Tuesday 27 April 2021

2021 Topic 5 Find Your Vibe with ESN {by Ellie Knol}

2021 Topic 5: Find Your Vibe

Taking the humble piece of paper and transforming it into something completely more than the sum of its parts is part of what inspires Ellie's vibe. Add in some nature themed images and her gel prints wonderfully morph into books.
~ Keren
Hi everyone,
t's Ellie Knol with you today, and I'd like to share with you the process of making 3 books using 3 gelliprints for the front cover.
I first struggled to start on this theme... but after making notes I came to a point where I realized what gets me going: the vibes that inspire every time I start a project. 

The text on stamp set ESN47 from Sara Naumann gave me the final push in the direction I took. 

Making books and gel-printed papers, using Scripts and postal themed (ESN05!) product. Nature... that's what I love, that's what I do (did), over and over again... My vibe... 

The first book: heat embossing (Seafoam White Embossing Powder from Ranger) in a collage style onto the colorful gel print. That's all. Really. Nice? 

The second book: just as for the first book.. the stamps from Sara are so beautiful.. less is more... 

Oops.. the third book is a tiny one (ATC size). Why ? Read on and you'll find out. 

Three spiral bound books: two A5's and one tiny one. 

Let's start from the beginning.. I've made three A5 size gel prints; monoprints to be precise... they were one of the 'vibes' that led me to making these books. Aren't they pretty? 

These are the stencils I've used to make the monoprints: PS051PS074 and PS136

The first two gel prints: front cover for two books. What about the third gelliprint?
To start off I heat embossed the main image from ESN47 with a chunky embossing powder... the script was really a mess
I knew it, but wanted to use it because of it's color.. can you relate?
 ... toss it? No.. 
I saved part of it by making the tiny book. 

Some more pictures of the books.As there is a green-yellow color on them, it's quite a challenge to catch the in-real-life colors. Changing the daylight lamps giving indirect light helped a little but gave more 'darkness' on the pictures also.   

I've used three stamps sets from Sara Naumann: ESN46, ESN47 and ESN05.

I stamped the sentiment from ESN47 on the inside cover of the two bigger books with brown ink, and on the front cover of the tiny book with heat embossing seafoam white powder. 

Have you ever made a book? It is such fun!! Especially when you combine it with unique gelliprints, they are your very own and very personalized; gorgeous to give as a present. The beauty of what we love to do : creating with the use of beautiful art materials. 
As far as I am concerned the stamps and stencils I've played with are so beautiful, useful, and very versatile. Eclectic, authentic and unique. 
Inspirational, just as they are... nature themed is a plus, and combining all of the stamps and stencils is just amazing. 

Go do what you love to do... and see the beauty of what you did... 

Ellie Knol

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellie.knol/  


Skylark said...

Such beautiful gelli-printed backgrounds Ellie! And I love those stamp sets from Sara. They combine together to make gorgeous journals ~ Stef

Miriam said...

Wonderful project Ellie

SewPaperPaint said...

Such unbelievably beautiful backgrounds, Ellie, and I love the white embossing! Great contrast and beautiful books.