Monday 7 August 2023

2023 Topic 8 : Master Wheel - Tetradic {by Liesbeth Fidder-De Vos} with Hot Picks stamps

Hi everyone!

Liesbeth here with you today, here at the PaperArtsy Blog we continue the Colour Wheel adventure, and this time we  bloggers use the same three Fresco Paint colours. So many possibilities, so much fun! Read everything about this Master Wheel Topic Introduction HERE

After the mixing fun, I ended up with an art journal spread in my altered book. Without the colour wheel I would never have chosen the coulors I used here, it's so surprising and I really love it!

As you can also read in the Topic Introduction we use this three ,icecream' colours of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint as the three primary red, yellow and blue colours: Candy Floss, Aqua Duck Egg and Butter.

At this early stage I also chose this two wonderful PaperArtsy stamp sets! Hot Picks HP2201 and HP2203:

How I love this stamps! The vintage style, the beautiful faces, the many fine details and the texts, so amazing!

I started by filling in the colour wheel, despite there are pictures of it in the Topic Introduction. I wanted to experience and enjoy it myself :-)       

Starting with the primaries Butter and Candy Floss, I mixed the colours between those two.

And of course the same with Aqua Duck Egg, till the entire wheel was filled and lovely new colours appeared. I always paint every colour onto a scrap of white paper as well for an easier choice later on.

My challenge was to choose a Tetrad: a 4-colour sheme. I choose this two opposite pairs in a rectangle shape. I didn't want to much pinks and I love the grey one (7)!

So I ended up with two primary colours (PaperArtsy Fresco paints Butter and Aqua Duck Egg) and two mixes. Here I mixed a bigger amount of my chosen colours.

And here they are, ready to go! A warm, vintage soft colour combination...I think they will work well with the stamps! Let's try! I took my altered book, an old book to do Art Journaling in, and idea in this stage where, what, or how it will end! I always just start.


Breaking the blank canvas...oh oops not blank of course! Because it's an old book I'm working in it already has a beautiful printed background. I started the spread with the two warm colours: Yellow (Butter) and the pink mix, I just applied it using my fingers. A thin layer, I wanted the letters to shine through a bit.

The two faces from the stamp sets will be the focal points, one on each page. I indicated where the faces should go and marked the spots with a pencil. I will keep those circles free from all that is yet to come.

It needed a bit of structure, so I tore out some small pieces of old music sheet paper and glued them here and there onto the spread, I painted them with some yellow and pink. After that I took the two cool colours, Blue (Aqua Duck Egg) and the grey mix, and made stripes/smudges and dots with my fingers.

I spread a thin layer of the same colours (blue and grey) onto a craft sheet and used it as an ,ink pad'. Using that paint,  I stamped the numbers (HP2201) and the block pattern stamp (HP2203) spread out over the pages. (After stamping with paint, clean your stamps directly)

Then suddenly I got the plan of making circles. I used the three small circles/windows from the stencil  you see here below. (PaperArtsy stencil PS269).

 For this I used the grey mixed paint and some white gesso and stencilled the circles here and there on the spread. On half gray, the other half white, blending the colours a bit in the middle. I tried to make a nice composition.

And even more circles: using a small lid I stamped with gesso some nice open circles.

Now it`s time for the focal points of the journal spread: the two wonderful faces! First I erased my pencil circles where I indicated the right place with. Using a waterproof black ink (I used Tsukineko StazOn-Jet Black) I stamped the men (are they both men?? I think they are :-) ) onto the pages and also on a one layer  piece of kleenex tissue paper that I tore out. 
I mixed a bit of the pink paint with a tiny bit of gesso to make it lighter and painted the faces on the page with it, as shown here below, to smooth and brighten the faces.

When the paints was dry I added the tissue faces with some gel medium and let dry well.

At this stage I looked at my journal spread and I really love the colours...but it was so boring and to empty, it needed a lot more interesting details and maybe a whiff of a bright colour. I started to fill the page with some other stamps from the two sets with black ink: the measuring things, the tag stamps... and then some colour: I stamped the numbered diamonds with Memento Luxe-Morocco. Exactly what it needed!

I set my eye on the lovely stamped tags and wanted to let them pop out and shine! In my stash I found some design paper in exactly the right colours, I stamped the tags, cut them out and punched the holes. I glued them onto the tags on the journal spread. I also cut out some bigger butterflies and stamped the text.

A detail of the tags, left page.

As soon as I was satisfied with the page it was time for the finishing touches: With watered down (transparent) gesso I painted the lid circles. As the quarter theme here at the PaperArtsy Blog is Transparency... that was perfect!

Using a charcoal pencil and my finger, I made shadows on one side of the stencilled circles to create depth and I outlined them with a black fineliner. I coloured both faces a bit with colour pencils, very subtle... and drew some accents with a white gel pen. 

Another detail. I glued down the cut out butterflies and drew the legs. I sponged the edges of the pages with black ink.

A second Transparency item was Glossy Accents. I applied it on the circle around the right head, on some other spots as an accent and also onto the glasses! I like the effect!

I let the Glossy Accents dry overnight and now it looks like real glass!

The finished art journal spread! I'm so happy with how it turned out in the end!

All credits to the protagonists of my spread: The wonderful PaperArtsy Hot Picks stamp sets HP2201 and HP2203. And of course the three primary colours PaperArtsy Fresco paint I made the mixed Tetrad colours with: Butter, Aqua Duck Egg and Candy Floss.

What fun this was to do again! Just like the previous times I worked with the colour wheel, it was very surprising and exciting again how it would turn out. I would like to recommend everyone to watch the Topic Introduction and apply the ,rules' and tips. Now I  understand colours and colour mixing, and this way colours always work perfectly together. Nothing but benefits. Give it a try and have lots of fun! See you next time!

Liesbeth 😀


Anonymous said...

So beautifully done!!! Going to download the color chart and start playing! Beautiful journal pages and love the color choices !!

Helen said...

Fabulous spread with the use of these colours.