Sunday 10 January 2021

2021 Topic 1 INTRO: PaperArtsy Stamp Mashing with FP, ECF, ESA and I&D

2021 Topic 1: PaperArtsy Stamp Mash-Up with...
France Papillon * Courtney Franich * Seth Apter * Ink & the Dog

Hi everyone, Keren here.

We have a new feature for 2021 - Stamp Mashing ! We decided it might be quite a bit of fun to take 4 different stamp collections, and blend them to see what creative twists and turns our bloggers come up with. It's a great way to get you thinking outside of the box, to stretch your imagination, and see where your muse might take you!

So the intro post today is going to share with you a bit about each of the stamp collections/ designers, their background, creative interests and so on. Then over the next 2 weeks we will see what our bloggers can do to mash them together! 

France Papillon is the newest designer at PaperArtsy but she's definitely no beginner designer. She joined PaperArtsy in April 2020 with a new collection and also some of her previous designs. 

As I was looking into each designer, I visited their blogs or website and this is how France's style and background is documented.

"The mix of soft grunge, colour and rusty accents are the main ingredients of her tags, hand binded books and art journaling.

To tell her story, she likes to play with inky techniques, just like a writer juggling with words. In her classes and tutorials, these techniques based on product knowledge, allow her to offer a comfort zone to the participants, while guiding them to reveal mindfulness into their art journaling, with a sense of creative self-confidence. 

She uses her experience as a middle school teacher to share what lies close to her heart: the spark of creative enthusiasm!

France's art and weekly video prompts are worth checking out too. Her artwork is well worth a closer inspection where you notice lots of interesting and unique elements.

The next two projects using France's stamps, have been chosen because they feature the same image but in two dramatically different ways. It's always really fascinating to see how an artist's image can take on a completely different look in the hands of different creatives.

Up next is Courtney Franich. She has designed stamps for PaperArtsy since 2018. Most of the images are based on content sourced from her photographic exploits. She likes abstract, collage style imagery, and the elements she creates can be used both individually or collectively to build a collage, or perhaps make a background. 

She loves using textures in her stamps, whether that's crochet, bricks on a wall or script. She says that using stamps on book pages was one of the first ways that she stamped so you'll often find little bits of book text in her art work.

Playing around with layers is another skill of hers. Notice the layering and painted acetate mounted at different heights. All effortlessly drawing your eye around the page.

The next project shows how beautiful simple text can be layered over colours and painterly texture.

The next two pieces of art are from two different creatives showing Courtney Franich's images so beautifully.

Aren't these next colours so beautiful? Showing a more modern vibe is equally achievable using Courtney's super versatile images.

Seth Apter joined the PaperArtsy family in 2016 and is a much loved member. He has created Fresco Finish Chalk acrylic paint colours along with some Wood Chips and a whole collection of stamps. He's well known for both his love and use of texture and many of his stamp designs reflect that.

You can see some of Seth's artistic skill here; cleverly combining colour, adding layer upon layer to create depth. He also uses embossing powder in unique ways.

Seth is well known for creating assemblage and mini books. Another phrase that many of us associate with Seth is 'mark making' and if you look closely at much of his art, you'll see different marks and ways of making them. 

The next project shows another of Seth's pieces, this time with a patina effect. If you look on his website or Instagram feed you'll see more beautiful examples.

There is lots of inspiring Seth Apter stamps artwork floating around the internet. I picked two contrasting pieces; one with colour and another using a monochrome scheme.

Moving onto the last 'designer'- Ink And The Dog, which came directly from PaperArtsy themselves. They're described on the website as,
"Our flagship collection circa 2004. These collage style stamps offer a distinct and very quirky vintage twist. This collection contains nearly 130 quarter plates arranged by theme."

They are such a diverse collection of images- something for everyone and often have a cool vintage vibe that so many of us love.

"These quirky, eclectic, and often slightly odd collage style stamps were predominantly designed by Nea Nygard, a Finnish artist, in collaboration with Leandra, who suggested the themes, arranged the collection into various families and filled gaps where required. Leandra met Nea through a small 24 member online art-swapping group, and when they both realised they wanted to design stamps, they decided to work together on the idea."

"In recent years, Mark (Mr. PaperArtsy) added to the collection with further designs like the clocks series (above), and now there are 130 of the A6 stamp sets across 28 families. That's a lot of stamps for a collection, and a lot of individual images, we would estimate at least 1000 stamps."

Now that we've had a look through each designer and their style, it gives an inkling of what's to come. Can you imagine projects with these designers creatively mashed up together? It's going to be an amazing 2 weeks. Do keep your eyes peeled for another mash up event later on this year.

We can't wait to see what our amazing bloggers have created.
If you want to create along with us while we explore this topic, please share your makes on our social feeds so we can follow along. Instagram @paperartsy or why not join us and post in the PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world!


Miriam said...

I'm really excited about this topic. The designers are all very different but their collections can work so well together.

craftytrog said...

Looking forward to this topic, and breaking out my PA stamps 😊