Sunday 19 June 2016

2016 #12 Pencil Wallet {by Darcy Wilkinson}

 2016 Topic 12: Fabric

Hi everyone, Darcy here with a post this evening about using fabric. I will be using canvas, not stretched over a frame but loose canvas fabric. This can be bought cheaply on a roll, however it is very thin, almost like paper. The better canvas fabric is much more expensive and is found in art shops. However the stuff I use is actually a DIY drop cloth, it is used for covering furniture while you paint the ceiling etc. It is really good quality, thick canvas fabric, it comes in various sizes and it is so much cheaper than the canvas from art shops. 

I like to take my sketch book and watercolour pencils to the local coffee shop, it's a great excuse to have nice coffee and crumpets, and if gives me an hour or so out that I can dedicate to sketching. But my watercolour pencils are in a long tin, so I needed some kind of case for them. 

I started with two long pieces of canvas, one will be the outside, this was gessoed on both sides. The other piece will become the lining, this was marked out and I added lengths of elastic. The elastic was stitched at regular intervals big enough to hold a pencil. 

I set aside the lining piece, this will not be painted as the pencils inside will be colourful enough. I then worked on the gessoed outer piece. 

I added Cherry Red at the top and Bottom edges, the top was then blended with Snowflake and the bottom was blended with Claret. In the middle I added Autumn Fire and Haystack and then Turquoise. 

My next layer was random patches of Golden matte gel, I added texture to this using the small circle background stamp from EDY06


I then added more paint, more gel and more stamping into the gel. 

Next I dripped Southern Skies and Claret and added a little stamping using the circles from EDY17. 

The layers were now looking very yummy. 

I added a little Limelight over the Turquoise and then rubbed on some white Fire Treasure Gold. 

At this point I started to assemble the case. 
I cut two smaller pieces of canvas, added elastic to them and then sttiched them together making a pocket. 
I needed this case to be sturdy, so that meant adding something to stabilize the fabric. You can buy quilting plastic, but again it is expensive. Whenever I make bags I buy flexible chopping boards from the supermarket, they come in packs of 3. They are cheap and easily cut with scissors. 
I cut a piece to go in the pocket I had just made. 

This centre section was stitched to the longer lining piece. This completes the inside, and gives me 48 elastic sections for pencils. 

Next to stitch the outer and the lining together and trap a long zip between them. I bought the widest zip I could find, but it still wasn't wide enough. So I added  Petersham tape to either side of the zip making it wider. A normal zip simply will not close up the case once the case is folded shut as it then has 4 layers of pencils, so a wide zip is needed. 

Then quite a bit of wrestling and wrangling with the canvas fabric and the zip, many pins and my trusty machine. 

Once I had the whole thing mostly done, with only one short end left open, I cut 2 more pieces of plastic and slipped them inside, these were to stiffen the outer side. 

Now it was all assembled I could finish the front cover. I used one of my new stencils and some Cosmic Shimmer glue...

..and some gliding flakes to add butterflies. I also used the ART word from EEG15. 

To seal the whole cover I added Acrylic Wax to both back and front, this will protect the gilding flakes and give the whole thing a nice sheen. 

I am incredibly pleased with it, the zip isn't perfect but good enough for me. It holds 48 pencils and the cover is the kind that you just want to touch. Stamping into the gel made really great texture, and the Treasure gold, gilding flakes and acryic wax have all combined to give a shimmery,golden sheen. 
I hope you are enjoying the Fabric topic and making some great projects . 
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Helen said...

That's really clever, Darcy. so much prettier than a tin of pencils!!

Miriam said...

Love your pencil's fab....very clever

Miriam said...

Love your pencil's fab....very clever

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is superb, the design and construction are fantastic, I would love one for my pencils, they just fall out of the gin!

Lucy x

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow Darcy, thats amazing. Fantastic colours and textures. Great assembly too, clever Darcy! xx

Julie Lee said...

What a great project! I love the texture and how practical it is. xxx

Ruth said...

Oh so clever Darcy, I love your thrifty ideas, like using the plastic chopping board. The build up of layers on the canvas has produced wonderful texture and I just want to touch it. Gorgeous wallet! Ruth xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Watch out or everyone will want one. What a fantastic idea. Love it! Lx

Anonymous said...

Wow Darcy, this is fantastic. I love it. x

Astrid Maclean said...

BRILLIANT!!! Can I order one please? I could so do with one of those beauties lol, seriously I bet you could sell these and I'd be the first to order one, love this big time!!

Cocofolies said...

Wow. Simply fabulous Darcy!!! xx

Mac Mable said...

Now that is really clever and so very personal to you. Thank you for the step by step and all the fabulous tips and money saving tips too x

Annie said...

What a fantastic idea and the cloth used is genius x it's great to have such a practical creation....TFS Darcy
Annie x

Etsuko said...

Amazing pencil case and clever idea Darcy!! Fab texture and colours, I love the pencil holders. xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow looks fabulous x

craftytrog said...

Fantastic project clever lady! xx

Ellie Knol said...

LOVE, LOVE love it.. need to make my own ..

Ellie Knol said...

.. I wanted to add - I will add a colorswatch of each color ... easy to combine with other media then.

Gibby Frogett said...

What a brilliant and useful creation Darcy - love LOVE it!
Very inspiring - thanks for sharing the great info and photos.
Gill x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Came back to have a better look at the details of this amazing project! It is such an accomplishment! I love all the texture and the gilded butterflies. Sorry I meant to say tin not gin last night, think mum must have been distracting me!

Lucy x