Sunday 16 May 2021

2021 Topic 5 Find Your Vibe with ZA {by Tracey Springer}

  2021 Topic 5: Find Your Vibe

If finding your vibe is this much fun, then we should all join in with Tracey! With possibly the most creative use of Infusions and Grunge Paste ever, Tracey has cooked up a very creative and unique way to send a greeting.
~ Keren
Hi everyone, its Tracey Springer with you today. This topic really suited me creatively as I could just run wild with my crazy! I started off by rummaging through my stamps with no general idea until I pulled out Elena's Zinski ZA13. The saying really spoke to me as well as the characters. As I sat and coloured my first stamped images I started to imagine the character with the spotty skirt being a crazy cake maker (I have no idea where that idea even came from lol! … but I ran with it). I found Zini 25 had a bakers hat which I used and really loved. 

I envisioned a card where I somehow used the ‘I don’t need therapy I need cake’ from ZA13, and I started creating a scene. I spent an afternoon using my Gel Plate and PA Fresco Finish Paints to play with some backgrounds – I made a lot of mess and had a lot of fun. My favourite colours were ‘Mouse Ears’, ‘Bougainvillea’ and ‘Weathered copper’. 

I decided in the end to use a background that used those colours but also had Azure and Banana in it. Once I cut it to size I added a stamp from my favourite Jofy set JOFY 89 over part of it. I coloured some houses from  Zinski ZA40 and started piecing the scene together. 

I really loved the versatility of the small flower strip in ZA13 as the grass came in handy to use separately as little tufts.

The chef's hat from ZN25 certainly topped off her outfit perfectly!

A heavy layer of gesso finished off the card front (I always border things this way as it seems to ground the images). 

Bizarrely I then had the idea to make it into an exploding box cake card (I have made quite a few and really enjoy the process). So then I brayered some more very basic backgrounds as possibilities for my ‘cake’.
I always wanted to use this really cool patterned Seth Apter Stamp EM55 and it lent itself to cake icing (I would be a very outrageous cake maker if I baked!). I brayered a light coat of Pixie Dust and Candyfloss and then used Cerise Fresco Finish and stamped a heavy coat of paint on the card – I loved the outcome. 

I repeated the process and used Banana.

I then built my cake structures by making two cylinders of different sizes and glued them together. I then got the idea to use a mixture of grunge paste + Magenta Infusions to pipe onto the cake. I was incredibly surprised by how easy it was! 

I used JOFY 34 the two smaller flowers and the two little butterflies from EEG24 which I heat embossed in copper as decorations on the cake. I made it look like the flowers were cascading down the side – it took a while and is a little fiddly but well worth the effort. I decided to use Tracy Scott’s TS024 scribble type flowers as very simple, but very effective, white embossed on black outsides for the box.

This then gave me the idea to do a similar thing on the inside of the box but just black stamped on white. It looked good but me being me I decided it needed more and decided to watercolour the inside flowers. I built up the colours with Pixie Dust and Bougainvillea with splatterings of Banana as well. 

I assembled the box lid so that the card front was secured to one side so it lifted off with the lid.

I really hope you enjoy my project as much as I did creating it! Run with your crazy ideas and have fun along the way!


Instagram: @tracey_springer 


Miriam said...

Such a colourful project Tracey, wonderful

PaperArtsy said...

Astonishing project Tracey. I love that piped, infusions-tinted GP !! That’s a world first I reckon!!

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you so much!

Helen said...

Amazing Tracey! love it

Tracey Springer said...

Thank you! I seriously love how it worked out

SewPaperPaint said...

Tracey, I can't get over how adorable and clever this project is! The grunge paste icing and the awesome use of these stamps - all wowing details. You certainly brightened my day with this over the top project. Hugs, Autumn