Sunday 12 June 2016

2016 #12 Fabric {Challenge}

 2016 Topic 12: Fabric
Rae Missigman
Hi everyone, Darcy here, time flies and we are at the start of another challenge. This time it is fabric, I know that may immediately seem scary, but let's have a look at some inspiration and hopefully you will all feel able to take the plunge and bring fabric into your mixed media creations. 

Textiles have been as part of our lives since earliest civilisation, from handmade clothing and other practical items through to more decorative trims and house decor. Decoration of fabric began with embroidered clothing, and was a sign of wealth. Many samplers were stitched by wives and daughters, these became wonderful pieces of textile art.

Antique Dress
One of the earliest and simplest forms of textile construction would be felting, taking simple animal fibres and creating cloth from those. Then twisting, spinning and weaving followed. Functionality of textiles has continued, but methods and materials have changed and expanded dramatically and the Industrial Revolution changed textile technology significantly. As for artistic applications, the silk routes and introduction of dyes from abroad really transformed decoration. Nowadays with paint, dyes, unlimited synthetic fibres and all sorts of machinery we can create just about anything...and we do!

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 11: Our House Challenge...

What a wonderful array of houses,fit for a Queen of crafting to live in. The vibrant colours and quirky shapes are such fun, it looks like you had a great time creating them. Even without a house stamp or stencil I think these are one of the easiest images to create. I hope this challenge has inspired you to add more houses in your work. . 

The winner of Our House  is: Helen from StampingbyH

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

Let's start with felting, a flat piece of felted fabric is one of the simplest techniques to try, however there are some stunning felted pieces out there. Needle felting especially can be intricate and very detailed.

As we move through history we come across dyes that were introduced by travellers, these were brighter than the moss and vegetable dyes that we had traditionally used. Modern dyes and colourants are so varied, but the simplest and cheapest way to colour is with wax crayons. 

Here is a quick and easy video for you from Terrie Kygar. This technique could easily be applied to stamped images on fabric. 

Did you know that you can use your Fresco Chalk paints on fabric? add a little fabric medium, any brand, and the item becomes washable. I made this apron a few years ago and it has been washed several times. 

Weaving always had practical applications, whether for blankets, rugs or clothing. However there is no reason that practical can't be pretty too like these sweet woven bracelets by Kate Whitehead.

If quilting is your thing, how about this bright and funky lollipop flower quilt. Your favourite flower stamps could be used here as the base shapes. 

Deborah O'Hare
You don't fancy sewing? no problem, take inspiration from Elfi Cella, a Swiss painter. Here a shirt has been attached to a canvas and then texture paste added and painted. This would also be a good project for those still playing with Powertex. 

Moving onto smaller pieces, how about some cards made from tiny leftovers. These are stitched but you could easily layer up your scraps and glue them in place. 

Kelly King
No stitching with this one at all, use freehand cut out shapes or stamped faces and create clothing with scraps. I have seen this done with pretty handkerchiefs as the skirt. 


Staying with smaller projects, let's go 3d. This decorated koi from Brooke Connor is so much fun.  

How about adding wire to your fabric and creating freestanding decorations. Many of your flowers and leaf stamps could be used to create wired flowers. 

Jennifer Swift
These moths are my favourite find for this topic, I adore them. There are so many possibilities, ideas inspired by these little creatures. How would you go about creating something like this, think about what is in your stash right now, what could you use?

Mister Finch
All these so far would seem a little time consuming, so here is an idea for a really quick bookmark. Nothing could be simpler, but of course you could add your own twist to it. You could paint the card and stamp onto the fabric. 

Here is another no-sew idea, tags with die cuts holes and a piece of fabric glued behind. 

If you like layers then you could add fabric to a tag, make a pocket and fill it with all sorts of interesting bits. 

Anita Houston
Now for some wall art, there are so many possibilities, fabric is so versatile and malleable . A simple layer glued on gives immediate texture, while subsequent layers and forms add dimension. 

Ginny Gibson
What good are layers if you can't see through to the one below? Here you will find a tutorial by Susan Lenz, showing how she creates her box fibre art, and how she uses a soldering iron to reveal the layers of fabrics. 

If you are a fan of recycling then how about using up clothing labels and shopping bag handles. This is an intriguing quilt, it shows a glimpse into the maker's shopping habits, and could easily become a memory quilt. Perhaps you have shopping labels from a holiday? this would be a great way to collate them. 

I think I may have left the most interesting projects till last.. fabric journals. These can be no-sew, or they can be heavily embroidered, whichever you prefer. As mixed media artists these probably fulfil our need to use different mediums more so than other fabric projects. 

These books can be painted, dyed, stamped, stitched and embellished, really, anything goes!

DJ Pettitt

These are by Frances Pickering, they utilise pelmet vilene. This is an excellent base for a book cover as it is very sturdy, will take paint but can also still be stitched. I really like the shape of these books. 

I will leave you with this video from Leandra showing just how she paints with Frescos onto fabric . 

Hopefully you are now inspired to use some fabric, remember it does not need to be stitched, it could be glued as a layer under a stamped image or it could be a bought fabric item that you decorate. I am sure you have  bags or an apron that could be transformed with paint.  Have fun!

Don't forget to follow Darcy's and Leandra's pinterest boards (Leandra also has a mixed media Textiles board here) if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! 

I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!


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Helen said...

wow, thank you random generator! Love the new topic, lots of things springing to mind... love those moths (even though I hate moths!) they're fabulous and the fabric books are just wonderful.

Craftyfield said...

I'd say enjoy spending Helen but I can't imagine there's anything you haven't got in the PA shop!
This new theme has been chosen especially to force my hand at this project I keep putting off, hasn't it? Hope I get lots of tips from the DT...

Miriam said...

Well done Helen.... enjoy spending the credit....

Great new topic.... I have ideas going around in my head already

Miriam said...

Well done Helen.... enjoy spending the credit....

Great new topic.... I have ideas going around in my head already

Hazel Agnew said...

Well deserved Helen. Looking forward to the new topic. Great presentation of ideas again Darcybobs! Fantastico! Xx

Julie Lee said...

Many congratulations to Helen! I love this new topic and I'm so glad that you chose a piece by the wonderful Mr Finch is one of my favourite artists! Great introduction again from Darcy showing an amazing range of styles and projects from simple to complicated and challenging. :)

Lucy Edmondson said...

So thrilled Helen!!! Yay! Great intro Darcy, can't wait!

Lucy x

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Woohoo! Way to go Helen! Enjoy your prize! Fab introduction Darcy. I've been waiting for this one. Lx

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Congratulations to Helen! This topic is amazing and I'm a big fan of Mr Finch too. Thank you for the great samples Darcy. xx

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Wow wow wow ...what amazing inspiration. Awesome! Hugs rachel x

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Lovely topic with lots of options and brilliantly presented Darcy.

Lesley Xx

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Love this challenge! Fab inspiration Darcy!

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Excellent initiative!!!!