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NEW PaperArtsy Products: Scrapcosy {July/Aug 2023}

A note from Leandra:

These vintage elements are going to be some of your go to, super useful elements for that type of project where you want ephemera elements. Be it backgrounds, tags, flowers or textures, it is all here ready to go! You just know how well these are going to work with Raquel's existing designs, so lets take a look at her wonderful samples and ideas to get you started!
Raquel will be along to share with you LIVE her new products and ideas over in our Facebook Group, PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. I hope you can drop by for the live, or try to catch the replay.
For the next few months, these stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you.
Hi everyone, Raquel (scrapcosy) here and I'm super excited to share with you my newest release for PaperArtsy with 4 stamps sets!

For this release I got inspired by my own books for art journaling: Art Journal Vol 1, Art Journal Vol 2, Vintage Colouring Book and Binding Journals. If you've ever come across my books, you know that they are meant to be 'destroyed'. The black and white vintage pages are intended to be removed, torn, transformed and used in your crafty projects. I tend to repeat the entire book 2 to 3 times, but sometimes it's not enough, there are some awesome images that I would like to use over and over. So I decided to curate the very best elements, my top selection, and design 4 new stamp sets featuring them and these include: vintage labels, tags, flowers, book titles, ephemera elements, useful backgrounds, ads and newspaper trimmings.
I'm in love with these stamps, they've become my new basic sets, a must have for a vintage lover like me. I hope you find these stamps as beautiful and useful as I do and I hope my samples inspire you. I can't wait to see what you'll do with them. Now let me show you what I've done with them.

Price: RRP €23.00 +VAT    Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam with a laminated storage/index sheet.
Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 42 (ESC42)
I bough a book in Lyon (France) which was a collection of newspaper-like editions called Le Bon Journal. In addition to its awesome title, it included a lot of ads in French with beautiful details, so I decided to use these as a base to create a newspaper design. In addition to the French snippets I also included snippets in English of different kinds, including music related and crafty supplies related. It's a page that resonates with me a lot: I love sewing, crafting, lettering and I have a love for corsets and snails. This is the largest stamp I've ever designed, an entire piece of rubber. It can be an instant background or the perfect paper to cut into pieces to decorate your projects.
 Le Bon Journal

I love this design just plainly stamped, but then once you make the individual elements in 3D, it just becomes alive.
The ad with this lady just had to be in the middle of the newspaper. It's the perfect mini focal point. I added a brown frame to make it really pop.

I love stationary and when I see pen nibs I just can admire them. This is just a tiny detail of the stamp set, but imagine stamping seven of them, layering in vertical and colouring them in rainbow colour order. It would be a great focal for a mini card.

The snail and the hand are also very cool little elements that can be cutout and used in small projects like ATCs or a gift tag. And the different labels in the stamp set will be fantastic ephemera pieces when cut.

From all the different ads in the Le Bon Journal book I have I think the 'Eau de Botot' is one of my favourites. A beautiful ephemera piece again.
When I saw the mini sewing machine ad, I couldn't help it... it had to be part of the stamp set. I must admit it took me some effort to cut it and add some dimension but I love how it looks.

Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 43 (EKC43)

I love tags and ephemera so this stamp set is one of my favourites. I've redesigned the best tags and labels of my book Art Journal vol 2, which is very rich on this kind of elements, into these stamps which I find not only beautiful, but super useful to have.
 Pure extract of LOVE

I love how these labels and tags pair so nicely together, letting you built beautiful clusters to decorate the corners of your projects, as I've done below. 

They become instant focal points, really rich in details. I selected 4 of them, but you could just use 2 or 3 instead.
lI've gone simple here and just used paper, but imagine adding some dried flowers, some ribbon and buttons for texture.
And the single label can be used as a cute sentiment for a card. The original one read 'Pure concentrated extract of Lemon', but I decided to change it to LOVE. It may sound cheesy, but I just love it :)

Labels Wallet

In this wallet I decided to store one sample of each element. It will be great to have it close by when I start a new project, just to see what this stamp set can offer. I'll play with the sample tags and labels and see which arrangement I like the best and once I decide what looks nice, I can then stamp new ones and leave the sample ones back in the wallet. 
So basically this is the perfect sample storage and a beautiful decoration piece. And the backgrounds are part of the next stamp set.
Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 44 (EKC44)

This stamp set is another collection of beautiful ephemera and backgrounds and it pairs so well with the rest of the stamps in the release. I selected the month of December because in Spain lots of people like to do a Christmas Journal and this would be the perfect fit. The worn out net is also a very nice element to decorate corners and borders and you'll see how beautiful it looks when embossed in gold. Same applies to the leafy/branchy rectangle in the middle, that you can stamp to create a bigger background with a nice organic look. The 'Souvenir Photographs' element it's an awesome focal point and the other elements in the set are perfect decorative elements. With this set you can also create some DIY washi tapes that will look great.

I went bold and rich for this sample. I wanted to use all the pieces of this stamp set in a single card. They look awesome together! I added some glossy accents to the big medallion and the other two elements on top and bottom. They look really royal. And I played with a cross shaped arrangement that grounded all the parts very well, letting you appreciate each element almost individually. I guess you can tell from the way I describe this sample that I'm in love with it!
Going really heavy with 'the sage' Infusions was a great background choice, since it adds lots of texture and it gave me the powerful dark background I wanted as a base to emboss in gold the net and the little script/signature.
The medallion with the glossy accents is a beautiful focal and when layered on top of the December calendar month with ribbons and the shiny gold embossed pieces, it brings it to the next level. It would have also looked awesome if instead I had stamped and cut a second medallion, removing the middle circle with the words and layering it on top using 3D foam, it would have act as a very nice frame and I could have created even a mini shaker piece or mini window. Similar concept as I used in the next sample.


In this sample I decided to create a box to keep my labels and tags. A nice and visual element to store my ephemera. I created a matchbox structure and opened a window by using the big label from ESC43 to create a frame and acetate underneath. If you removed the acetate, this would be like a shrine instead.
When you open the matchbox you can find all the ephemera, in this case it's a mix of ESC43 and ESC44.
I just love to look at these! They are so cute! And again a handy thing to have at the ready when you start new projects and you want to add embellishments.
This is how the matchbox looks when empty. I've added the medallion at the back and the different background elements on the box. I love the leafy/branchy patterned background, it looks so organic and seamless, even if I had to stamp it in 4 sections to cover the entire surface.
A mini collection of ephemera, a feast to my eyes! Sometimes when my mojo is down I just stamp and color images, then cut them and age them. I find that this is the best way to get the creativity back because once you finish and touch what you just created, inspiration may come back and you'll know what you want to do next.
Final picture! Here you can see better the acetate and also the mechanism to pull the matchbox open, a brass brad. I'm in love with this sample too!
Eclectica³ Scrapcosy Set 45 (EKC45)

When I released the book Art Journal vol 1 there were some flowers that I just fell in love with. For this release I selected and redesigned my favorite ones so I could turn them into stamps. These are very playful and you can create lots of 3D elements with them. I also included a couple of book titles which I really loved and few little elements that will add a nice touch to your projects.

I love fussy cutting flowers and this stamp set is perfect for that. In this sample I brought fussy cutting to the next level, I cut the petals in spiral so I was able to squeeze the spiral into a smaller and super 3D flower.
A simpler version can just be cutting each of the flowers independently and you would also get a very nice effect. I love to bend and shape every leaf.
The botanical plates title works really well both as a focal point and especially as a faded background.
I love layering ribbons and I love to cover the overlapping parts with round seals. I could have covered this one with glossy accents or with clear embossing powder or UTE, so it would have look like a beautiful button.

I loved this flower composition I made for my Colouring book, there it appeared with more months on left and right, so I replicated that feeling using the month of December from the previous set ESC44. They pair perfectly.
The sentiment here is just the title book a bit arched like I've seen Alison Bomber doing in the past. It looks so beautiful. She used to do it with acetate which creates awesome shadows. I sticked to paper so I could add some brads.
The lace at both sides of the flower frames it really well, making it pop and adding a soft touch and texture to the card.
This is my favourite flower, I believe. I must admit that fussy cutting this one was a big challenge but I love how it turned out.
When I'm fussy cutting it's like if I was meditating sort of, so I don't mind spending the time doing just that, cutting. Sometimes I also take that time to think about what I'll do next or what I'll design next.
The journal title looks so nice when framed in brown! This one was easy to cut out and it's a beautiful element. Imagine it embossed in gold, it would be the perfect title for a journal cover.

Thanks everyone for popping by. I hope you liked the stamps in the release and that you find inspiration in all the samples I made. I would love to see what you do with the stamps, so please tag me in social media, so I don't miss it and I can share it further. 
Big hug!

And this is my Scrapcosy’s crafty party Facebook Group, for everything Scrapcosy. Come and join me! Share all your creations with everyone in the group!

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