Sunday 22 September 2013

Welcome Liz Borer Project #1

"Hi there Liz here,  I have really enjoyed the Tenth Birthday celebrations and have loved looking at all the wonderful projects . Congratulations to all at PaperArtsy . This week I will be mainly using the Haberdashery stamps . As usual my projects took on a life of their own and I found myself going off down a rather ladylike pathway as you will see".           

To start with I  decorated some fabric . I used panels of calico about 12 inches by 14 inches  It would perhaps seem easier to just stamp one large piece of fabric but I found that making 3 similar panels simpler. Iron the fabric to have a smooth surface .I stamped using Black Archival Ink and kept the stamp in place a little longer than normal to let the ink soak in . I started with both the panel and word stamps from HP1216.   

Add in the ‘cards’ from HP1212.                                                                       

Now use  the line of fasteners from HP1214 and the label from HP1212.

  Finally add Scissors from HP1213 and various buttons .  

Heat set the ink and set aside for later.

Next I stamped some more fabric .I made two different pieces to go together . Firstly a long narrow piece ( about 4 inches wide ) which was stamped at regular intervals with the zip stamp from HP1215. I then used the large flower from JOFY 13 and the spike of buds from JOFY 14 in between the stripes. 


The other fabric was stamped randomly with both of these stamps .    
The ink should be heat fixed and then it can be painted as follows;- 

Use Nougat to paint the large flower petals and centre but don’t paint the spiky bit in between .

Use Autumn Fire to paint the spiky part and blend it out onto the petals .Paint all the spiky flower parts with Haystack and then blend some Autumn Fire along one side of the buds .

 Blend some Blood Orange onto the tips of the large flower petals and onto the buds.

 Finally use Eggplant in between the spikes on the large flowers and onto the rounded bases of the spiky buds.   

I really wanted to use a paper mache chair but I couldn’t find one so I found a sleigh (!) and changed it into a chair. 

  Cut off one side of the sleigh and turn it round to form the back . Cut off the front  and the front curve on the other side .

 Cut off the skis on the bottom of the sleigh. Make a seat with Greyboard and cover the base of the chair with greyboard. ( I needed to add another piece of board between the two on the right side to fill the gap. I used the end of one of the skis to create the curl on the right hand side . The base of the sear was made pieces of Greyboard stuck into a rectangle and stuck on the base of the chair to act as a support . When finished it was all painted a cream colour (Nougat).


  I then used my stamped fabric to cover the chair . Cut the fabric slightly larger than the area to be covered and adhere it with bookbinding glue ( which doesn’t soak into the fabric ) Trim the fabric to leave a quarter inch extra and clip the fabric on curves. 

Adhere the extra down . I covered the chair in this order so that I achieved a neat finish  - Inside arm , Outside arm , Inside back  and Outside back ( turn the fabric neatly under where the back meets the outside arm. Measure the seat and cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger . Turn under the extra and adhere to the seat. Finally turn under one edge of the long stripey fabric and sew or stick a hem . Pleat it over the stripes and adhere to the edge of the seat all round to form a frill. I covered the edges of the seat and back of the chair with lace to neaten.                                                                                                        

I had a small piece if the stripey fabric left so I used it to cover a paper mache basket that I had painted with a toning creamy colour ( Nougat mixed with Haystack and a little (Irish Cream ) .I added lace to the handle. Use the same cream paint to cover a large spool .

I stamped some more fabric with the two different script stamps from the Haberdashery range and the using Autumn Fire paint I stamped the spikey JOFY flowers .The fabric was stuck over a domed shaped piece of polystyrene ( half a ball ) and clipped and stuck down on the flat edge , This was stuck to the top of the spool and lace was added to neaten the edge . Stick buttons to hat pins and stick into holder .                     

That’s all for now folks – all will be revealed tomorrow .

Leandra Says: Absolutely adore how you have stamped up this fabric Liz. The colours you have added blend together beautifully. Can't wait to see the next stages and finished project tomorrow evening.

Gillian Says: Fab combination of stamped layers and beautifully blended colours, love the more feminine touches such as the lace and your attention to detail is first class.


Helen said...

Wow, what a lot of details here - love the stamping onto the fabric and the chair is inspired.. can't wait to see tomorrow! Welcome, Liz.

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project - feminine, vintage - just gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous, the chair looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Welcome, and fantastic projects.

Unknown said...

Fab! Love the chair! xx

Julie Lee said...

This all looks fabulous! The chair looks so cosy and comfy; but super elegant and feminine too - wish I could shrink down and fit into it! I am eager to see what comes next tomorrow! Julie Ann x

Craftyfield said...

Fantastic stamping, painting and construction work! Looking forward to seeing the finished product...

joanne wardle said...

I love your colouring. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your week

Words and Pictures said...

All looking very lovely - the painting on the fabric JOFYs is fabulous!
Alison x

TAM said...

Amazing so far - looking forward to finished project

massofhair said...

Loving this and can't wait for next post! Welcome Liz:-)

sam21ski said...

Welcome to the party Liz

Great makes

Sam xxx

craftimamma said...

Hi Liz, wonderful start to your week at PaperArtsy! Very intrigued to see the whole tomorrow! Love the stamping on fabric and your colouring of the images.

Lesley Xx

Kathi said...

Wow! That's amazing! I love the look of stamping and painting on fabric.

That chair is beautiful and quite a feat of engineering!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Yeah! Wow! I didn't know rubber stamps and fabric could turn into such fantastic creativity. There are some really talented people here.
Teresa in California

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous projects, love the stamped fabrics!

Emma x

Kezzy said...

Wow wow absolutely stunning, can't believe I couldn't join in last week, life got in the way lol. I so am going to try the pins they are so gorgeous :-) Kezzy xxx