Thursday 30 April 2020

2020 #8 Popping Pink: A Box full of Quotes with EAB and ESA {by Amanda Pink}

2020 Topic 8: Popping Pink

We're so glad that Amanda Pink stepped up for this theme, and her clever cerise quote box is a plethora of pink stamping with some subtle details.Having a partly finished project that you can keep adding to is such a great idea for many of us right now who might not feel like creating a whole project in one go. ~Keren

Hi everyone, it's Amanda from ink-a-pink here with you today, and I'd like to share the project I have created for the current challenge: 'Popping Pink'.

I think this topic has my name written all over it, don't you? lol!    

It was only a few years ago now that through my creativity I actually started to appreciate the colour 'Pink'. I love the more vibrant, funky shades that really 'pop' when you team them up with black and white. I also love quote/sayings and have over the years recorded many I have heard or read in notebooks. So when I knew I would be creating with Alison Bomber's stamps for this topic I thought I would combine both of these 'loves' and create a 'box (rather than notebooks) filled with a collection of quote tiles in pink, black and white. 
Although this project may at first appear to be finished and indeed it could well be, I intend to keep adding to it. It will be my ongoing 'focus' project during my 'stay home' time- something I feel I need to keep  both the fingers and mind busy during these concerning times.

I used a That's Crafty Mdf ATB for the box which I painted with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint: Little Black Dress.

The main creativity began with masterboard backgrounds. Whenever I need several similar looking backgrounds for one project I like to create masterboards that I later cut to size. 

PaperArtsy's Magenta Infusions create the most fabulous 'popping pink' colours depending on how much water you spritz them with so they served as my ink to monoprint and stamp some masterboard backgrounds. For the monoprinting I used some textured wallpaper (far left) and for the stamping I used a couple of the stamps (centre and far right) from one of PaperArtsy recently released stampsets: Eclectica (Seth Apter) collection (ESA15).

It 's the first time I've used Infusions in this way and was really pleased with the results.

The monoprinted background.

The circle stamped background. 

The 'grid circle' stamp background.

I assigned the monoprint background to the box and after cutting it into panels to fit each of the 5 faces I added some black detail stamping.

There's some 'crosses' ...

....and some 'target circles' using stamps from PaperArtsy Eclectica (Seth Apter) collection (ESA15).

There's also some broken text using a couple of quote stamps from PaperArtsy Eclectica (Alison Bomber) Collection (EAB02 and EAB08). Alison's quotes are great to add some text to your backgrounds whether you stamp them in full or you stamp them more brokenly as I have done.

Fast forward past all the matt n layering and adhering and the box was ready to be filled.

It was 'more of the same' creativity for the quote tiles: cutting to size the Infusion stamped masterboards, matt n layering and adding some black detail stamping.

I stamped the tile backgrounds with the same stamp from ESA15 as I had on the box backgrounds so there was some continuity of design between the two. I also stamped a few small open circles using PaperArtsy (Tracy Scott) Minis (EM60). Tracy's stamp design has open space between the circles which allows you to stamp a single circle with out having to mask off the others. I think the single circles compliment the 'target circles' and fill in the gaps ( so to speak) nicely.

Each tile has its own 'quote' taken from 5 of PaperArtsy's Eclectica (Alison Bomber) Collection (EAB02, 03070817). I selected the quotes that worked best with the size of the tiles. It pained me to leave the others out as I wanted to use them all!

On the reverse of the tiles there's a blank panel on which a few words could be written if I give/send them to anyone; I am sure I will.

I also made some tiles into cards and rather than have the quotes centralised I split them up and arranged them 'creatively' on the backgrounds.

The tiles and the cards along with a few envelopes fit in the box perfectly with plenty of room for the tiles I have yet to create. Should keep me busy for the foreseeable future !!

Admittedly this is a big project but it could very easily be broken down into a number of creative sessions, for example the box one day, the matt n layers another, the backgrounds another.  
The creativity could also be divided up amongst the people you are 'staying home' with.

It's also a versatile project that could be 'changed up' so easily. You could use different colours, mediums, stamps. The tiles could be used in the ways I have shown or they could be used to make tryptechs, gift tags or framed either individually or in sets to display around the home.
Just a few ideas but there are so many creative options!
Why not have a go at creating something similar yourself and have fun 'making it your own'. 

Thanks for stopping by today/ tonight.
Stay safe and well and keep on creating.
Take care,

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Helen said...

Great project, Amanda. love the box especially.

Miriam said...

This. Is gorgeous Amanda

PaperArtsy said...

Ohhh and you have fab notecards to hand now too!

Words and Pictures said...

What a great idea to have a box full of inspirational quotes - something to help us get through these strange times. And then yes, a batch of notecards just ready to go when somebody you know needs a little lift. Fabulous bold colours - these are wonderful, Amanda.
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a brilliant project Amanda very, very clever x

SewPaperPaint said...

Out of this world cool Amanda!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is such a great project, Amanda, the colours are so striking and I love how you have combined Seth and Alison's stamps. So imaginative and original x