Sunday 23 December 2018

PA Blog 2018 Year in Review: Topics 1-4 with Miriam Grazier

 PaperArtsy Blog year in Review (Topics 1-4)

Hello from PaperArtsy HQ,

I know you are all bonkers-busy, but set some time to relax with a cuppa and enjoy the series of posts we are going to share with you over the next week. It is a time to reminisce as we look back on the topics this blog has explored during 2016, and appreciate the gorgeous creative inspiration we bring to you from this blog. 

Did you learn something new this year? Did you achieve a personal goal, or tick something off the bucket list? Were you challenged in ways you least expected? I guess all these things build character, and hopefully enable us to move towards a more fulfilled and content future!

Tonight's curator is Miriam Grazier She has selected some posts to highlight from each of the fist 4 2018 topics

Tonight she is sharing her picks from Topics 1-4: ATCs, Seth Apter Fresco Paints, Watercolours and Whimsy. Take it away Miriam!

Topic 1: ATC's

The first topic for 2018 was ATC's.  This caused double excitement for me.  Not only did the year start with a versatile and exciting way to create Art, but Leandra started to tantalise our taste buds by allowing sneak peak of the new products that were being released over the following couple of months.

My first pick is this amazing beauty by Jennie Atkinson.  This was the first post to kick off the new topic and the new year. A very soft and vintage ATC using the new Alison Bomber stamps.  This small piece of art is 'typical' of Jennie's beautiful, shabby chic style.  You can see the original post here.  

And I hope you didn't miss Anneke De Clerck's bright and colourful offering using the newly released Tracy Scott stamps.

I adored how much depth were created through the layers. And the colours were beautifully bright and made me think about the forthcoming Spring, much needed after a cold Winter.  You can see the original blog post here.

I just had to share the ATCs created by Autumn Clark for the challenge.  These showed sneak peaks from Scrap Cosy.  Autumn created so much texture on her ATCs.  Just fabulous.  You can see the full post here.

Additionally we saw all sort of beautiful miniature pieces of art of all forms - bright and vintage colours.  The topic really got the creative juices flowing for the new year - the projects shared by the bloggers was inspirational, as well as giving us a hint of the exciting release to come.

Topic 2: New Seth Apter Fresco Paints

Those of you that know me will know just how much I love my Fresco paints. This release brought the Fresco paint collection to 120 - and we know that it has grown since topic 2.  Every time a new colour is released I get VERY excited!

My first pick is this amazing beauty by Ruth Mescall. A very clever idea with the bobbin book.  It showed the paints and stamps perfectly and is a great idea for a memory 'book' or journal.  Here is the original post

I adored how Seth's paints were used for bold and delicate projects.  In my contribution to this topic I showed how I was able to use Seth's new colours with the delicate and detailed Lynne Perella collection.

Additionally we saw all sort of ways that the paints were used on different mediums, including the wonderful coasters created by Helen Chilton, which can be seen here.

As you can tell, it was pretty hard to choose between all of the projects created for this topic.  It really showcased Seth's Fresco paints perfectly.

Topic 3 : Watercolours

Topic 3 highlighted Watercolours.  There are so many types of Watercolours around this year.  No longer are they purely for delicate art paintings and this topic brought out the best!

When I first thought about using watercolour I thought that they were for delicate use - something I seem unable to master.  But actually playing with them and finding 'my style' was really fun and I find them so versatile.  This topic gave me so many ideas to try.  It was so hard to choose some of my favourites from this topic!

And I hope you didn't miss Lynne Moncrieff's wonderful watercolour journal. This project blew me away.  Lynne's beautiful style mixed with watercolour was simply divine.  I almost wanted to reach into the blog post to touch the journal.

My second choice to share for this topic is Autumn Clark's bright and cheerful journal.  I simply love the texture and brightness of this project.  Autumn blended the colours beautifully.

Additionally we saw all sort of cards, tags and books created, showing how wonderfully versatile Watercolours are.

Topic 4 : Whimsy

I knew this topic was going to be a pleaser!  At first it pushed me completely out of my comfort zone.  It's one style then I never thought I could crack.  But this topic really pulled it out of the bag.  The inspiration was amazing.

My first pick is Chris Cresswell's cubes.  Chris teamed Fresco paints, stamps and stencils to create a wonderful 3D project.

And I hope you didn't miss Helen Chilton's spoon people.  I can always rely on Helen to show projects that I wouldn't think of in a million years.  The way that she used Kim's stamps was brilliant.  I just loved these altered spoons.  So much so I am surprised my wooden spoons didn't disappear from the kitchen.

I adored how Kate Yetter interpreted the topic into a fabric based project with her Tweet Lil' Purse.  This project showed the whimsical and fun nature of Elena Zinski stamps and teamed it with a useable end project - just wonderful!

Additionally we saw all sort of fun and whimsical projects, with flowers, shadow boxes and lots of whimsical faces!  The intro to the topic included great You Tube videos to show how to draw in a 'whimsy' fashion. 

Thanks for joining me on this look back to the start of 2018

It is fun to look back on what our genius bloggers have shared with us over the course of a year. This year seems to have zapped by in a blink, but at least the blog remains as the perfect reference tool Don't forget to save the posts that float your boat on pinterest. No excuse now, you'll hit the New Year with a dozen ideas to crack on with!



Hazel Agnew said...

Great to look back and be reminded of the wonderful talent that is out there and the inspiring creations. Great review Miriam. Xx

craftytrog said...

A fab review of these topics Miriam! Xx

Words and Pictures said...

A great first set of highlights, Miriam - the year really kicked off with a bang with so many amazing projects. Gorgeous to see some of them again, and some for the first time! I adored Ruth's bobbin journal, and I can hardly believe I missed Lynne's watercolour journal, so I'm off to check that out. But this review shows how absolutely everyone provides incredible inspiration week in, week out, designers and challenge entrants too.
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Such an enjoyable roundup, Miriam, thank you, I always enjoy this aspect of the crafting year,

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

Brilliant lined up Miriam, this year was so many beautiful, gorgeous and great ingenious creations and it got excited. I was always inspired by wonderful designer's art works and always I expected what topics come out next time. xxx

Craftyfield said...

Great work Miriam, hard to choose among the beautiful makes!

Artmadnana said...

Oh Miriam, how lovely to pick out my Altered cubes for the whimsy project. Thankyou. You have selected some beautiful projects here for your review so I do feel honoured to be among them. I must have a go at a bobbin spool mini journal. Looks like great fun!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Its great to see these again, especially the LP stamps and Ruth's bobbin book!