Tuesday 13 April 2021

2021 Topic 4 Free to Fly with Lynne Perrella stamps {by Etsuko Noguchi}

 2021 Topic 4: Free to Fly

Etsuko's beautiful butterfly notebook draws you like a moth to a flame with those wonderful sparkling eyes. Rather than a defense against predators, the eye spots beckon you inwards towards a notebook full of wonderful fairies. I love how she's created wings using so many different stamps and stencils.
~ Keren

Hi everyone, it's Etsuko (My favorite thingswith you today, and I'd like to share with you 'A dream flying' with beautiful new Lynne Perrella stamp collections.

When I chose the theme 'Free to Fly' I immediately thought of this huge butterfly stamp and decided to use it to make a little note book with Lynne's new fairies image in the center of their wings.

I often use a Gelli Plate to create backgrounds, as the results are sometimes unexpected and fun, and allowing me to quickly create a base for the background.

I started by making these papers for the covers and the pages using Fresco Chalk Acrylic paints on Gelli Plate. I used lot of Fresco Chalk Paints by Blueberry, Mauve, Forget Me Not, Nougat, Snowflake, Pool, Sky, Turquoise, Blue Oyster, Guacamole, Deep Sea and Byzantium.

I used the butterfly stamp LPC041 to create the cover image and then a template to cut out these butterfly shape of the notebook's right and left pages.


I stamped Scrapcosy ESC18 script on a sheet of copy papers with Watering Can Archival and I cut the butterfly larger than the original and made a border.

This is a diagram of the layers when pasted together to make a notebook. I used Smoothy Heavyweight A4 white card for the white center paper and for the rest of the papers I used thicker copy paper.

The central image of the fairies is stamped and cut out from LPC049 and LPC050 on Smoothy Heavyweight A4 white card. 

I stenciled the wings on the right page to look like butterfly wings with crests.

On the left side of the pages, where the back side of the fairy's head is blank I have pasted a some images from small stamps.

After attaching the fairies to their wings, I wondered what to do with the paint on the fairies, but in the end I just coloured them. I'd like show you how to do it after this.

The covers are made using the gel-printed single sheet of paper and the wonderful image of the LPC041. I used the same collection for the back cover.

It's such a great image that the stamp also makes alone a big impact, but I used embossing powder on the butterfly to create the embellishments.

Here please enjoy the whole notebook in video form.

I made a mash-up of various stamps and stencils with Lynne's stamps, here are some of them.

The first page is from fabulous Alison's quote 'wings' EAB11 stamp, which is a great fit here, and the background is the same gel-printed paper and Gwen's EGL02 stamp. The stenciled PS034 fairy wings crest are done with Navy embossing powder.

Page2: I added Gwen EGL05 leaves on the left page. For the fairy on the right I gave her a bird and for the wings I used Lin Brown PS044 and Scrapcosy PS134 stencils.

Page 3: These small flying butterflies EGL10 were the inspiration for de idea of filling individual spaces. I also gave her a bird and used the letter 'R' on wings Scrapcosy PS064 stencil.

Page 4: Gwen's EGL05 bird also makes an appearance, here she has a collaged hairpiece and clothing. On the wings is Lin Brown PS006 ferns stencil that I first got and is my favorite.

Page5: On the left, Gwen's EGL02 pretty flowers are scattered, on the right she is the mash-up of old and new ( LPC005 and LPC049 ) as the stamps have a very similar touch. The wings crest is using the JoFY PS011 stencil.

Page 6: On the left using Gwen's EGL11 stamp and for the crest on the right wing I used the same PS034 stencil as on the first page.

Here's the last pages, again using Alison's quote stamp EAB11. Well these fairies have flown off into the silence of the night.

I also used LPC049 stamp to make a safety pin brooch.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to create this project using my favorite Lynne Perrella's new release, and I will be using these stamps again for various projects.
Thank you so much for visiting here.
Please take care and stay safe all.

Etsuko xxx

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craftytrog said...

Gosh, so much to see! I love this project Etsuko.

Julie Lee said...

This is outstanding! A work of exquisite art! xxx

PaperArtsy said...

Wow it really is such a fun idea Etsuko!!

SewPaperPaint said...

I am crazy over this fabulous project! What an amazing art book Etsuko! A fantastic concept and beautiful result.

Tracey Springer said...

Absolutely love this Etsuko!

Miriam said...

Gorgeous project Etsuko

sara j said...

This is fantastic!