Monday 28 August 2023

2023 Topic 9 : Lynne Perrella - Designer Focus {by Jennie Atkinson}

Hi everyone, Jennie (Live the Dream) here with you today sharing my love of Lynne Perrella images, stamping and scrapbooking.

I love having some pre-made pieces to work alongside journals and mini books, but specifically for journalling or scrapbooking about my family. Making a few pieces with matching supplies and stamps work well together within a journal or mini book and means you can focus on sharing the photographs or text. 

Lynne Perrella's images are just perfect for vintage scrapbooking, the larger images being ideal for large tags and journalling spots. However, my personal favourites are the tiny little images within the larger images which make fabulous tiny tags or pieces to layer.

As our overall theme this quarter is transparency I have made my pockets from vellum and also added vellum to soften some of the images. I love the way the images on the journal tags "peep" through giving a glimpse of what lies underneath.

As usual I like to gather some textile pieces which I might use. I haven't used many of these items but ..... they give me a starting point in terms of colour and textures.

There are two stamps sets designed by Lynne which are my absolute favourites. I can use them in anything from mixed media work to scrapbooking or cards. The details are fantastic and and there are so many tiny elements within them ..... and of course one of them is from the lace collection which suits my particular vintage style!

All that's left is to add some vintage colours of ink and we are ready to go!

I am using transparent elements as my base. I love the way this softens images underneath but also adds a delicateness (if that's a word!) to the overall pieces which fits the vintage style. I have cut some of my base pieces from vellum but wax paper would also work. I also like to work with these small stamp collectors bags - they are very cheap to buy online and are really handy for lots of projects or for storing bits and pieces in.

As a scrapbooker/journaller for many years I have a good collection of dies which cut envelopes and little packets. I have found these to be some of the most useful dies I own. Even the Thinlits dies cut the vellum crisply which makes it easier to crease the folds. I use red tape for glueing them together as glue tends to show through.


I have made five pieces for this post, and each is made from a selection of stamped and die cut images and layers of papers, lace and vellum. 

This first piece uses the large stamp from LPC056 and is a huge favourite of mine, but as you can see I have not used the whole stamp, just placed my image over the area of the cardstock which has been sized to work on the front of the vellum bag.

Similar elements have been used for this next piece using the doily as the base. I love stamping onto tea stained papers and a couple of pieces of layered papers take machine stitching well. Using a die to cut tags allows elements of the larger stamp to be isolated. Again as a long time scrapbooker I have a good selection of dies for cutting tags and so I can always find one to fit the area I want to isolate.

Although the stamps are very detailed they still stamp well onto old text paper.

This is a favourite tiny envelope which I have cut from the tea stained paper and then stamped before glueing together. I have used the top of the large stamp for an edge at the bottom of the envelope and the bottom as a small highlight for the flap. 

The final vellum envelope is quite plainly decorated as I wanted the tag to show through. Again I have used a couple of tag dies to isolate small elements of the larger stamped image.

For the tags I have used elements of LPC043 to make five individual tags which can be used for journalling. 

I do love adding little "pull" tags to journalling cards as it makes them easier to get out of the envelope! But look quite cute.

Machine stitching around the layers always adds interest and the tag is finished off with a small pearl button. Again all adding to the vintage vibe.

For this journalling card I have used one of the small tags from LPC056 to create a little tab, again it makes it easier to pull out of the envelope.

Sometimes it only needs the addition of the smallest amount of lace - I never throw any away!

Using vellum on the top of the layers tones everything down but still allows everything to peep through. Machine stitching made it easier to adhere the elements and there is still room to tuck a journalling tag in behind the doily.

This was a fun project which used a small number of supplies. Although I have used dies to create my envelopes and tags you can always find templates online or use the stamp collecting bags. A morning stamping and collecting bits of pieces turns into an afternoon of pulling it all together. A very relaxing time! and I now have five lovely pieces to use in a vintage family scrapbook album. However they would also make lovely toppers for birthday or special occasion cards.

I hope my post shows you how these wonderful Lynne Perrella stamps can be used for scrapbooking and journalling and how many of the larger stamps can be used creatively for smaller pieces.

In signing off I will be saying goodbye to you all. This will be my last post as part of the creative team here at PaperArtsy. I have had eight wonderful years creating with so many of the fabulous designers here and their wonderful stamp collections. Thank you to you all and also to Leandra and Mark for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to join the team.

And thank you to all the wonderful PaperArtsy followers who have supported me and commented on my journey over the years. I have always appreciated the time taken to comment on my projects.

I will be continuing to create with PaperArtsy products (I couldn't imagine not doing so!) which I will share on Instagram and YouTube so do keep in touch!

With best wishes

Jennie x

From Leandra & team PaperArtsy - we simply cannot thank you enough Jennie for  the many years of beautiful inspiration you have shared with us all here through this blog. Your projects are always a delight, your subtle use of ink and colour is true to your vintage preference, and we know we can rely on your for those elegant touches with well placed stitches and lace! I love that this post reflects all those things perfectly, and we are so very sad to see you go. However, we do know that retirement keeps you busy, from sailing to acting and personal hobbies galore! I know we will still see you online sharing your wide range of skills: spinning, sewing, knitting, papercrafts and even vegetable entries into your local farm show! You are always one busy lady, and we truly appreciate the time you have given to us to showcase so many different PaperArtsy lines perfectly in your gorgeous vintage paper-crafty style! Best wishes and thankyou for sharing your many talents with us all!

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