Tuesday 25 May 2021

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Eclectica³ Gwen Lafleur {May 2021}

  Eclectica³ Collection {Gwen Lafleur}

May 2021 New Product Announcement

Gwen Lafleur - May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Samples Banner

A note from Leandra:
Wow, well I know everyone will adore the new alphabet, it really is going to be fun for both background making, letter clouds, and, well, to make words too! But that vintage ephemera collection - be still my heart, I just love ephemera! And those peacocks are an element close to Gwen's heart if you follow her you will understand that, so it is certainly about time we had some of those guys, they are an amazing bird, and she has different profiles and more which I am sure will appeal! It's a great and very useful release! Congratulations Gwen!
Don't forget we have GWEN sharing these stamp and her beautiful samples live in PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. It's nice to meet the designer and hear direct from them about this new release, so i really hope you can catch her LIVE or on the replay.
Remember, these stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 3-4 months, see the list and links at the bottom of this blog post. 
Hi everyone, Gwen here! 

I'm thrilled to share with you my newest release for PaperArtsy - 3 all new hand-drawn stamps sets.

As per my past releases, this is an eclectic mix of designs that was largely inspired by the desire to have some versatile basics in my range of stamps, including an alphabet, some fantastic ephemera stamps, and, at long last... peacocks! These can be used together, on their own, or mixed with my previous releases to create cards, art journal and bullet journal spreads, scrapbook pages, mixed media artwork... when I said I designed them to be versatile, I meant it!

  New Stamps
Price: RRP €21.92 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Eclectica³ Gwen Lafleur Set 16 (EGL16)

This fun, Art Deco inspired alphabet is entirely hand drawn and includes numbers as well as a full set of upper case letters - the numbers were a must-have for me! I also added a circular element that works both on its own as a fun little design or as a monogram frame for any of the letters or numbers in this set. (Or try mixing it with other designs like the ones in EGL8 or the small elements in some of my other sets.)

You'll also see from my samples (both here and in the project tutorial below) that the zero in my numbers doubles as a circular design element... I kind of like it more for that than as a zero!

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL16 Uppercase Alphabet Projects

Alphabet stamps really lend themselves naturally to cards, tags, and titles on scrapbook and journal pages (both art journals and bullet journals.) For this sample I love how just stamping the letters on individual squares and arranging them crossword style is such a simple and yet impactful design. Pairing that with the embossed circles (with zeros stamped inside) and some doodled leaves brought in a nice touch of whimsy.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL16 Alphabet Birthday Card

I also wanted to demonstrate how alphabets can also lend themselves to work that doesn't feature actual words or titles of any kind. For this piece I mixed up the letters and numbers to make my own patterned papers to layer in the background and I love the results!
Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL16 Alphabet Mixed Media Art
I really like the way the alpha-numeric background looks printed and the effect of mixing the numbers in with the letters. You can also kind of see how I cut out the circular frame and mounted it on chipboard to create dimension.
Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL16 Alphabet Mixed Media Art Closeup
I'm super excited about all of the possibilities with this set and all of the different ways that it can be used. (And if you like this frame and making your own monograms, check out my EGL08 set - the two larger circular frames in that set also work great with the letters and numbers in this one.)

Eclectica³ Gwen Lafleur Set 17 (EGL17)

I have a long-standing love affair with vintage and antique ephemera, especially from other countries. Tickets and ticket stubs are some of my favorite types of ephemera. Of course, they can be hard to find and when you do find them, they can be expensive.

I don't mind using my "good" stuff in my artwork, but I wanted an option for making cards, ATCs, working in swaps and collaborations, or for other projects where I wanted the look of an old ticket without using one of my authentic pieces. So... why not make stamps?

The tickets in this set are all based on ones from my personal collection of vintage and antique ephemera and all represent countries where I've visited and have ridden a bus, subway, or train. I drew all of them - right down to the tiny letters and numbers, just to make sure that they had my hand in them, to tweak their designs and size, and to give a bit of the wonkiness of antique type. I'm just thrilled with the results.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL17 Vintage Tickets Mixed Media
I had a ball just stamping on different colored papers (most of the original tickets in my collection are on thin, colored paper of some type.) I also made sure to include some of the franking marks that you find on many used tickets as separate stamps so that you can use them (or not) and put them on in a different color to make the tickets look even more authentic.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL17 Vintage Tickets - Stamped Tickets & Stickers

I also made a batch of these fun oversized reinforcement stickers just by stamping on some labels. I love the added flower and leaf elements in this set; I designed those with the idea that they would make fun accents layered on or overlapping the tickets. (Of course they can be used on their own or combined with other stamps. How about adding them to an image from EGL16 to make a kind of illuminated letter?)

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL17 Vintage Tickets - Stamped Stickers
I combined both the stamped tickets and my handmade stickers in this mixed media piece. I love how real they look and how I was able to use them in multiple ways to create a cohesive piece. (The large flower focal point is a watercolor drawing I created as part of a printable that I provided in one of my classes last year.)
Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL17 Vintage Tickets Mixed Media Art Closeup

I can see myself making tons of these fun little tickets to have on hand for future projects... they would be perfect for a Bon Voyage card or a travel scrapbook page or as collage fodder in a bullet journal. The options really are endless.

Eclectica³ Gwen Lafleur Set 18 (EGL18)
Last, but most definitely not least, are my beloved peacocks. If you know me, the first question is probably, why did it take you until stamp set number 18 to do peacocks? (I have peacock and peacock feather stencils, my logo is a stylized peacock feather, and I use the feathers and imagery often in my work.) I've planned to do a set of peacock designs from the very beginning, but wanted to wait until I was really sure how I wanted them to look. I'm glad I waited as I'm beyond happy with how they came out!

The peacock images in this set were inspired by various designs in my collection of hand-carved woodblocks from India. I took the basic shapes and concepts from the blocks and then filled them with my own patterns and details. I think you can probably tell how much I love this set by how overboard I went with the samples!

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 (Peacocks) Sample Projects

I love to do hand stitching, slow stitching, and embroidery (especially if I can add beads!) So for this first piece I took the largest peacock stamp and turned it into an embroidered and beaded brooch.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Embroidered Peacock Brooch

The sewing in this sample is definitely not for everyone, but you can translate this into other mediums and applications - the idea here is really to share how you can play up the details in the stamp and make it ornate if you'd like. You could also stamp and heat emboss it to get dimension and then watercolor or use colored pencil and do it on paper.

If you do enjoy stitching and embroidery and are interested in trying something similar (you can do a much simpler version, of course,) I have a video demo that was filmed at my local shop, Artistic Artifacts, and it's been archived so you can watch if you'd like to learn more about how I made this piece.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Embroidered Peacock Brooch Closeup

Just a quick peek at the reverse side for a peek at the brooch part of the piece:

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Embroidered Peacock Brooch Reverse
My second sample is also stitching and fabric - many of the shops I've been working with, like Artistic Artifacts, sell fabric and have a lot of textile artists as customers and I love showing how well stamps work for textile arts as well.

I embroidered the peacock feathers from the set and layered it with fabric and a brass peacock charm to make a fun layered embellishment that would be great on a journal cover. Of course, this translates easily to paper as well - just stamp and color instead of stitching and swap out paper for fabric... easy peasy!
Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Embroidered Peacock Feathers Embellishment

For my third sample with this set, I went a little more conventional mixed media and created a fun panel that showcases another of the peacocks, but also uses several of the other stamps in the set for the title, accents, and background.
Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Peacock Mixed Media Panel

I love how you can take parts - like the tail from another of the peacock stamps, and use that on its own to make an accent like I did here (paired with the peacock feathers stamp.) I also love how the medallion stamp looks embossed in the background and the fun details inside of the "Be You" lettering.

Gwen Lafleur PaperArtsy May 2021 Stamp Release - EGL18 Peacock Mixed Media Panel Closeup

I just adore every one of the stamps in EGL18 and I'm especially excited to see how you all use this set!

Project: Mixed Media Art Cards

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Banner

Now that you've seen all three stamp sets in this release, how about a project that uses them all together? For this tutorial I've created a pair of what I call "Art Cards" - kind of like oversized ATC cards (these are about 5" x 7.)

To start, I cut down the PaperArtsy Smoothy Card - Heavy, to the size I wanted, rounded the corners, and dry-brushed PaperArtsy Fresco Acrylic Paints on the background. (I paired Peppermint with Marbles for one and Stone with Koala for the other.) I also stamped some of the peacock images on regular Smoothy Card, colored with colored pencils, and cut them out. I also pulled out the stamped tickets and stickers I made with EGL17 and had them ready to go.

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Step 1

Next I pulled out some collage papers - I stamped some numbers from EGL16 on a few pieces and layered those together with my tickets to make the collaged layer of the background. I adhered with a glue stick, but you can use your preferred method for collage.

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Step 2

From there I used the zero and frame stamps from EGL16 along with some of the images from EGL17 to add a stamped layer on the background and also to create a background specifically for where I was going to add the focal images (peacocks.)

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Step 3

Then added some of my stamped ticket stickers along the edges and glued on my colored and cut out peacock images. (You don't have to cut yours out if fussy cutting isn't your thing... you can also see that on the one with the pair of peacocks that I didn't detail cut around each of the feathers in the tail - just go with the level of detail that you're most comfortable with.)

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Step 4

Finally, I finished by framing the edges of the cards with Sepia and Jet Black Archival Ink, then used a variety of pens to add some marks and scribbles on each card.

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial Step 5

Here you can see my finished cards (closeups of the individual cards are below.)

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial - Finished Mixed Media Projects

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial - Finished Mixed Media Art Card 1

Gwen Lafleur May 2021 PaperArtsy Stamp Release - Project Tutorial - Finished Mixed Media Art Card 2

Whew! That's it for this month's release... I've love working with them and I can't wait to do and share more and to mix them in with my previous releases. I can't say enough about how excited I am to add these new sets to my collection of stamp designs. Not to mention the anticipation of seeing what you all do with them. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!


Upcoming Workshops:
June 19, 2021: 3-2-1 Collage (Online) with The Artistic Stamper (Registration coming soon)
August 7, 2021: Bits & Pieces (Online) with Everything Scrapbook & Stamps (Registration coming soon)

There will be more classes added to my schedule soon - you can always keep up with the latest classes and get more information and links to registration on the Workshops page of my website.

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Stampers Grove said...

Fabulous release Gwen Lafleur and gorgeous samples!

Words and Pictures said...

Fabulous new plates and brilliant samples to show them off. Congratulations, Gwen!
Alison x

A Pink said...

Fabulous New stamp collections, Gwen . Love the mix of letters, numbers , ephemera and imagery. Your samples are fabulous and offer lots of inspiration . TFS and big Congratulations x

Miriam said...

Such a beautiful release Gwen

SewPaperPaint said...

These stamps are to die for Gwen! I love love that you took the time to draw the tickets, rather than reproduce digitally. And your upright tag holder is one of my fab stamping projects this year, truly inspired! Congrats on an amazing release! Autumn

Ellie Knol said...

Gorgeous Gwen... love the tickets, and also the 'The large flower focal point watercolor drawing'... we will need that as a stamp.. please?!