altered Grunge (or any kind of Texture) Paste is still open until April 12th, you are Welcome to link your creativity here until 17:00 that Evening, Winners will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00. 


Anonymous said...

Superb projects from all 3uppers! Sue C x

Jo said...

Love those blues! The grunge paste spare domino is inspired.

Unknown said...

These projects are all fabulous! The mini dominos painted with blue...ACE! Breaking stuff is fun...when it's on purpose of course!...other wise...uh oh! The vase is beautiful. The blue cracks with yellow Narcissus...Gorgeous! Great projects lady's!:). B Xxx.

Helen said...

What gorgeous projects again, all of them! I know I shouldn't have favourites, but I just love Ruth's mini tiles. Well done ladies!

Darcy Marshall said...

Such gorgeous projects again. Well done to Becky, Becky and Ruth and to our curator Pam. So wonderful to have Ruth returning but also to see new 3uppers. Such diverse interpretations. Great work everyone.

Ruth said...

Gorgeous projects Becky and Becky, love the crackle on the unusual shaped bottle and just love the blues on the dancing girl. Great work! Ruth x

massofhair said...

Wonderful colour choice Pam! Three fantastic projects Ladies, thank you for so much inspiration :-) xxx

Miriam said...

Gorgeous projects..... love them.... so many variations of the themes and blue. Well done everyone

Unknown said...

Superb work ladies
Happy craftin

craftytrog said...

Another fantastic trio of projects, in my favourite colour! Well done everyone!

Unknown said...

So great to see the different interpretations of the colour palette. I love that crackle bottle, and the clean crisp domino canvas, and finally that fun deconstructed canvas. Great job ladies!!

Words and Pictures said...

Fabulous night of 3UP projects - I love Becky 1's crackled bottle and Becky 2's broken canvas, and Ruth's Domino Canvas is amazing.
Alison xx

Gabrielle said...

What a fabulous line up of inspirational blues! Really wonderful work all xxx

Anonymous said...

Love blue, and love these projects. So much to look at and absorb. Well done!
Catherine x

Keren Baker said...

Beautiful- amazing just using the blues. Lovely inspiration !

Steven said...

OOOOOOOH little boy blue loves these colours. What fabulous projects, especial mention for the dominoes ...wowser.
Thanks this evening's 3UPpers for yummy eye candy

Deborah Wainwright said...

Beautiful blues beautiful projects. 3 stunning makes well done ladies xx

CastleKelly Crafts said...

3 brilliant, very different blue projects. Well done ladies x

Julie Lee said...

What lovely projects! I am a huge fan of those blues! I love that cracked bottle - simply gorgeous! The domino canvas is stunning and The deconstructed canvas is terrific. Great inspiration from the 3Uppers! xx

Etsuko said...

Stunning 3 different blue projects, love them all. I'm inspired by mini pretty domino. xx

Unknown said...

Three fabulous inspirational projects and all so completely different.

Lesley Xx

PaperArtsy said...

Wow, another amazing line up tonight! Thanks everyone for you wonderful ideas!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Fabulous creations.

Corrie Herriman said...

Fabulous project again tonight ! My favourite : the dominos !
Corrie x

Karen Petitt said...

Love them - all of them! Everyone is a really beautiful piece of art and you can see how much love and soul went into making each one - there are some very talented artists work on display here Karen x

Kirsten said...

Wow!!! These are stunning!! Becky's crackled bottle is beautiful, Ruth's dominoes canvas is utterly gorgeous & Becky's deconstructed canvas is fantastic. Works of art, all of them.