Monday 16 September 2013

Joanne Wardle Project #2 Gothic Birthday Card ....

As a radiographer, I love all things “bony” so I was really excited by PaperArtsy's very detailed skull images. I wanted to use some of these Hallowe'en stamps for some non-Hallowe'en projects.

For this project I used the skull and crossbones stamp from Hallowe'en Hot Pick03, Mini 72, and London Bus Fresco Paint which is a translucent paint.

I also used the Ink and the Dog Alphabet Words Plate 2 stamp. I want to let you into a bit of a secret here. I actually have two of this stamp. One that I have kept complete to use as a background and one that I have cut up to use as individual letters.

To make the card, I simply stamped the skull onto a white card blank.

I then stamped the name using individual leters, starting with the middle letter of the name.

To add some colour I added a stroke of red paint over the name, this is possible due to the transparent nature of this particular paint. In fact I did three strokes of paint to get a real depth of red colour, and it was still transparent.

I then created a mask for the skull using a post-it note and stamped the splatter using the same paint.

Bonus Charm Project.

I've made these simple stringy bracelets before using bought charms, but thought I'd like to make a skull and crossbones charm. I read that the Fresco Paints can be used on shrink plastic so I decided to put that to the test.  I had some black shrink plastic lurking in my stash, so following the instructions I sanded it.

I then stamped it with Nougat which is an opaque paint, giving full coverage). I was amazed with the detail this paint gave. I wasn't expecting that at all.

I cut it out, and punched a hole

and then shrank it.

I added a jump ring then attached it to a length of waxed cotton thread. Tied a knot either side of the charm.

I created the sliding fastener using the techniques used to create shamballa bracelets: the square knot. These are really easy when you get the hang of them and there are loads of websites where you can see how to do it.

 I will be back tomorrow evening sharing my last project of the week, I do hope you can join me then.

Leandra Says:Ohhh would never think to do that, and such a great image on the shrink! I have a DD who would deffo wear that here!

Gillian Says: Tonight's project shows how versatile the skull image is. Again the splash of one colour gives a striking visual effect to the card. Thanks for sharing the square knot technique, ideal gift for a teeange boy or girl.


Unknown said...

Fabulouso! I'm loving the skull work and the blood spatter.

sam21ski said...

Another CaS card, think I might be able to manage one!!!

Great shrinking skull project too

Sam xxx

Helen said...

Great work! Love the splatters behind the skull! I've always wondered if that alphabet stamp is meant to be a background or cut up!!

Lin said...

Great card again perfect for the boys..I also have 2 sets of that stamp and have cut one up to use the letters separately!! great little bracelet too!

Julie Lee said...

Amazingly effective yet simple projects! Thanks for sharing. Julie Ann xx

Kathi said...

Fabulous! The skull with the blood spatter and the bloody name looks great.

The skull shrink plastic necklace is wonderful too.

craftimamma said...

Brilliant projects Joanne! I love the card as an 'alternative' kind of birthday card. In fact my son's name is Jamie and in his teens that card would have been right up his street, lol!

Lesley Xx

massofhair said...

Another fantastic CAS card Joanne:-)

Anonymous said...

Both projects are terrific, I love the red splatters on the card.

Miriam said...

Lovely work - I normally don't use Halloween type stamps but you have left me wanting some!!!

Lucy said...

Oooh I love that shrink plastic charm bracelet! perfect for a teenager. I love the card. I have that background stamp and before I scrolled down I wondered how you had managed the lettering. Great idea to cut one stamp up,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Great projects! xxx

Sid said...

Great projects and I love your skull bracelet !

Words and Pictures said...

Fantastic bracelet - and I love your paintbrush streak of colour to highlight the name on the card... very cool.
Alison x

Laura said...

The charm is inspired and would make a great item in a party bag. Not that I am a believer in these things.

Kezzy said...

Wow wow I absolutely love this is fabulous. I love the bracelet what a fantastic idea :-) Kezzy xxx