Saturday 15 March 2014

Registration open for {#3UP} end of Semester 1, 2014 AND ... NEW {HOT PICKS}

Hi everyone, Leandra here

What a great week we have had yet again, this semester is rolling along beautifully. We have worked hard to bring you a wide variety of talent this year, and I'm sure you'll agree, Pam, Ellen, Julie-Ann and Clare have each got such different strengths that there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Combined with the wonderful guest posts in the latter part of each week, the blog has been such a wealth of valuable crafty ideas to learn and try out many new things.

It is now time to get organised for 3UP at the end of this semester. What is #3UP?  If you are a new follower to the PA blog, you can ready about our first 3UP here, but in short, as the semester comes to a conclusion at the end of the 4 month period, we end up with a spare week before the new semester commences in May. 

This is the perfect opportunity for us to feature the work of you, our blog, twitter and face-book followers, and for you to show us how you prefer to work with our newest releases of 2014.

Each time the 3UP format changes a little depending on my latest brainwave. We have had stamp themes, colour combos, surprise envelopes, and in August 2013, to celebrate our 10th year in business we featured all the PA stamps collections of the last 10 years.

This time you can apply to work with ONE of the brand new product collections released in February 2014 from the list below. To register for 3UP, please read and follow the instructions below carefully. From those who apply, for each 3UP night we will draw 3 names from the hat to contribute that evening on the PA blog at 7pm London time.

You can register for ONE of the following themes...
Featuring ELB05/06/07/08/09, ELB stencils, Limited Edition ELB Paints, ELB dies

Monday April 28: Eclectica {Darcy} Stamps
Featuring EDY05/06/07/08, EM01-EM08

Featuring Chatsworth Papers primarily and any other PA products of your choice to compliment as appropriate eg, Older Hot Picks, Vintage Ink/Dog, Minis, Frescos, stencils etc to create any paper style project, eg Scrapbook Layout, mini book, 3D construction etc

Wednesday 30: JOFY Stamps & Products
Featuring JOFY21/22/23/24, JM33-JM40, Limited Edition JOFY Paints , JOFY Stencils

Thursday May 1: Lynne Perrella Stamps
Featuring LPC026/027/028/029/030

Featuring EEV01/02/03/04 

Saturday May 3: New Hot Picks (revealed below)
Featuring HP1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1306

To help you complete the 3UP task, we will send you free...
Either an A5 stamp of your choice from the codes listed above, or 3 minis from the codes listed above. We expect the focus of your post to be using those new products, but of course you are not limited to using just the stamp we send you, you are welcome to use any of the other codes listed above in your post.

For the post itself we will require...
1. A sentence of introduction about yourself to possibly include such things as: how long you have been crafting, your day job, your twitter, blog, pinterest etc contacts, something about yourself (past or current) that we probably might not know.
2. A picture of the finished project (sharp, taken in good light, in focus)
3. A picture of the project mid-construction to show a technique that you incorporated into the piece. (sharp, taken in good light, in focus)
4. 2 paragraphs explaining generally and succinctly how you created your piece, and in particular explaining the technique shown in the point 3 picture.

The deadline for 3UP applications is... 
5 pm Saturday March 22, 2014 (London time)
If your name is drawn out of the hat, you will be advised directly by email, and your choice confirmed. Your identity will be kept top secret until the night your post goes live. You are encouraged to post on your own blog that night at 7:15 pm a snippet picture of your project and link back to the actual PA blog post where your item is fully featured so people can see the rest of the 3Ups for that evening.

For those 21 people selected, the deadline to send actual project submissions is...
9pm, Sunday 13th April  (London time) 
Send your projects via email to

How to apply to go in the 3UP draw...
Please email the following info to
1. The night/ collection you wish to apply for.
2. Your full name (please advise of any privacy issues if you have an alternative 'handle' you prefer us to identify you with, if selected, in the public post).
3. Your blog, twitter, pinterest (if applicable) contact details.
3. Your postal address and contact phone numbers.
4. The code of the stamp set or 3 minis you prefer we send you free.

So don't be shy, just jump right in and make your mind up to get involved, and go in the draw to have your crafty skills featured on the PA blog in the next #3UP celebration. We love to see what you do with our stamps, you guys are wonderful! We shall be waiting for your emails with great excitement! Good luck!

New {Hot Picks} available late April 2014
Lastly, I guess you might like to see the newest Hot Picks that will be coming soon to a shop near you. These stamps are not yet in production here at HQ, but we expect to commence shipping them to our stockists  mid to late April. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and don't forget, you still have until tomorrow night to join in with this week's challenge

Take care, Leandra xx


Helen said...

oh,how exciting to have another crack at a 3UP challenge. not to mention the new Hot Picks - LOVING them!!

Words and Pictures said...

Oh, oh, oh - am practically salivating at the new Hot Picks - the butterfly, the film strip one and all that magnificent script. Well, I'm hoping they're not in the shop too soon - as that will completely blow my "not buying crafty stuff in Lent" resolution! Ah - unless they're at Ally Pally - it's only online shopping I'm not allowed!!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Good grief Leandra, those new Hot Picks look wonderful!! I love all the scripts & the film strips & that butterfly is gorgeous.
Love the new #3UP idea, will be hoping as hard as I can that I get picked.

craftytrog said...

Those new Hotpicks are gorgeous Leandra, very tempting!
I would have loved another go at 3UP, but time is limited at the moment, & I'm on holiday in April. Maybe next time.
Good luck to everyone who applies.
Alison xxx

Mark said...

Hi Leandra, those new Hot Picks are wonderful! I really love the film strips, and the coffee quote!

Love the #3UP idea, I immediately registered for Darcy's night.

Unknown said...

Great new stamps I am having the butterfly one want it now please xxx

Steven said...

Do I? don't I? Might Just!

JoFY said...

good luck to all new possible #3uppers - gotta be in it to win it!!
love love love the new Hot Picks! seriously: love!!

Unknown said...

OOohh-gorgeous!! Especially the butterfly and script-yummy!

Sandie said...

I've never done this but there is a first time for everything! And love the new stamp sets too....

craftimamma said...

Oh my, more for the wish list, lol! The Hot Picks are gorgeous especially all that fabulous script! Well, I finally chose a set of stamps to register for 3up but was such a hard decision, lol! Now to keep fingers crossed ;D!

Lesley Xx

Kathi said...

Eeek! So excited to have the chance to participate in #3up again.

I also love, Love, LOVE the new Hot Picks. Several of them are speaking to me and the crabby/coffee one is yelling! As a mother with a shellfish-allergic daughter, that's the only chance I will have to have crab in my house!

Julie Lee said...

Fabulous Hot Picks! I want them all!!! Good luck to all the potential 3Ups! Julie Ann xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Ooh I love the look of the new hot picks! Good luck to the 3 uppers, they were brilliant last time!

Lucy x

Hazel Agnew said...

Overexcited as always.had to switch dinner off to register. New Hot picks are really HOT.fingers crossed already. Congrats Leandra and team on your new launch!x

massofhair said...

Always love Mr Paper Artsy's Hot Picks stamps, as usual need them all!

Good luck to all those who are applying for the chance to take part in the #3UP challenge.

I took part last time so will not apply on this occasion so people who didn't get the chance last time have more of a chance this time.

Looking forward to seeing the #3UP's projects:-) xxx

Unknown said...

Totally loving the new Hot Picks!! Will have to be getting some of those...

Steven said...

ohh and forgot to add, the Hot Pick stamps are terriffic!!!

Cocofolies said...

Ooooo I really love several the new hot picks!!! Good luck to the 3 uppers, I will not have time to give it a try for a chance to take part of the fun before the due date, but another time maybe! :) Hugs, coco xx

Carol Q said...

fabulous new Hot Picks!

Sarah B said...

loving the new hot picks - more things to add to my wish list ! Now the hard decision of which 3UP day to choose xx

Notations of a Crafter said...

Loving the new hot picks!!! I want them all!! I would also like to enter for 3up, I currently live in China though!! Would it be possible to enter, normal post takes three weeks to arrive so not sure if it would work. Would love to know what you think. Many thanks xx

Etsuko said...

Fabulous new Hot Pics stamps!

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow I really neeeeeed all of the new stamps, I can't believe I missed the 3up registration, maybe next time I can apply. Can't wait to see what they do and I can't wait to get my hands on those awesome stamps. Kezzy :-) xxx