Sunday 2 May 2021

2021 Topic 5 Find Your Vibe with FP/ESC {by Nikki Acton}

 2021 Topic 5: Find Your Vibe

Finding your vibe doesn't always mean there's a clear and direct plan. Perhaps you have to trust the process like Nikki did and not be so constrained by an initial idea. Her patchwork scrap base is a fabulous idea and the layering is just beautiful. However you manage to find your vibe, just keep persevering!
~ Keren.
Hi everyone, Nikki, from Addicted to Art, here to share my 'Find your Vibe' creation! 

My creative vibe can vary, but I would say I nearly always add lots of layers (too many!) and don't always know where I am going to finish off when I start! I will often have an idea but get taken down a different path. I used to force my original idea to completion, but now try to go with the process of making rather than having a defined end goal.

This journal page is quite a good example of my process. Sitting on my desk were lots of scraps (mostly gel prints) from recent projects, so I decided to create a background collage with them, In the end a lot of this is covered up - but the patchwork still remains.

I realised there was just too much colour - or at least not enough cohesion of colour so needed to tone this down a bit, but also wanted some to show through. So I dry brushed Chalk Fresco Acrylic paint over the surface and stamped some images on tissue paper to outline a composition. The face is from FP002, the flowers and butterfly ESC18 and the letters from ESA21.

I now went to work adding more interest to the background and adding some watery washes to the underside of the tissue paper.

Lots of stamps and stencils were use on building up the background - here you can see PS102 with Pistachio Fresco Paint and PS169 with Rose Fresco Paint.

I continued adding lots more background interest....

The vertical numbers are from ID08, the red scripty circles ELB34, the French text from FP002 and the stencilled blue circles from PS234. 

Once happy with all my layers I adhered my tissue stamped images and added some pen work to enhance as required - eg the eye. I also added some paint spatters.

If like me, you enjoy doing backgrounds (don't we all) - using images stamped on tissue is a great way to add focal points once the background is done - even when it is very busy like mine! 

Nikki x

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PaperArtsy said...

What an awesome way to use up left over scraps from your prints!! Love it!!

Helen said...

Love this - gorgeous colours and layout.

Words and Pictures said...

Amazing layers - like she's emerging from or hiding in a wonderful jungle of a garden. The printed scraps are pretty fabulous all by themselves in the collage!
Alison x

Seth said...

Love the layers and it was wonderful to see your process.

france papillon said...

what a scrumptious combo!

Marianne C said...

That is so fabulous and thank you for the clear step by step!

Miriam said...

Wonderful project Nikki

Ellie Knol said...

It is gorgeous!