Tuesday 23 March 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Lynne Perrella Collection {March 2021}

  Lynne Perrella Collection
March 2021 New Product Announcement

Prepare yourself for an epic post today! There are 3 parts...this inspirational content will surely get your creative muse whizzing and chomping at the bit to jump in and explore these stamps.
Part 1: Lynne Perrella explains her design approach with the 2 different design styles of this collection:vintage and modern. There is nothing like hearing from the creator herself about the process. I'm sure you will find it fascinating!
Part 2: Keren Baker, who has an 'organised' creative mind uses bold colours, with striking colour-swipes arranged to 'pop'. She is relatively new to Lynne's designs, so it is interesting to see a hybrid Clean/Mixed-Media approach to working with them. Certainly a good door-opener to those of you who want some identifiable techniques to get started with collage-stamps if they have eluded you thus far.  
Part 3: Autumn Clark, long time fan-girl of Lynne's shares some in depth painterly projects, including a series of cards. She often uses stunning colour combinations, and gel prints to get her mojo started, and I am sure that you will notice her attention to detail with embellishments and those deft finishing touches she does to bring her mini art works together.
Part 4: PA People FB LIVE Don't forget we also have Autumn sharing Lynne's new stamps and her own samples with you 'live' in PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. It's her first ever 'live' so she's jumped in the deep end! If you can't catch her live, I really hope you find time for the replay.
Remember, these stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 3-4 months. See the list and links at the bottom of this blog post. 

I'm surw by the end of this post, you'll have a more thorough insight into the possibilities with these gorgeous designs. We'd love it if you can find time to leave a comment  at the foot of the post, we love to hear your thoughts on any new releases!
~ Leandra


It's Lynne Perrella with you today, and for this Paper Artsy release I am exploring two totally different illustration styles: Vintage and Contemporary. There are 2 stamps sets representing each style,and I'll share an insight regarding the aesthetic of each and the design process. 

I have a long-standing love affair with vintage elements, faces, and regalia, and enjoy incorporating intricate antique etchings/engravings into my designs.  Just the process of poring through reference books of old images makes me happy, even before the hands-on design process begins.  
For this Bird/Egg/Nest theme, I created a tender-hearted mood with soft elements like curls of ribbon, feathers, curvy writing and old book pages.  Saved fragments, like a seed packet, shirt buttons and safety pins suggest things discovered in a drawer.  I enjoyed working on these buoyant summer-like illustrations, even though an early winter snowstorm was outside the studio window.
 First let me share the 2 more traditional stamp sets.... the Vintage style....

I’ve always loved examples of vintage graphics and package design.  Think: orange crate labels, engraved business and trade cards, catalogs and cigar bands. These ephemeral elements got the full TLC treatment from designers and printers of the time, and nowadays are fun to collect.  Lithographed seed packets were a staple in hardware stores of yore, and one of my new designs is a tribute to the customary borders, ovals, swirls, and idealized flowers included in packaging designs of the past.
I happened to notice a museum bulletin cover with a Medusa sculpture and it gave me an idea for a different stamp.  Medusa makes menacing eye contact, although she prompted me to create a counterpoint – a serene youthful face surrounded by a forest of flora, and a trusting bird nestled in the mix.
I never know where ideas for illustrations will come.  I knew that Paper Artsy had just moved their operations to France and I thought it would be fun to look up images of birds in my vintage French dictionary.  Sure enough, there were tiny engravings of birds, and (better yet!) beautiful typography included in each definition. Then I invented a grid system that looks a bit like a quilt, or maybe a sheet of postage stamps, and enjoyed filling the squares.  
Compared to most of the artwork I create, stamps are small and so they don’t take up a lot of real estate.  I’ve learned that a small format will always reveal design flaws – so the details and balance of a small visual element has to be just right.  Here’s a tip:  If you are struggling with a visual element in your studio, make a reduced-size copy of it, and all the flaws will be apparent.  You’ll be able to accurately “see” the work, and can resolve the problems with a fresh outlook.  Try it!
“Process” always interests me.  The progression below shows how an idea for an illustration emerges and develops.  The first scribble captures an “idea pop” that happened when I was driving, and I pulled over and notated it before it evaporated.The second rough sketch happened in the studio as I refined the elements of the drawing, and decided how to combine them. 
My friend Rosemary once gifted me with the word “lagniappe”.  It means “something extra”.  I like to add extras to my artwork, so I tucked bits of typewriter fodder into this drawing.  It adds texture and pattern, but it’s still a wildcard.  And naturally the star of the show is the little owl.  Just a short time after doing this illustration, a small-but-mighty saw whet owl was found tucked into the boughs of the Rockefeller Center holiday tree and caused a major sensation.  Owls are so charismatic, and I always feel lucky when I hear them call-and-respond outside our windows.
Which leads me to the contemporary sets... 
For these more modern designs,  I thought about how PATTERN could be a totally different way of interpreting an outdoor theme.  I illustrated a series of modern dramatic faces that had a sophisticated vibe; almost poster-like. The intricacy of rubber stamp production allows for a riot of pattern, and although these new stamps are very linear and crisp, they suggest the layers that I always strive for, as a designer.  The elements in this series are nature-centric, but have a bold direct look with graphic elements included as details/embellishments.  Spirals, typography, ink splatters, paper doll tabs, etc. 
A quote from one of my mentors, Sas Colby:  “The good is never wasted.”  I raided examples of my colorful paper batik tags to achieve some of the pattern details for these “dolls”.  Making high-contrast black/white toner copies of the batiks (different sizes) gave me a whole sheaf of papers to cut apart, and “make clothes” for the dolls – and the linear poster-like faces worked perfectly.
If you would like to see more of my work, then visit my website where you can subscribe to my newsletter, and find our more regarding ongoing publications and more.

  Part 2: Keren Baker

Hello! Keren here to share a few projects created with this beautiful new release. Lynne Perrella's images need very little adding to them as they are so intricate and beautiful. It's a real honour for me to create with her new collection and I have developed a real love for these vintage, very cool images (I'll stop fangirling now!).
As usual I have made a couple of samples with each of the stamp sets
Lynne Perrella Collection Set 047 (LPC047)

I created a few gel plate images. On this occasion I had added splatters of Drying Retarder to the paint and when paint is really thinned down with the drying retarder, it makes wonderful areas where the paint resists and yet puddles on the plate which created a wonderful texture for the face. The image could be male or female and reminded me of the 'Jack O The Green' sung by Suggs, hence the 'Sing' reference.

The sentiment is using the 'S' from the 'Seeds' image along with an EEG02 alphabet shown below (I've used this throughout). 
It amazes me just how wonderfully intricate the images are and how much sharp detail the rubber stamps allow for.

I particularly loved the little buttons at the bottom of the image and stamped some on another gel printed piece and used them as highlights. You might notice the bird fabric loop and black stamped image under the buttons (I nicked them from LPC048 coming up next!)

I have two more projects to show you with this set, both fairly miniature. The first is a mini book with the 'Seeds' stamp.

I loved the size of this stamp. After stamping on acetate and painting on the reverse with Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics, I added a mini piano hinge and some tiny brads.

The inside is some graph paper sewn at the centre and attached to an outer layer of gel printed Smoothy cardstock.
The last project is also a miniature notebook, but even smaller! Remember the bamboo dominoes? 

There's a folded notebook on the reverse, and it's supposed to look cracked; there's some crackle accents with a few microbeads suspended in it.

Lynne Perrella Collection Set 048 (LPC048)

Are we allowed favourites? I think this stamp set is possibly it! I loved the gentle wistful expression on her face so stamped her onto Duralar Matt and then coloured her with alcohol markers. 

The alcohol markers react slightly differently on this surface and I loved the way that the colour puddled on her cheeks. What are normally strong colours are muted on this surface but it seemed to suit her face.

I loved the bird's nest atop her head so mimicked the twigs using sewing machine stitches. The background is just dry brushed Frescos that give a contemporary look to this vintage beauty.

This second set of projects are using some porcelain tags I'd been saving. The porcelain takes both ink and paint beautifully and I added a combination of colours before stamping over them.

I love the humour in this image. It must be nice wandering around with a bird for company..well at least until the bird......!

The birds were treated in the same fashion, I even gave the wooden beads some coordinating colour. I have used this little stamp so much, using portions of the birds, or the wording. The postmark is stamped on Duralar and added for a fun detail.

This gorgeous image is reminiscent of the grid image in LPC030 but on a different scale and using new images. They'd work so well together. I took inspiration from the vertical lines and added stripes of Frescos and then overstamped the image.

If you look through Lynne's new sets, you'll find a few safety pins in different sizes. I wanted to add my own, so painted one and added some stamped fabric, that I also echoed at the bottom.

There are stray threads in the image, so I echoed those by adding dashed lines and little blobs of coloured paint at the ends. There are so many details that you can pick out or highlight. I added some white gel pen all over!

My last project with this set is a pendant. This image is quite large, but when put on frosted shrink plastic and heated, it becomes a wonderful piece of jewellery. It looks a little like the trendy acrylic jewellery doing the rounds and I can't wait to wear it!

Lynne Perrella Collection Set 049 (LPC049)

Doesn't this girl have a mesmerizing expression! I wanted to place her on a gel printed tag and add a few little embellishments. There are so many details in the sets, that you can just use fragments of other images and then your piece coordinates perfectly.

To the edge of the tag, I stamped the twiggy hair from the girl and owl image and used it as a border on some acetate. Adding some Grunge Paste through a stencil just lifted the detail.

I didn't want the seam binding to be plain and boring so added some of the eyes from a stamp which is a fun addition.

Looking at the girl and owl image, I thought it might make an interesting tessellation. Once I'd rotated them around a beaker, the space looked perfect for a photo. I've never done an artistic style scrapbooking layout before, but really loved this one.

Keeping to the colour scheme that I'd chosen, I painted half of each face and also the opposite figure's heart in the same colour.

Adding in a piece of gel printed acetate gives the page more dimension and using pastel inks I stamped the edges of one of the images to ground the date. Adding the journalling around the edges of the shapes adds to the flow of the design.

This next project is featuring the lovely bird woman (could this be the one from Mary Poppins?!) and I used some Stampbord that I dry brushed paint onto. Scratching back the paint to reveal the white underneath is very therapeutic.

Tying in the base card with the image is easy with a little more brushing to give a little movement to the piece.

Lynne Perrella Set 050 (LPC050)
This elegant image on this set is wonderfully detailed. I trimmed around the right side of her  body and removed a panel of the white card allowing a gel printed layer to be added underneath. The reason I went to this trouble was because I wanted to make a feature of her gloved hands and needed to lift the front of the card up a layer.

I dug out some micro beads and added them to a piece of cardstock larger than the stamped hands, cut out the gloves and added them underneath the main image using foam pads.

I thought she deserved something vibrant for her hair/headdress. Pink was perfect! I love how you can add snippets of colour to all the different sections of the image.

To complete my pendant, I thought I'd whip up a pair of quirky earrings on black shrink plastic.

Combining all the stamp sets together, I wanted to create a few more projects.. I just couldn't stop!
For the Birds Purse

I do love fabric related projects, so stamped lots of images onto some cotton. This is mercerized cotton which is super smooth so stamps up so well. You'd be amazed how much detail comes through onto the fabric.

Adding a few shrink plastic images make for perfect zip charms.
Fabric Journal

The stamping reminded me of a comic strip. I just love how the images despite being so diverse blend so well. 

Painting on fabric is really easy, and as the weave is so fine, the paint blends well if the fabric is slightly wet first and the paint thinned slightly (I used PaperArtsy Satin Glaze). I added some stickers to the outside - can you believe that this is my first art journal!


This last project was to use up some chopsticks I'd got lying around left over from another failed project. I wanted to use up the last remnants of fabric and came up with the idea of showcasing the smaller images hung between each chopstick.
The images are on simple gel plate pulls as they really didn't need much else. I've added some brown thin twine so I can hang it up.
Painting the ends of each chopstick with Fresco Finish Chalk paint to match the gel prints tied the project together.
I'mm sure you'll get a tad addicted to these stamps too! Do share with us what you get up to!
You can find me at the following hangouts...
Instagram: @craftstampink
Pinterest: @craftstampink

Part 3: Autumn Clark

Hi everyone, Autumn Clark from SewPaperPaint here to share a few more samples with these fabulous new Lynne Perrella stamps with you.  I've been a fan of Lynne's stamps for over two decades and am thrilled to share with you my shabby/grungy makes inspired by her designs.

I must say these are some of my most favorite images of Lynne's ever, because the nesting & flight themes speak so loudly to my sentimental heart.  I hope these projects will give you even more ideas and I would like to thank Keren for her incredible inspiration thus far...  WOW, and of course Lynne for these inspirational designs!

My mind instantly wandered towards creating little homes for these darling girls.  I designed a house shaped card template, then gel printed panels for my backgrounds.

I used a combination of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics in Space Cadet, Front Door, Blue Oyster and Chalk.

PaperArtsy Stencils PS101 and PS106, stamping with PaperArtsy Eclectica {Alison Bomber} Collection (EAB07).  A little bit of Grunge Paste added a faux lace border on each panel.

I enjoyed seeing each house take on a personality as I collaged with the various stamps.  I watercolored a floral motif from PaperArtsy {Scrapcosy} Collection (ESC18) and tucked it beneath each girl.

I love how these new stamps incorporate so well with older PaperArtsy collections.

Of course, my mind wandered to making paper dolls from here.  How can one think of Lynne Perrella without thinking of art dolls?  I enjoyed taking elements from the three new sets to create my doll parts from head to toe.  A little snip and tuck here and there and I pieced them  together just as I'd envisioned.

I used Tissue paper stamped in grey ink over a batch of gel prints for a softer effect.  I was able to flip images where desired, such as with the doll hands, by using tissue.  I added coloring details with markers where needed.  Here are some favorite details...

A home for her pet owl and a pleated skirt, beneath a cinched waistband.  

For my final projects, I went a little overboard due to the sheer volume of paper I made to work with.  I loved the soft colors and again chose a grey ink to soften the stamps a bit.

I actually made these cards from gel printed copy paper!  The reason I did this was so I could completely exaggerate the wrinkles in the paper, which is a signature look for me.  I wanted to add layer upon layer with lots of stitching, so thin paper was a good choice, however I wasn't sure it would print well.  To my surprise, it worked a charm!

I thought a Blush and Sage palette would work beautifully with the stamps, but I grabbed some Gold Rush and Autumn Fire for contrast, along with Taupe and Vintage Lace as neutrals.  

I tore sheets of brown paper bag to the size of each of my cards to create a base, then crinkled and tore, layered and stitched until my heart was full.  There are loose threads hanging from end to end of these cards.

My favorite part was adding the gathered paper ruffles, which made me think of paper doll dresses, only this was a nice flat layer for a perfectly mail-able card.  So much dimension with very little bulk.  

I hope by now your wheels are turning...  I know you will love working with these new stamps!  I must say how much I love and appreciate the openness of the designs.  They have that wonderful collage quality that we stampers long for, all the while they are not too busy or too dark when stamped.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to get the chance to play with them and share with you today.  
Hugs, Autumn

Blog: SewPaperPaint
Facebook: Autumn S Clark
YouTube: SewPaperPaint
Instagram: @sewpaperpaint
Pinterest: Autumn S Clark

Wow, well what an absolutely amazing blog post, all those ideas have my head spinning! Aren't we SO lucky to have Lynne taking time to create new designs like these for us all to enjoy! They really are just superb designs, her style is so disctinctive, and an absolute joy to use.

Don't forget to join Autumn in PA People for the live or replay here
I know you are really going to want to get your hands on some of these stamps. We are STILL shipping these newbies to retailers worldwide - we have been doing so flat out for the past 2-3 weeks, so please be patient, you may need to preorder with a store, or wait for their order to arrive, it wont be far away. We are working as fast as we can here at PAHQ! 
Thanks for your understanding. Leandra
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Trying to resist adding to my collection and another epic fail! These stamps are sublime. Not going to choose....just need them all.....stand back and let me through! Xx

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