Thursday 4 March 2021

2021 Topic 3 The Creative Laboratory with Hot Picks {by Helen Chilton}

 2021 Topic 3: The Creative Laboratory with Hot Picks {by Helen Chilton}

Helen had some experimental fun here stamping with metallic glaze and infusions. The die-cut pipes, cogs and taps add an industrial vibe to this project too. You can always rely on Helen to take us to the creative lab!
~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Helen with you today with my Creative laboratory post. I found this quite a challenging topic - do I concentrate on experimental techniques or create a laboratory space? In the end I've gone with both.
My inspiration came from the hexagonal shape of my canvas. For some reason it speaks to me of scientific experiments and I've continued that theme throughout by die cutting my images into hexagons.
As for experimenting, I'm a bit obsessed with Metallic Glaze at the moment so decided to try mixing it with Infusions and stamping with it - it works really well, producing different effects on the canvas background to the painted edge of the frame - the metallic shimmer shows up better on the latter. You could use it for painting a surface if you like to get a shimmery effect. 

I started by creating a background with the Gelli Plate on card and a sheet of canvas, using Red Lipstick, Coral, Cerulean and Mustard Pickle Frescos.
You can see how the canvas sheet on the right is more subtle, picking up the paint in a different way. I wasn't sure at this point which I was going to use, but in the end I chose the canvas effect.

Then I thought I'd play around with the Metallic Glaze - I added a touch of Frankly Scarlet Infusions and stamped with it using the Marie Curie quote from HP2102EZ.(available from stockists - list here)

I've tried the same idea on the canvas background with A Bit Jaded.

I then used the same technique on the painted frame - the shimmer effect shows up a lot better here and you can build up texture. 

When dry, I've over-stamped in black paint - it shows up really well. There's  a lot of fine detail in these stamps and a wide variety of different background images.

These die cut pipes are from a Tim Holtz Alterations Bigz die (Pipeline 661812). I stamped on them and then added shade and highlights to give them some shape.

Now the fun starts - working out where to put everything! I've used some strips of heavy card to balance the main image and the pipes on.

The taps, cogs and other bits are painted to coordinate with the background.

This is a fantastic image with lots of detail - I've filled out the hexagon with some of the background stamps.

I love the expression on these boys' faces.

I moved the author's name on the quotation to fit into my hexagonal shape.

I also used the stamps to create more embellishments.

I liked the way the Infusions worked with the Metallic Glaze creating a shimmery paint. Interestingly the Walnut Crystals didn't dissolve much so there was no tinge of brown coming through - perhaps because the glaze is quite thick ? I'm going to try the Infusions out with some of the other glazes in the Fresco family to see what happens.
This project certainly got me thinking, not just with the glaze but also on how to construct it so the images were at different levels and the pipes stayed in place.
All in all I've enjoyed this - I've had to think it out carefully  but for me the design and planning of a project is half the fun.


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Words and Pictures said...

They're such cool stamps and such fabulous colours, Helen!
Alison x

Miriam said...

This is beautiful Helen...i adore the new Hot Picks

Helen said...

great project! hoping for time to play with my Hotpicks this weekend!

Etsuko said...

This is a wonderfully inventive project Helen!! Great idea and design I love the tubes. xx

Helen said...

I enjoyed creating this - can you tell!!? Thank you for the lovely comments.

PaperArtsy said...

Absolutely fantastic post Helen!!!