Saturday 16 January 2021

2021 Topic 1 Stamp Mashing - FP ECF I&D ESA: Take Notes {by Ellie Knol}

2021 Topic 1: Stamp Mashing with ...
France Papillon * Courtney Franich * Ink & the Dog * Seth Apter

Ellie has created a beautifully bound book that has seamlessly combined the stamps from the 4 designers. Love that she had gel printed pages on hand to pick from when deciding the direction of this project. A great idea to be super organised for whenever creativity strikes!
~ Keren.

Hi everyone, Ellie Knol from PAPER-STAMPS-COLOR with you today, and I'd like to share with you the pleasure of mashing up stamps from all these designers to create an easy collage on book covers, and a tag (as I had a piece of background left).  

Making books is a passion of mine, especially the binding, but creating keepsakes in the process is always such a  pleasure. This is one of my favourites, and I have quite a few: 33 books in total now! 

Collaging the stamps from several designers is such a happy process, as far as I am concerned. It all starts with picking the stamps that speak to me, then the rest is just enrolling on itself, a process in choosing where and how.  

When starting a project I often go through my gelli printed papers and decide to not use one, or choose one to go with the project. The greens, yellows and teal blues, and all the white space made me choose this A4 print! It has been made with Fresco Finish Paints of course. 

Just adhering 
 the paper to the back and front cover had me on the right track. I used bookbinding glue!
I covered the paper with a good coat of gel medium when it was dry. 

Then all the real fun starts: stamping, and adding words...and more..I stamped with a dark brown solvent ink, and heat embossed in clear. 

I've used Seth Apter's MINI-56 to stamp around the edges as shown on both the covers to act as a frame; just here and there. I heat embossed it partially with white heat embossing. 

This is what the back cover looks like before binding it to the book. It could've been a card. These stamped images were fussy cut before adhering them to the cover. The big one has been stamped onto the cover as well, and the fussy cut image adhered 
a little bit off on the top. 

Adding color with a yellow acrylic marker makes the images and parts of the background pop. 

I also added a pop of orange! White ones too.... 

The main image on the back cover and on the tag being from France's FP008 stamp set.

The binding : a strip of 2,5 centimeter white leather attached to the inside of the cover, and for an extra: 3 strips to the outside. It's quite nice, and very authentic, if I may say so.... 

Yes, I had a tiny strip of background left, and decided to make a tag with it. (Never ever toss anything in the trash bin!) 
An advantage of creating this tag was that I could use all of these beautiful image and alphabet stamps again on one tiny piece of art. 
Stamps from four designers all in one place. 

Now the words read : Take Notes! I so love this alphabet from I&D Words Plate 3, the lines are all squiggly, not straight.  


The background stamping and the leaves are from stamp set ECF05  

I can add this to my collection of books now ...

One last photo, taken with a dark backdrop, so you can see that I added lace to the inside of the covers before adhering the end papers....  
I cut it randomly around the edges of the cover and heated it a little with my heat tool; as it is synthetic, it melted and created some more interest. 

I hope you got inspired to mash up your stamps and use them together in projects. I've learned a lot making this... for instance the coloring with an acrylic marker. As it is a note book, it will be handled a lot, and that's why it is important to use color mediums that won't be affected by moisture or dirt. Needless to say, I painted gel medium over the covers as a last step.

Be inspired, take a jump and play with your craft stash... here's to a happy and good 2021! 



Miriam said...

Fabulous project Ellie

Cocofolies said...

A wonderful book, really beautiful Ellie!!
I love your bookbinding too, really nice :)
Happy New year to you, and you all on PA's headquarters.
Corinne x

Helen said...

Fabulous mashing! love the combinations

PaperArtsy said...

Oh I love this project!! Marvellous mashing!!!

Ellie Knol said...

Thanks to you all.. I had fun making this :)