Saturday 11 June 2016

2016 #11 Our Painty House {by Trish Latimer}

2016 Topic 11: Our House

Hi everyone Trish here!. Tonight I'd like to share a post about making houses with you this evening :) 
As you might expect, the first thing that came to mind when I thought about a house theme was a 3D creation! As I started working though, it got a little out of hand and ended up just a smidge larger than I had thought! With such a wacky house, I needed some wacky 'people' to live there, and the range of critters and fairies in the Cats Meow stamp range were just perfect for this! 

Step One: The base for my house is a selection of MDF cubes, some with apertures. Perfect for my residents to peek out from! These can be stacked up in whatever combination you choose, I went for a 'the taller the better' kind of arrangement!

Step Two:To decorate the cubes, I made lots of masterboards. I smeared on paint (Granny Smith, Mermaid, Beach Hut, Snowflake), stencilled a little, then did some background stamping. All the stamps used throughout the piece are from EEG07, CM-BLOOM, CM-FAIRY, CM-ICE CREAM and CM-SAFARI.


Step Three: I then did a lot of measuring and cutting up of the masterboards! I added a little Cherry Red smeared paint around the edges of the squares, then stuck them on to the MDF cubes. 


Step Four: Some extra stamped details can be added to the cubes at this point, I used the stamping on tissue paper technique to add some flowers along the bottom of the base cube...


Step Five: I stamped the figures onto a combination of scrap masterboard, painted card and watercolour paper...


Step Six: These were then cut out and placed in random places in (and on!) the house!

I added to the whole '3d-ness' (is that a word?) of the piece by adding a fairy and a bee on a wire, and also the title banner. A few words, and a roof, and the whole thing was done!


I really like creating houses, whether they are bold, bright and a bit wacky like this one, or more sensible! Houses are something that can really grab the imagination, altering techniques and themes to suit just who you may imagine living there! In this case, a bear, an elephant and a couple of fairies... :)
See you soon,


Wow Trish, this is so much fun. Your tower looks such a happy place to live. The background masterboards are delicious, how could they not be with such yummy names, and the pops of red really bring the whole piece to life. The whole thing is the perfect antidote for the grim weather we are having. I think I might need an elephant now!

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Helen said...

great project, Trish - love your starting masterboard, and the house ended up great!

Anneke said...

Stunning piece Trish, love it!!

Clare Lloyd said...

So gorgeous

Craftyfield said...

Fabulous project, great fun!

Hazel Agnew said...

I love everything about this Trish. Great fun, skillfull too, fab masterboard and making me smile. Lovely take on the topic! Xx

Unknown said...

Hehheheeh - WOW - your BODACIOUSLY INCREDIBLE creation totally made me day Trish. This is a PURE DELIGHT. Hehehehheh - ever inch is just AMAZING. SMILING BIG!! Xj.

Words and Pictures said...

Fabulous masterboards, and your little cuboid houses are enchanting! Fab stamps too.
Alison x

Miriam said...

great project - I always forget about these stamps!

Etsuko said...

Very fantastic project!! You've used very well the PA stamps and fab the masterboard too. This is fun, I love it!! xx

Julie Lee said...

What a fun project! It's so full of life! It reminds me of a children's book illustration come to life! xx

scrappallino said...

This is a really fantastic project! Infinite imagination and then the combination of the colors .... wow!!! I'm speechless! It's nice too!

Cocofolies said...

I adore this project, so lovely and brilliant!!!! Great use of these very cute stamps. Thank you for the inspiration Trish! :D Coco xx

PaperArtsy said...

Wow what a fab idea Trish!! These stamps come to life, it's such fun!!!