Sunday 14 March 2021

2021 Topic 3 The Creative Laboratory with Hot Picks {by Dounia Large}

The Creative Laboratory - Chain Reaction

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Dounia manages to experiment enough to find a way to create a hammered metal effect with Embossing powder, a stamp and stencil she designed, and Grunge paste. I think we are all going to want to have a go at this now too!
~ Leandra

Bonsoir, it's Dounia with you tonight to share a little experiment mixing Grunge Paste and Embossing.

I am always looking for new ways to add texture and relief to my projects so this topic seemed the perfect opportunity to try something new and explore the possibilities of this pairing. I used my findings on one of my little obsessions, a notebook !
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My curiosity was piqued by Scrapcosy blogpost celebrating her new release last January. On one of her gorgeous samples, she used Grunge Paste as a medium to stick embossing powder, making it really dimensional once melted. I loved the idea and the result and decided to try it myself.
I immediately knew I was going to use the new Hot Picks Stencil PS243. I just love the idea of dimensional chains and, while I had no real project in mind at the time, I thought it would make wonderful frames.

Ever since seeing Scrapcosy's technique, I was thinking: you can stamp directly into Grunge Paste  (with good quality red-rubber stamps), you can stamp directly into melted embossing powder (also with good quality red-rubber stamps), surely you can stamp into a mix of both? I therefore experimented a little....

I wanted a rather simple, open and defined stamp so I used the electron cloud from HP2103.
Here are the successful results. 

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I used Scrapcosy's Decadent Ruby from WOW! Embossing, with different processes :
1: Scrape Grunge Paste through the stencil, sprinkle with embossing powder, let dry, heat
2: Scrape GP through the stencil, sprinkle with embossing powder, heat without waiting
3: Scrape GP through the stencil, stamp, sprinkle with embossing powder, let dry, heat
4: Scrape GP through the stencil, stamp, sprinkle with embossing powder, heat without waiting.

All the results are interesting but I particularly love the grunged look from the stamping. It makes the chains look corroded, especially with the multi toned embossing powder. 
When you heat the wet Grunge Paste and embossing Powder, the paste puffs up, giving even more dimension. It is also less predictable and can grow in weird ways but I liked the added relief enough to brave it ! Also I do not like to wait so it was win-win !

I dithered quite a bit on what to do using this technique. I felt I needed to use a rather sturdy substrate to withstand a lot of wetness and heat without buckling to much. I chose Grey Board which led me to make a notebook in my favorite colour : red !

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I like that each chain is unique. I think the end result depends a lot on how thick you apply the Grunge paste through the stencil,  and how long you wait before heating it.

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The covers were first painted with Fresco Finish Acrylics. The main colour is London Bus but I added an gradient around the edges, using the same electron cloud stamp with Red Lipstick, Blood Orange and Claret.

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I linked the two covers with fabric, making it simple to sew on the pages. It is only when choosing the pictures for this blogpost that I realised that I glued the covers wrong ! The open side of the back was supposed to face the binding so that the pattern would flow from one cover to the next... Oh well, what is glued is glued !

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It was not really visible in my first experiments but the embossing leaves a slight outline of white Grunge Paste around the pattern. It is a lot more noticeable on the red background but I consider it a happy accident as it provides more interest and dimension.

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I kind of forgot to add a closure to my notebook, something I think is necessary. I messed round with hinges and a clasp to fix that. It was quite fiddly, but I like the result. I think it works well with the chains and metallic embossing.

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This experiment was fun and has given me quite a few ideas using Grunge Paste and embossing. I really enjoyed it even if the actual project had a few hiccups. Maybe I should stop crafting late at night... I hope it made you want to try this unusual pairing, if maybe on a smaller scale !

Stay creative !




Miriam said...

Wonderful post Dounia. I love your book.

PaperArtsy said...

Totally looks like hammered metal! Excellent

Raquel Burillo said...

Awesome results! Gorgeous stencil! Congratulations Dounia!!

Tracey Springer said...

Absolutely love this!!