Wednesday 26 December 2018

PA Blog 2018: Year in review Topics 13-16 with Miriam Grazier

  PaperArtsy Blog year in Review (Topics 13-16)

Hello from PaperArtsy HQ,

Tonight's curator is Miriam Grazier! She's here to take you through the next few topics of 2018 as we look back on the year and try to pick a few highlights for each topic we explored on the blog. Enjoy! ~Leandra

Tonight I'm sharing my picks from Topics 13-16: Mint, Sage, Claret and Gold; Baked Texture; ATCs and Re-inkers.

Topic 13: Mint, Sage, Claret and Gold
Colour combos are always inspirational for me, especially when they are combinations that I would not normally think about.  This combination was certainly one of those for me.  But wow.  The projects from the bloggers were amazing and it was hard to choose my favourites.

My first pick is this amazing beauty by  Anneke de Clerk. A very bright and colourful booklet using ETS stamps.

And I hope you didn't miss Ellie Knol's gorgeous home decor project. I just loved how Ellie used white stencilling in the background.

Additionally we saw all sort of beautiful ways of using this colour scheme.  I am sure you will agree that they all make the same colours look totally different.  It really was inspirational.

Topic 14: Baked Texture
2018 had everyone in a spin when Seth Apter announced the release of his Baked Textures.  I remembered thinking that they couldn't possibly be much different to other embossing powders on the market.  Then I tried them.  And I was hooked.   The introduction to this topic showed some amazing videos.  Likewise, Raquel (Scrapcosy) produced two really helpful and informative videos on her experiments with Baked Texture. 

My first pick is this amazing beauty by Autumn Clark, using the wonderful Ink and Dog stamps. . A very textured project that I really wanted to reach into the PC and touch.  Autumn really captured the beauty of the Baked Textures in this project.

And I hope you didn't miss Nikki Acton's wonderful geometric canvas which showed how wonderful and versatile Baked Textures are.

Additionally we saw all sort of techniques using the Baked Textures.  There were so many beautiful ways to create texture and they were so easy to use.  After the topic ended I still couldn't decide which Texture was my favourite - and I still can't.  I really hope that we ill see more of these released.

Topic 15 : Artist Trading Coins
Artist Trading Coins burst onto the scene from nowhere - one minute I had never heard of them and next minute they were everywhere I looked.  They are a great alternative to the classic Artist Trading Cards and are so fun to create.  I enjoyed seeing so many ways of using these coins over the duration of the topic.

I loved the Tea Bag art created by Alison Hall.  This was an amazing way to create ATC's.  I love drinking tea and was so inspired by Alison's coins.

And I hope you didn't miss Chris Cresswell's bright and colourful ATCs. Chris started her ATCs by using a masterboard, which was a great way to make mini and individual works of art. 

I adored how Claire Snowdon created beautiful works of art using Kim Dellow stamps - perfect for ATCs.  I loved the colour scheme that Claire used for her Coins.

The inspiration over this topic was truly amazing.  And I must admit that I am now a little addicted to creating Artist Trading Coins.

Topic 16 : Re-Inkers
I knew this topic was going to be a pleaser.  Who would have thought that you could do so much with the humble re-inker that's main purpose is to re-ink an ink pad!

My first pick is from Scrapcosy.  You can see the original post here. Raquel shares an informative video of how she created her project .  I certainly picked up a few great tips from this.  

And I hope you didn't miss Keren Baker's wonderful tag.  This really got me in a festive mood.

I adored how Lucy Edmondson demonstrated how to use re-inkers to create a custom ink pad.  I did make sure I tried this technique and loved it!

Additionally we saw all sort of wonderful ways to use re-inkers.  Truly inspirational.  It was really difficult to choose projects to review with you.



Craftyfield said...

I seem to have missed a few posts, there are superb projects that I have never seen before! Yes, it has been surreal but next year could easily be even more surreal!

craftytrog said...

Great review Miriam! xx

Artmadnana said...

Oh thank you Miriam for showing my ATCoins again! Lovely to look back at so much wonderful art, particularly your own, over the past year. Happy new year to you and Dan xxx

Mac Mable said...

Playing catch up and loving the reviews. So inspirational, unique and crafty and such amazing ideas x

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a great round up, Miriam! Loved seeing these projects again. You are right, artist trading coins appeared from nowhere and have been such fun! Lovely to look back over the year and thank you so much for including one of mine,

Lucy x

Words and Pictures said...

Another great selection, Miriam - and a reminder that I still haven't got around to making any ATCoins of my own yet!!
Alison x

pearshapedcrafting said...

A really great selection! Ok