Thursday 5 September 2013

3 UP Night Six: Lynne Perrella Collection

If you haven't figured it out yet, we are ambling down the PaperArtsy timeline of Stamp Collection releases this week. For me personally, introducing a line of stamps by Lynne Perella was something I would never have foreseen us being able to do. But in late 2010 Lynne Perrella approached us to ask if we were interested in her coming over to the UK to came over to the UK to teach at one of our ArtsyCrafts events. Well, errr YES! Of course we were !! The hardest thing was keeping quiet about it as Lin and I were so excited! Then, as the planning took shape, I asked her about stamps, and before you know, here we are 3 years later with 25 Lynne Perrella stamp sets!

  Simple cards by Leandra using LPC017, LPC018, LPC019 (above)

It was a huge honour for us when she agreed for the first time in 15 years to design some new stamps under the PaperArtsy brand, which we appropriately called the Lynne Perrella Collection.

By Lin Brown

Lynne used to have her own stamp company called Acey Deucy, many of those stamps are among my personal favourites to this day. Lynne is an illustrator by trade, and she now is also on the editorial board for Stampington, the beautiful magazine company. She teaches regularly, is extremely talented, and an utterly fantastic teacher, if you ever get the chance to take a class with her, do it! She is a true enabler, very honest, and oh so encouraging, she is an absolute joy to be around!

By Lin Brown
Lynne has a utterly unique style, she was the first to ever create collage style rubber-stamps, so it is she to whom we owe the development of this oft-imitated genre. The detail in Lynne's images is a big challenge to recreate in rubber, but with several years experience under our belts, we knew exactly what to do to get the detail reflected properly as a stamp. For you guys as stampers, there are also some things that you can do to get the detail stamping up beautifully too!

  1. Use Smoothy (normal or heavyweight) stamping card from PaperArtsy, it's matte, super smooth, takes ink beautifully to allow the finest details to be seen.
  2. Use Versafine Detail pigment ink for the blackest, sharpest image possible.
  3. The stamp must be on EZ mounted foam (all Lynne's stamps that we make are only sold on foam, so we already decided that one for you!) Foam allows the image to transfer evenly to the receiving surface.
  4. You should always use our thin 'flexiblocks' with Lynne's stamps (and all large, detailed images for that matter). The thin acrylic block allows the pressure from your hands to be easily transferred through the block to the entire piece of rubber, thus allowing the ink to transfer to the smoothy card perfectly, all over. If you ever have any stamp in your collection where a part of it wont stamp out, then use a flexi block, and your problem will be solved!

If you are not sure how to use a Lynne Perrella image, then run a search on our blog for plenty of ideas. I often think the easiest idea is to make a background using inks, sprays, paints or whatever your preferred colour option might be, and then stamp the image in black over the top. However, you can also add specific interest by adding colour to sections of the stamps with translucent Fresco paints, distress markers, and other non-opaque colouring options. They also look fabulous on fabric! Or just using small sections of a larger stamps works well too.

By Paula Tidman

But of course, our #3upsters have also prepared a masterclass for you tonight, so sit back, and check out what they have done!

Tonight's contributors are:

Who: Cynthia Yeomans
Twitter: @ladyCRainbow

Stamps Used:
Cynthia Says: After spending most of my life teaching and lecturing in Colleges and Prisons I am now released into retirement from my last job teaching Crafts and Drama inside bars. Supposedly I should have more time to craft but I seem to spend my life now travelling the world (incl 'the land of the long white cloud', New Zealand) with my husband and his job. Based in the Highlands of Scotland I am an avid stamper and art journaller and am so happy to be part of #PATWITS 3UP again.

Oriental has always been a favourite topic of mine so I was delighted to receive these stamps ..... especially the whole set of Lynne Perrella stamps - thanks Leandra.  My colour scheme was a deep teal plus orangey-ellow plus cream... not me at all. But that is the point of the challenge to use new colours and stuff... so here goes....

The Challenge: First I covered my arches (I added one of my own to make the 'screen' and attached with a hinge at the back) . I painted with Mermaid Fresco paint, dried it then added some Crackle Glaze and dried that then scraped over a layer of Fresco Honey Dew and dried again..... so much fun to watch the crackle it happens before your very eyes and it all dries so quickly too.

Next I added some Grunge Paste through stencils to the back and front of the screen. I rubbed over this using some glitter waxes to make the stencilling pop.

Next I stamped and coloured my images using Copics/Promarkers and cut them out, again adding a little glitter wax over the flowers. I glued these to the base of the screen and added a couple of tooth picks, coloured again, for the right hand lady's hair pins. I also attached an oriental charm from my stash. Then I painted and stamped onto the outside edge of the frames and attached some acetate to the inside fixing the frame on top of the screen.
I stamped out the fish, coloured then dipped him in the melt pot to get a nice shiny glaze. No he did not feel a thing lol.

I made a flower from the paper snippet sent with my goodies, again dipped it in the meltpot to make all shiny, and I added a brad in the centre. Together with the leaves, again made from meltpot dipped paper and the ribbon bow, I attached this to the left hand inside of the screen, and on the right side I added a Destiny word charm from Tim Holtz and some more of the super ribbon.

I finished off the back of the screen with an acetate butterfly which matched the colour scheme and a chipboard fan as well as the shiny fish.
And hey ho here is the finished result... hope you like it.

Who: Mark Sloof
Twitter:  @marksloof

Stamps Used:
 Mark Says: Hello, I am from the Netherlands. I started crafting some 8 years ago when my wife and I made a scrapbook for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Since then, I focused more and more on stamping. First, I created cards, ATCs and tags. Later on, my style of crafting has evolved into mixed media, using metal, fabric, paints and inks. My wife and I went to England twice for the ArtsyCrafts weekends, where I even learned to sew!

My 3UP package contained the stamps, 3 pieces of chipboard, 3 pieces of Heavyweight smoothy card, 3 blue buttons (Fabric Bobbles), 2 spools, a ribbon, a key, and a colour swatch of Vanilla, Pumpkin Soup and South Pacific. The last colour I have, but for the other two I had to find replacements from my own set of Fresco paints. I decided to use Nougat, and to mix Haystack and Butternut to try to match the Pumpkin Soup.

The Challenge: When I went on to read the long letter, panic hit me... The package contained a Lynn Perrella stamp sheet. The letter said, we can use other PaperArtsy stamps that belong to the same collection of stamps. This was probably meant to make it easier but not for me! I do not have any Lynn Perrella stamps! Now there is a challenge! So I had to find other ways to create the backgrounds.

Very early in the process I decided to make a tryptych of the 3 pieces of chipboard. I coloured the left panel with the Haystack, Butternut mix, then applied crackle glaze using a palette knife. When dried I added a good layer of South Pacific. It crackled like a charm! I stamped the image on a piece of fabric with Versafine, and coloured it with watered-down paints. I then sewed it to another piece of fabric with some foam in between to create a cushion.

I used the largest image for the center panel. First I coloured the Heavyweight smoothy card with Nougat where the face would be. I used the Haystack, Butternut mix where the gate would be. Then I stamped the image with ink. When dry, I coloured the image with watered-down South Pacific. I coloured the chipboard with the Haystack, Butternut mix, and stamped the keys with Archival. The text is made by applying Snowflake through the Mini Art Is stencil (TCW261s). The crown is from Grungeboard and is coloured with Spanish Topaz Treasure Gold.

I coloured the right panel with Nougat, and then stamped the image using Archival ink. I masked the image, and painted the background with South Pacific and Haystack, Butternut using baby wipes. I coloured the swirl using South Pacific and Sapphire Treasure Gold. To finish the panel, I added some embellishments from my own stash.

This was a fun challenge to do! At first, I did panic because of the stamps I received. After a few days of thinking, ideas were forming and I started to create the panel. At some point, the right panel was an absolute mess, so I decided to start over. This panel is now my favourite!

Leandra and Mark congratulations with your 10th anniversary! Keep up the good work!

Who: Margaret Brackenbury
Twitter:  @brackmarg

Stamps Used:

Margaret Says: My name is Margaret Brackenbury, I live in the middle of Suffolk . I have been crafting in various forms for most of my life.  My style of crafting is very varied and I also dabble in making  jewellery, so often use beads etc  in my pieces.
So I had in my large parcel from PaperArtsy, a wooden triple icon frame, ribbon, three small embellishments, card and colour swatch (South Pacific, Vanilla and Pumpkin Soup) and the stamp set.  

The Challenge: I painted the frame with Gesso and then Vanilla, the main part on the front I blended, the other colours for a different effect.  I mixed Pumpkin and South Pacific with PA Grunge paste, and applied through a stencil to both sides and the back using a different stencil together with a bit of background stamping. Then I used the two large icon stamps from the set and coloured with the paints on to white PaperArtsy Card.

I coloured the embellishments, with all three paints, stamped and covered with glossy accents, to this I added the ribbon and a couple of metal embellishments from my stash. All finished off with Treasure Gold.

Who: Sarah Costello
Twitter:  @sjanecostello
Stamps Used:

Sarah Says: Hi, I'm Sarah from Tiptree in Essex and I work full time as a nurse so crafting is my therapy! I have been crafting for ages and over the years I’ve tried most things but I always come back to stamping.

The Challenge:To decorate this box I painted the outside with Fresco in Hey Pesto, Pumpkin Soup and Beach Hut. I also painted the card with the same colours and stamped on them. I used part of a stamp on the sides of the box and used beads as feet.

(edit from Leandra - Sarah had trouble getting pics to me, so only one was received, if more come through I will retrospectively edit the post :)

Who: Marie Hampson
Twitter: @MarieHampson
Stamps Used:
Marie Says: Hello! My name is Marie, originally from the North East, but I have lived in Manchester for the last 17 years. I started off as a card maker and have only discovered PaperArtsy recently when I started Art Journalling. I guess my style is kind of grungy? But it changes on my mood, I like lots of colour and I’m a “more is more” kind of crafter! As I’m a relative newcomer to PaperArtsy I signed up to #3Up without really knowing what it was. I’ll admit that I initially thought “Woohoo – free stuff!”, but then I panicked that I was going to have to actually make something that was good enough to feature on the PaperArtsy blog…

The Challenge: I spent a good week thinking about what to do before I had a general idea in my head and decided to just go for it! I started off with a Wooden Icon Triple and stencilled some grunge paste randomly onto it. I then painted it with South Pacific Fresco Paint, followed by Crackle Glaze and then a coat of Vanilla Fresco Paint. 

I had a vintage type tag in my stash so cut it in half and stuck it to the icon along with some ripped up strips of the cardstock that was supplied to give me an idea of my palette (waste not want not!). Lots of fun was then had sponging and stencilling the background with Fresco Finish paints (Pumpkin Soup, Limelight, Hey Pesto, South Pacific and French Roast) and Distress Ink (Peacock Feathers). At this point I also sponged Fresco Finish paints over the Hanging Chunky Board supplied, using the same colours that I’d used on the icon. 

Then it was time to get the stamps out! I painted the three pieces of smoothy card with the same colour Fresco Finish paints that I’d used for the icon and chunky board. On one piece I added some Peacock Feather Distress Ink then splattered water over to lift the colour off again. I watered down some South Pacific Fresco Finish paint and dribbled that down the card. I didn’t know which stamps I wanted to use so I stamped them all on the card using black Versafine ink. After stamping each image on the card, I removed the stamp from the stamping block and stamped random parts of the images over the icon and chunky board.

I cut out all of the images, as well as some little random bits from some of them. The random bits I covered with Glossy Accents and layered back onto the main image. After having a bit of a play with the placement of the images I stuck them all down and added some white paint lines, some Perfect Pearl dots and some splats with Dylusions Spray Inks (Vibrant Turquoise and White Linen).

I wanted some embellishments to finish it all off so after trawling the internet I decided to have a go at making some “Leandra” beads. I haven’t got a melt-pot so I improvised with a mini apple pie tin and my heat gun. I DO NOT recommend this approach as it took aggggeeeeeesssss to melt the UTEE and it solidified quite quickly so I had to keep re-melting it. I got there in the end though and even added some fibres from some of the ribbon supplied to one of them. I attached my beads to some of the green paperclips and threaded these onto the twine that was originally attached to the top of the chunky board. I stapled the twine on to the chunky board, added some ribbon and some embellishments from my stash to the top of the board. Finally I stuck the board to the wooden icon and added a quote. Finished!

Who: Kathi Rerek
Twitter:  @KathiFR13

Stamps Used:
Kathi Says: I’m Kathi Rerek, @KathiFR13, live in New Jersey, US with my husband, daughter, and two cats. I’m primarily a stamping card maker, but lately have been dabbling in mixed media and home d├ęcor. My style is clean, linear, and eclectic.

I received the stamps, a large triangular Masonite pennant, Buttons, and a cute container filled with three tiny tags, eyelets, brads, and safety pins.

The Challenge: All stamping was done using Onyx Black VersaFine ink, which was heat set. Most of the images were colored with Copic markers with a bit of chalk penciled blush and shading.  Clear Glaze pen was added in spots, and then the pieces were edged with Black Soot Distress ink. The hats were stamped onto mostly solid patterned papers, fussy cut, and added to the trio of vertically stacked ladies.

An acrylic page, used as the base, was sanded then painted with Vanilla, Tinned Peas, Mermaid, Pumpkin Soup, Hey Pesto, Beach Hut, and South Pacific Fresco Finish Paint. I discovered that the paint took longer to dry completely on acrylic, so it was set aside while the Masonite pennant was painted with the same combination of colors. When that was done, the paint on the acrylic was completely dry and I stenciled a row of heart arrows and some text using South Pacific.

There was a 1.25” gap between the Masonite pennant and the top of the acrylic page, so I cut three pieces of chipboard and adhered them together to fill that space and to be the same height as the Masonite. An embossing folder was used to emboss metal Flashing Tape, which was then adhered to the chipboard brick. I used a stylus to add stripes, dots, and crosshatches to the tape, brushed South Pacific Fresco Paint over the embossed ta detailed tape, let the paint set for a minute, then wiped it off with a paper towel leaving paint in the indentations.

The button and heart were painted, stacked, and the heart received a coat of Clear Glaze pen. The tags were painted and rub-on letters plus epoxy dots were added to them. The piece was then assembled using strong glue and red liner tape.

Whereas this packet was initially daunting, I had a fabulous time creating it. I'm so very pleased to have been included in PaperArtsy's tenth birthday celebration and wish them years and years of growth and success!


sam21ski said...

WOW Fabulous makes by everyone involved again tonight. Great to see how you've all used the fab images.

I love all of this collection of stamps and am slowly but surely collecting the whole set!!!

Sam xxx

JoFY said...

fabulous projects using the gorgeous Lynne Perella stamps.
Well done everybody!

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Well, once again everyone totally rocked the challenge and the supplies they were sent. Even though the oriental style isn't my favourite, I have some of these stamps (well, you have to, don't you..) and I completely love how they've been used by today's 3 up-ers.

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I so love the Lynne Perella stamps & every one of these projects shows them at their very best. Such beautiful pieces of art, congratulations to everyone.

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Beautiful projects from my fellow 3UPpers tonight!

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These are all absolutely magnificent makes! I love the LP stamps, they are virtually the first PA stamps I bought - after I had bought a little 'Ink and the Dog' one! You have proved that the possibilities with Lynne's stamps are truly endless! Wonderful! Julie Ann x

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