Sunday 26 April 2015

2015 Topic 8: Sprays {Challenge}

Topic 8: Sprays

Hi everyone, Leandra here

It feels like years have passed since I last spoke to you, but it was only a few short weeks. Our manic period has finally come to an end. We are enjoying life settling back into normality after a very busy first quarter kick off to 2015.

It's now time to add lots of new things to the website over the next few weeks, and plan for the upcoming shows at Port Sunlight (Happy Stampers) and the Doncaster Dome (Stamp Magic). We also have 3 groups of friends and family coming to visit from New Zealand in the near future (exciting), the munchkins x 2 are into exam mode for 6th form (scary), Miss almost-21 is submitting her year end uni projects, and Master H is also doing his Year 11 end of year exams. Before we know it summer will be here and it feels to us like the year has only just started!

I am very excited about this next topic. numerous brands of sprays have been utilised in many different ways in my creative life for several years. Be they non-permanent, permanent, with a bit of sparkle, or not there are so many things you can use them for. BUT, as the video will show you, add paint into the equation, and you have a whole new baby to start exploring!

But first, here is Darcy to announce the challenge winner for Topic 7: Niches . As we have been away at shows, followed by a conference last weekend, I have not been able to get around all your challenge submissions the way I anticipated, but I can see you have really enjoyed the topic and I must admit, its bonkers how many 'niches' you see when you start to look at objects with that in mind. Here's Darcy....

Hi everyone, Darcy here. Another great topic comes to an end, and again we have been wowed with your ideas. it never ceases to amaze us how you take the theme and run with it, producing some fabulous projects.
Sooooo, the winning name from Topic 7: Niches..goes to... Kristiina from Paperimajuri
 To claim your £50 voucher, please email me, Darcy with your details to and I'll explain how you claim your prize. 

Thanks Darcy for drawing the prize winner, and well done to our latest winner Kristiina.'s Leandra back for the rest of this post to chat some more about Sprays. Check out this week's video for a few tips that might kick start your brain into action ...

Perhaps this is how your spray life started...a clear ink resist as show below by Tim Holtz...

He also showed us how to use ink pad re-inkers and mica powders to make your own sparkly sprays. I love to make new colours this way, but i find you sometimes have to watch how much mica you add, and how grainy it much and or too-chunky particles can clog your spray nozzle making it harder to use.

Add stencils into the mix, and you can have good and bad times. Yes its a lot of fun to layer, but remember that ink is translucent when making decisions about colour; some colors don't look so good on top of others, and sometimes they look fabulous. 

You may have to consider drying a layer before adding the next, or you may wish 2 colours to mix and blend to create a new colour. Also bear in mind that some inks are reactivated when they get wet, this can also affect outcomes in good and not so good ways!   You need to work these features to your advantage.

Also think about the surface you are working on. Lots of water is going to buckle paper immediately as it is wet on one side and not the other, this can make life tricky when trying to use stencils. Consider sealing both sides of your surface with gesso, but bear in mid this will affect the absorbency of the surface, and dyes do like a porous surface to sink into.

Fabric can be a good solution, as it won't buckle, and stays nice and flat when working with stencils.

Of course, using your dye sprays to tint ribbons is fun too, and a great way to get the perfect colour ribbon to match your project.

And lets not forget about making paint into sprays. This offers you control over the opacity of your spray, and a paint spray can provide similar effects as dye inks, but it will always be a permanent option once dry. 

A white paint spray is very exciting, and you simply vary the opacity by how much paint you add to the water. You can then also tint the white mixture with reinkers, other colours of paint or even powdered pigments, grated crayons or pastels, mica powders etc.

So there you have it, just a few starting pointers, but I know you guys adore your sprays for journalling, mixed media and lots of other applications, so I really hope you get a chance to play along this week, and show us your preferred techniques.

This is such a broad topic, I can't wait to see what you do too! I know our designers have got awesome things lined up to share!

We would love you to join in with the 2 week challenge for Topic 8:Sprays. Feel free to join in and share your ideas and link up your creativity to this page.

All links go in the draw to win a voucher to spend on products of your choice from the PaperArtsy online store. The Sprays link will close 17:00 (London Time) Sunday, May 10th, winner will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00.

1. The challenge is a chance for you to show how you have been inspired by a particular technique of the fortnight. Your entry should contain:
- a mention of which post inspired you and why, and 
- a link in your blog post to that original post on the PA blog.

The whole concept of this challenge is 'play along with us'. You are encouraged to put your own twist on ideas you see on our blog. We love to see how you are inspired!

2. The link you put on our linky page must lead directly to the specific post on your blog where you have explored the technique/ idea mentioned in point 1 above. Don't link to the home page of your blog, or we will be unable to find the post to leave you comments.

3. Spam links will be deleted.

4. We prefer your challenge post is created exclusive to our challenge, but if our topic fits perfectly with another challenge, then of course your post may link to both if you feel it is appropriate.

5. You are most welcome to use stamps/ products/ substrates you have to hand from a variety of companies, we do not expect you to exclusively use PA products - it's lovely when you do though!

6. You can enter as many times as you like in the fortnight. We don't want to restrict your creativity or participation! Link closes at 17:00 Sunday May 10th (London Time)

7. The winner of the random draw will receive a £50 credit to be redeemed on the PaperArtsy Website, the credit includes VAT and postage. We request that one of your purchases is an A5 rubber stamp. You can add any other items to your basket, but the final total should not exceed £50

8. Each Sunday fortnight the winner will be announced at 19:00, also, in the same post, the link for the next fortnight will be posted. It's your responsibility to claim your prize coupon from Darcy: email her

Good Luck! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


massofhair said...

Fantastic topic, something i enjoy so will try to join in this time :-) xxx

Gabrielle said...

Congrats on your well deserved win Kristiina! Sprays huh?! Better get thinking!

Helen said...

Well done Kristiina enjoy choosing your prize. Gotta love some sprays, this one will be a whole load of fun!

Miriam said...

Ooh - looking forward to this topic and the inspiration

Kristiina said...

Whoopie! This made my evening, just planning for work tomorrow and thought to peek the next challenge :):):) guess I'll forget work stuff and browse the shop a bit!

Claire said...

Congrats Kristiina! Great new topic - looking forward to playing :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooh! Love sprays-hope I get time to play this time! Chrisx

Julie Lee said...

Great new topic!Hope to see lots of exciting spraying going on! xxx

craftytrog said...

Some fab ideas! I still have some misters with re-inkers and perfect pearls in from way back :-)
Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Craftyfield said...

Lots of fun to be had with this one... Inky fingers all around!

craftimamma said...

Congratulations on your win Kristiina, now.....what are you going to choose ;-)?

Another fab topic for the next two weeks. Sprays are one of my favourite mediums so I hope I get chance to join in this one, unlike my niche idea which didn't get finished :-(.

Thanks for the video Leandra.

Lesley Xx

Jane said...

Well done to Kristiina. enjoy your prize. I love using sprays so will love joining, perhaps more than once, this topic! x

Kirsten said...

Sprays are fab! Congrats to Kristiina.

Caroline said...
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Karen Petitt said...

Another fabulous project - I have been checking all the posts so that I could learn more and experiment too! Thanks for the challenge Karen x