Tuesday 9 March 2021

2021 Topic 3 - Creative Laboratory - 'Experimental' with France Papillon and Hot Picks {by Nikki Acton}

  2021 Topic 3: The Creative Laboratory - 'Experimental' - with France Papillon and Hot Picks {by Nikki Acton}

Wow, well this is an incredible series of samples and what a totally awesome concept. Nikki takes you through all kinds of product-science tests on this whirlwind of experimentation.
~ Leandra

Hi everyone. Nikki from Addicted to Art here today. What a great topic - so much opportunity to play with the new science themed stamps or experiment with products and stamps you have. I have mixed up all those things in my journal page creation tonight. 

I decided to to use the science / experiment theme in both my theme and content - mashing up some different techniques and some different stamps to create my science page. 

Like all experiments, I had an idea which changed and evolved as I progressed. Each of my little squares represents or celebrates - subtly or explicitly a different branch of science - eg cosmology, genetics, chemistry etc. The backgrounds consist of a mixture of Fresco Acrylic paints, Infusions, Izink Ice Glaze, Distress Oxides and Grunge Paste. 

Hypothesis - the testing of an idea or theory! I wanted to know what happened when you added Infusions (Limoncello) to Izink Ice Glaze. First I stamped one of the images from the new Hot Picks Science backgrounds stamps - HP2103, before adding the glaze, sprinkling the infusions and lightly spritzing with water. Once dry I added France Papillon's jigsaw puzzle stamp from FP018.

Discovery - do explorers count as science, I am not sure - but this square is about Columbus discovering the new world! The background is stippled paints (Verdigris and Pea Coat plus Infusions again.) I stamped (on tissue paper) the northern / southern hemisphere stamps from a previous FP stamp set - FP012 in Versamark and embossed in white before cutting adhering.

Calculate - the vintage engineering image on FP012 is used here to celebrate those very clever folk who work things out I will never understand! My background is that old trick of adding salt to watery paint - I used Green Patina and Zesty Zing.

Process - to my distress oxide spray background I added the technical flow diagram from the new HP science set - HP2103 - adding a little collage for interest. I included some of the Platonic shapes from the same set (these make great little embellishments).

Solution - lets not forget the Chemists! I stole the bottles from an old HP stamp set - HP1109 to display my chemicals and added some mini letters for the formulae. The background is just a mop of Pea Coat and Zesty Zing off my craft mat.

Mathematical Genius - celebrating those Greek mathematicians, eg Plato and Pythagoras. Just an excuse to my coloured, scrunched tissue paper (see Cosmology!) to create the triangle and add more of the wonderful little shapes!

Cosmology - one thing I have used on a number of the squares is some scrunched up tissue paper smooched in Zesty Zing paint - so it only picks up paint on some of the surface due to the crumpled nature of the surface. I have added this to my square here which I had painted with Pea Coat. This gives the mottled effect and also the creases that are then highlighted with a some distress ink. I stamped my favourite image from HP2103. This will be used for lots of projects but here it represents the Big Bang.

Genetics - I added some grunge paste through stencil PS102 and then stamped (with the stencil still in place) with the jigsaw piece collage stamp from FP018. Once dry I added paint and dried before sanding to reveal the surface. The result gave me the impression of something through a microscope so this became about cells and DNA. I added the 'letters' of the DNA code - using Ink and the Dog Words 2 on my tissue paper.

Specimen - another distress oxide spray background and the fabulous circle / dots stamps from HP2103. On the scrunched, partly paint coloured tissue I stamped the leaf from ELB30 (Lin Brown). 

If there is a quote that fits - I am probably going to use it! Was happy to find this Ralph Emerson quote on Alison Bombers 'Life and Living' stamp set - EAB19. 

As a journal page I like this idea of lots of mini pieces added together. I forgot to mention my squares are 2.5inches so the 3x3 works perfectly in my 8inch journal - but this idea could be adapted to any shape and size. It's a fun way to play around with different ideas and then see what works together!

Nikki x

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Helen said...

Wow! Nikki this is just fabulous.

SewPaperPaint said...

Oh my goodness Nikki! I'm a huge fan of these "inchie" type of cards and utterly adore your design! This is truly inspiring and such a creative take on the topic. Hugs, Autumn

Miriam said...

Such a wonderful.project Nikki

Words and Pictures said...

Just amazing, Nikki... I love how each square has its own little experimental story to tell, and all the different stamps and techniques. Ralph is perfectly right... the more the better!!
Alison x

PaperArtsy said...

You get the genius award for this!!! So clever!!

Raquel Burillo said...

Gorgeous project! Love it, Nikki!