Sunday 26 June 2016

2016 #13 Paper Piecing {Challenge}

 2016 Topic 13: Paper Piecing

Well hello everyone, Darcy here bringing you a brand new topic. For the next fortnight we will be exploring Paper Piecing. We will be encouraging you to paint and decorate papers to use, or even better use up all your old scraps. If you like jigsaws then you will love paper piecing, and the arrangements can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. 

First let's clear any confusion about what paper piecing actually is and how it differs from Foundation paper piecing, which is a fabric term.

In fabric patchwork there are many patterns that require sharp,clean,crisp edges of fabric to be stitched together. In order to make this easy, there is a technique known as paper piecing, this has been around since the 1770's. Paper is cut, very accurately and then placed onto fabric and basted in place. The fabric is then folded around the paper and pressed. This gives the very sharp accurate edges to the fabric that are needed. Once the fabric pieces have been sewn together the paper templates from inside each piece can be removed. 
This is a fabric patchwork that has been made using the paper piecing technique inside the fabric to achieve those crisp lines and accurate points.

Now for paper piecing as used in paper crafts. For this technique all you need is pretty paper, whether that be scrapbook paper or painted paper. Cut apart the paper and fit it back together, mixing shapes and patterns to create an image. Think of it as paper patchwork. Simple as that.. you can make it as intricate and as layered as you wish, but more of that later.

Before we start, let's see who won the Topic 12: Fabric Challenge...

We had some really great entries, did you enjoy playing with fabric? it is certainly very different to paper, did you discover a new love? Fabric can take your crafting in a whole new direction or just take your existing repertoire to a new level. PaperArtsy Fresco paints work brilliantly on fabric, if you didn't get chance to join in with the challenge I hope you will try out fabric soon. 

The winner of Fabric is: Julie from The Created Page

Email Darcy to claim your prize.

Paper piecing can be lots of fun, this technique limits the need for intricate colouring in, though the cutting out can be time consuming.. of course this depends on your chosen image. Piecing can add lots of pattern, texture and interest.

Diane Salter uses Gelli prints to great effect to create this elephant. 

The end project is just wonderful, so full of interest. Follow the link to her blog HERE for the whole process. 

These are ATC's, they show perfectly how simple paper piecing can be. Even though they use relatively few papers and patterns they are still fun and eye catching.  You can see they utilise scrapbooking papers, but mainly just scraps. 


This card from Carol again shows how much impact can be achieved from a relatively simple design and just 2 patterns. 

This next example uses piece photographs instead of patterned papers. This could be a brilliant way to create a memory from holiday snaps. 

Gerren Lamson
Note how the pieces are butted up to each other and they are of a similar weight/medium,style; this is where the technique varies from Collage. A collage usually comprises of pieces that are over lapping and built to form layers, also the pieces do not need to have anything in common. A paper pieced project will use similar weight papers only, whereas a collage utilises book text, fabric, scrapbook paper and all forms of ephemera. 

This technique can be used in scrapbook layouts, on cards and as mixed media projects, but size it up and you can cover furniture too. 
Bryonie Porter
Or how about this utterly gorgeous paper pieced/patchwork wall, made with vintage wallpaper. 

So now that we have seen lots of 'flat' projects, how about adding some dimension and creating layers with your 'piecing' 

When choosing your papers it is important to consider the patterns carefully. Take into account the size and repetition of the patterns, and how they will look on a small scale project. Keep your patterns small, and mix in some plain papers to add balance. You could paint your own papers and add a patterned stamp to create patterned paper. 

Here is another take on the technique, more patchwork than piecing, but still it uses very pretty papers to create this sampler. The folded edges here add lots of dimension and the buttons really add lots of interest. 

Leeann Pearce
Here is another take on the subject, these are very much mixed media, but paper is involved. I love how they are joined. 

Donna Downey
This one is a bit out there with regard to the technique, is it paper piecing? Well it is pieces of paper, so I guess so! maybe that is stretching the technique a little far, but I really like these tags and I thought you might like them too. 


Paper piecing has been using in scrapbooking for a long time, it is a great way to add fun characters to a layout. There are thousands of patterns all over the Internet. Mostly they are characters like this snowman. See how each of the pieces has an inked edge, that is something to remember as it makes each piece pop and adds subtle dimension and shading. 
D . Anderson
Traditionally, paper piecing only involves glue, but why not add stitching? there is nothing to stop you, it will add interest and dimension, go for it!

A brilliantly simple way to use this technique would be to create a journal cover, like this one by Els; you could go crazy with colours and patterns. 

Now how to categorise this one, is it paper piecing? or altered art, some of the pieces are collaged, and it is definitely mixed media. Wherever it belongs it is a great idea and would be a great way to use up paper scraps. 

Finally let's look at how stamps can be used. This technique makes more out of your stamps, instead of plain images you can have instant colouring in and pattern, and each will be a little different. In this example Kalina has used a digi stamp, patterned papers and colouring in for the skin and shading. 

This is a great opportunity to take another look at your stamps, which ones will look good over patterned paper? Which ones have 'sections' making it easy to build up the image. 

This card from Jo Firth Young has utilised the technique and added great patterning to the flowers. 

Here is a short video from Ruth showing how to stamp and place your patterned, stamped pieces. 

One last example, I couldn't resist this pieced doggie, perhaps you could do this and create a pieced portrait of your own pet!

Simon Hart
Now we have seen lots of examples, what will you have a go at? freestyling your own images, using a pattern/template, stamping? There are so many ways to tackle this topic. If your thing is fabric then by all means have a go at the fabric foundation (paper piecing) technique. As collage, paper piecing and decoupage have many similarities and cross over areas it is perfectly reasonable to be able to use them all in your mixed media work. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy's and Leandra's pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! 

However you choose to interpret this topic I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!


Topic 13: Paper Piecing PaperArtsy Blog Challenge

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Your entry should contain:
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Interesting theme.

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Congrats to Julie & good luck to everyone for the new challenge. Gorgeous inspiration in this post.

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What a lovely idea of challenge, and I see many gorgeous artworks and inspirational pieces here... Beautiful work on each and every sample in various styles. Thank you Darcy :) xx

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Oh my gosh. I love the (paper piercing) kitty. What a work of art.

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Thank you lovely ladies for your kind comments and thank you Darcy for an awesome challenge and prize. The project examples for this challenge are inspirational.

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fantastic inspiration! xo

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Fabulous challenge. Have loved PaperArtsy through the marvelous work of Vicky Pappaioannou and Shari Carrol. Vicky's journal page for this challenge, astonishing as always, was the inspiration I needed to dive into the waters of art journaling. I am in. Now I need some wonderful PaperArtsy beauties. Cheees!

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I love this page! I am ready to try a simple project. I want to work up to putting paper on an Ikea cabinet I just bought,

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