Thursday 9 April 2015

Spring 2015 #3UP {Lime, Mermaid, Gold, Candy Floss and dab of Yellow}

3UP is a feature we run at the conclusion of each semester. We highlight the creativity of our blog and PaperArtsy fans who follow via various social media.The #3UPpers volunteer blind, are given a brief. This time they were asked to work with a specific colour palette and at the same time, incorporate one of the themes explored on the blog of the last 6 topics.

A reminder of those topics:
1. Fragile Papers
2. Shiny Stuff
3. Paint
4. Miniature Art
5. Deconstruction
6. Grunge Paste

Each night this week, Leandra has asked one of our regular bloggers to curate the evening. As you are probably aware, #3UP falls in the middle of 2 shows and PaperArtsy has a team at both: Ally Pally on April  11-12, and Version Scrap in Paris from April 9-12, so the administrative assistance is very much appreciated!

Hi everyone Keren Baker here, curating day 5 of a fabulous week of #3UP posts. 

It was my task to choose tonight's colour palette: Lime, Mermaid, Gold, Candy Floss and dab of Yellow

I love anything bright and vibrant so this spring inspired palette was what I chose for the girls! I've picked both opaque and translucent colours to give lots of creative options. 

Leandra gave me a randomly selected team from all the applicants, and they are each focusing on some of the themes we have explored on the blog this semester. Let's see what the 3 people up tonight suggest you could do. Enjoy!

First up it's Corrie Herriman from Made by Chook , who has created a beautifully vibrant canvas

I thought about a project for this opportunity for a while and decided to do a little canvas as I really love doing canvasses. Probably something to do with the fact that I used to  paint 'properly'. I also loved using these colours as I am very much a one or two colour girl ! It took me out of my comfort zone which is really good for me ! I was also dying to use my new Lynne Perrella stamps and this was the perfect opportunity ! I really enjoyed the whole process.

I love these yummy colours; Limelight, Mermaid, pink and a bit of Yellow Submarine on a canvas with pieces of tissue paper glued on it that are still visible. 

The easiest way of stamping on a canvas is actually to NOT stamp on the canvas but on tissue paper; I used Versafine Black Onyx ink and clear embossing powder to get a lovely black impression. Cut or tear around image and glue on the canvas for a perfect impression.

I love the end result; lovely bright colours and wonderful stamps and some yummy gold too!

Next it's Gabrielle Price from Crafty thoughts, who has created the most wonderful tiny piece of art.

For my miniature hanging I knew I wanted to try and layer the cups as if they were balanced in a cupboard but I hadn't realised how small they'd be when separated from the lady's head! They fitted in perfectly to the miniature theme without me really realising!

I cut an MDF plaque to 8cm square and added Limelight, Mermaid and Sherbet paints and a script stamp and then sanded it all. I put Gold Treasure Gold on the edges for a little contrast.

I stamped out Lynne Perrella cups on old book paper and used Limelight and Yellow Submarine to colour them. To ensure they stacked nicely, I cut a slit in the top of two cups.

I added a sentiment using Emma Godfrey’s alphabet. I love my little hanging and I hope you do too!

Finally it's Karen Petitt. from Karen's Crafting Obsessions who has cleverly incorporated all the new styled challenges we've had set by PaperArtsy into one unique folder!

I decided to Recycle/Deconstruct an old plain file folder.

This is the finished project. Because I wanted to incorporate as many of the PaperArtsy Topics as possible into my piece I did the following:  

Topic #1 Fragile Papers: stamped and coloured images onto tissue paper and stuck them on.

Topic #2 Shiny Stuff: used gold acrylic paint and my really old Sakura sparkle gel pens

Topic #3 Paint: I used acrylic paints as close as possible to the colour scheme. Because of the PaperArtsy Paint Topic I became more confident at adding and blending colour.

Topic #4 Miniatures: stamped and coloured mini images onto mini jigsaw pieces.

Topic #5 Grunge Paste: I haven't got any Grunge Paste yet so I added some embossing paste for texture

What a distinctive and varied collection of projects- all so very different despite using the same colours as a springboard. My thanks to each of these girls- it's no small thing to have a go at a challenge such as this, and yet they've each smashed it! Please show them how much you've liked and been inspired by their artistry in the comments below!

Remember the challenge for the  current Blog Topic of Altered Grunge (or any kind of Texture) Paste is still open until April 12th, you are Welcome to link your creativity here until 17:00 that Evening, Winners will be announced 2 hours later at 19:00. 


Helen said...

Another gorgeous colour palette, and some wonderful projects - those teacups of Gabrielle's are great!

Gabrielle said...

Oh wow! Love Corrie and Karen's projects - huge thanks to Keren for curating our 3Up - it was such fun!

Helen said...

oops, hit the wrong button! meant to also say, I love Corrie's LP image and the little jigsaw pieces on Karen's folder.

Keren Baker said...

Gorgeous projects- congrats to Gabrielle, Karen and Corrie! X

Hazel Agnew said...

Beautiful palette and gorgeous projects....well done tonight's 3 uppers! Xx

Corrie Herriman said...

Great projects ! Thanks for the opportunity Keren !
Corrie x

Karen P said...

I had lots of fun and thanks to PaperArtsy I learnt a lot too!
I love the canvas - such gorgeous use of the colours with fabulous texture and those tea cups are wonderful!
Thank you so much for the chance ladies and for sharing your skills and techniques with us all year through Karen x

massofhair said...

Yikes such bright colours Keren! Three more fabulous projects Ladies some brill inspiration:-) xxx

Miriam said...

Yet more fabulous projects - don't you just love #3up for the inspiration and amazing projects!

CastleKelly Crafts said...

3 brilliant projects, well done ladies x

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful canvas Corrie!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Fantastic projects ladies xxx

Anonymous said...

What wonderful colours to work with and the projects are fabulous. Such a fab selection of fun!
Well done.
Catherine x

Julie Lee said...

Three truly, lovely projects - what a great 3Up it's been. Fabulous colour choice from Keren and wonderful inspiration from the participants.

Ruth said...

Fabulous projects and love that spring palette, yummy! x

Darcy Marshall said...

Gorgeous projects from everyone, such beautiful colours. Well done to Corrie, Gabrielle, Karen and our wonderful curator Keren.

Kirsten said...

These are wonderful! I love Gabrielle's hanging, the teacups look great, the colours & textures on Corrie's canvas & Karen's ring binder are gorgeous.

Cocofolies said...

Another set of really beautiful projects, congrats to Corrie, Karen and Gabrielle!! That's great to see all of them - all very gorgeous - by doing a bit of catching-up! :) Coco x