Monday 14 August 2023

2023 Topic 8 : Master Wheel - Tone {by Etsuko Noguchi} with Courtney Franich stamps

Hi everyone
Etsuko ( Pixienest ) here with you today.

Most of my craft work is expressed the use of colour, which always gets me excited. This our current topic 'Master Wheel' and the theme I have is Tone, the colour wheel with grey added. Already chosen for us were the three 'primary' colours: Aqua Duck Egg, Candy FLoss and Butter. This is the second time I've posted to this Master Wheel, it is not a vivid and vibrant colour combination but delicate and beautiful colours are to be expected. I am using favorite Courtney Franich stamp set and Hot Picks stencil to make shadow box.

As the work progressed the initial plan become a little different, but I am satisfied with the result. I will explain it as we progress.

The current topic we are using the same same three colours to  create the following master wheel which you can see below. And my task is to make 'tones' from these with the addition of grey.

I chose PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Steel Grey (FF134) for the grey to create tone colour to the primary colours - Butter (FF129), Candy Floss (FF70) and Aqua Duck Egg (FF199).

I first made a combination of these three colours and grey for the table.

These are the equipment I used this time with the edition of the Courtney stamp sets, Hot Picks stencil and Grunge Paste to the colours.

For this blog post, I had prepared the self-made 8 inch square panel. I made a couple of chequerboards with the Aqua Duck Egg and Steel Grey table to make  the check pattern with my gel plate.

On the first layer, I added the Courtney stamp set 04 (ECF04) dot pattern by the second colour from the Butter tone colour table.

The second layer I added the same ECF04 stamp set 'target' image with the second colour shown in the Aqua Duck Egg and Steel Grey table.

The last colour layer was made using ECF04 dot and script image with the fourth colour from the same table. I then used Grunge Paste with PaperArtsy Stencil by Hot Picks (PS313) to make the contrast.

On Top of the dry Grunge Paste I applied the Aqua Duck Egg and Steel Grey background colour,  and distressed it with Sanding Block.  

The background check pattern is made to match the shape of the box, so I just cut a slit in each of the four corners to fit in it. If the surface is flat, it is easier to apply gesso and work directly on it, but that would be too hard to do with the paper already in the niche. 

Next, the width of the frame was a little too wide so I thought about what would be best to do. Most of time crackle glaze is used for the Fresco Finish Crackle Effect. But as ECF04 stamp set had the crackle pattern, I decided to print that image into the Grunge Paste. Just spritz your stamp with water, and gently press into a thin layer of Grunge Paste. Once the paste was dry, I could paint one of the darker paint tones over the cracks, then immediately wipe away, leaving paint in the recesses. The first try looked little harsh, so I switched to the light tone and repeated until I was satisfied. The results are shown next photo.

On the thinnest shrink plastic I printed Courtney stamp set 06 (ECF06) using two colours of Butter and Aqua Duck Egg, cut and pasted them on the frame. These leaves are not completely transparent but you can peek through to the background through the circular gaps in the stamp pattern.

I added some lace trim and pearls.

In order not make the whole interior colour sweet, I made the pretty girls photo the focal point and finished it with a collage. 

I wanted to put a sentiment in the interior but it didn't have enough space, just then I remembered that Alison Bomber had put it around the frame, I followed Alison stamp set 10 (EAB10) the quotes put around them. Also I printed these quotes with Versafine Clair - Nocturne and Ranger embossing powder - Clear onto tissue paper.  Once adhered, the tissue becomes invisible, an element of transparency, an ongoing theme on the PaperArtsy Blog this quarter.

This Master Wheel Tone project has developed into a two-colour pattern with shading. I'm sure you can come up with more varied color combinations from these three colours. And I was happy to work with Courtney's stamps. 

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Helen said...

This is stunning Etsuko - the colours are really delicate and the leaves on the shrink are amazing. That leaf set is one of my favourites too.