Monday 24 March 2014

GD: Pam Thorburn #2 Chatsworth Keepsake

"Hello everyone, Pam here. Tonight I'm focusing soley on these gorgeous new 12x12 Chatsworth Papers. I thought I would make a project using NO paints, or stamps! I bet that has never been done on this blog before"!  

Scrapbooking is not always about making page layouts, and today I thought I'd show you a little project that can be used for photos, or if you prefer, could be a way of giving gifts like theatre tickets, or gift tokens instead.  

So here we have a wallet with a woven front, using the gorgeous Chatsworth papers. These papers are heavy weight and withstand the manipulation of weaving so well! 

This is what the wallet looks like inside:

I will put some photos in the pocket on the right hand side, and a little note in the envelope. I'm not sure if I will put photos of the kids and send it to my mother in Australia, or I'm thinking it would make a nice memento for my daughter when she graduates from university in June. I could put graduation photos in the pocket and a little note to let her know how proud we are of her in the envelope. I think in this internet digital age a hand made, hand written keepsake is such a nice thing to have. In fact the more I look at this with the pen and quill design on the pocket, the more I see how appropriate it is for Emily, since her degree is in English Literature. OR I could make another one and send one to mum as well!

Anyway, without further ado, let's get on with the step-by step.
Start by cutting a 12"x12" paper down the centre so you have two 12" x 6" rectangles. Score each at 6", then another score 1/4" from the first score line. That will form a gusset to allow some bulk to be added to the inside of the wallet.

Now take one of the rectangles, and draw a line 1/4" from your second fold line. Cut 1/2" strips across the paper down to your pencil line as shown.

Now take another piece of 12 x 12 paper and cut a square measuring 6" x 6" from it. Cut this square into 1/2" strips and weave them through your rectangular piece.

{TIP: Use a dab of glue  to adhere the strips as you weave to ensure they stay in place when you cut the triangle shape later}. 

Now find the centre point and using a ruler mark out a triangle shape. This is where I made a little mistake as I took the bottom of my triangle to the pencil line, but you need to take it the the fold line instead.-so not quite as shown below!

Cut the triangle flap.

Now construct the wallet by adhering  two squares of the rectangular pieces, one on top of the other.

Here's another view of the wallet:

Now it's time to 'bind' the edges. Start with the long edges,cut 1" x 12 " strips of paper-one for each edge. Score the strips lengthwise down the middle, fold on the score line and adhere to the wallet edges. Measure the triangle edges and the short edge and cut 1" strips to fit. Score, fold and adhere like before.

Now for the pocket. This pocket has 1/2" gusset to allow it to hold a few photos without undue strain.Cut a square 6" x 6". rule a line 1/2" in from the two side edges and the bottom edge. then rule another line 1/4" from those lines as shown. Mark a diagonal line across the lower two corners, and cut along those lines.

Draw a diagonal line and cut the front of the pocket. Score and fold the pocket along the pencil lines to form a pocket. Adhere double sided tape along the edge of the pocket folds.

Now for the envelope. Cut a rectangle 6" x 9". Draw a line 1/2" in from the long edges on both sides. Score and fold across the rectangle at 3 and a half inches, and 7". Cut away the outer edges with the cross hatched lines as shown below.

Use a circle punch to cut a half circle in the envelope, and round the corners on the flap if desired.

Adhere the pocket. I had to trim a little at the top to fit neatly in the space. Wrap ribbon around the envelope, then adhere to the wallet.

So there you have it a lovely little wallet to keep photos and keepsakes. And no ink, or stamps to be seen!

Oh wait-is that a plainish paper under the flap?

Maybe just a little stamp or two...

Mini 30 Script stamp, Mini 97, Mini 98, Mini 99 all stamped with Chutney Fresco Paint

Yes, that definitely enhances that space, don't you think?. I hope you are being inspired by the new papers and join in with this weeks challenge. See you again tomorrow evening.

Leandra Says: Ha you did succumb to the paint at the last leg! LOL Who knew, paper binding, like fabric bias binding! Genius! Who can resist making one of these!

Gillian Says: What a great way to use the collection to create a little keepsake and the mini stamps are perfect with those papers.

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Pam's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday March 30th 2014.


Helen said...

Wasn't sure who the comment above was from till I saw her name at the end.... ROFL!!

Pam, this is stunning, what a lovely idea to make a gift wallet and so beautifully constructed. I love it.

Helen said...

ok so the comment's been removed nw I look daft!!

Julie Lee said...

This is a lovely combo of papers and stamps. I love the subtlety of the colours and the tasteful elegance of it. Lovely work! Julie Ann xx

massofhair said...

Love this type of project Pam, will try to join in but don't have any PA papers. Again thank you for such clear instructions:-) x

Dawn Louise said...

Impressive project Pam, love it all. Super tutorial too. X

Sarah B said...

I really love different shaped paper projects. with sucj clear instruction I'l defintiely try and find time to make one later this week xx

Craftyfield said...

Clever construction! Love the binding and good choice of stamps!

Carol Q said...

Love the way you've put that together Pam.

craftimamma said...

Beautiful project! Those papers are gorgeous and this showcases them perfectly.

Lesley Xx

Rupa Swaminathan said...

Beautiful project and thanks for the detailed tute! The papers are gorgeous.

craftinka said...

Fantastic project and the papers are simply gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials, hugs from Paris. Justyna xx

craftytrog said...

Fantastic project Pam, & a great step-by-step!
Alison xxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful project, it looks great. Never been able to manage paper weaving, but it certainly looks effective.

Unknown said...

Love this! Fab idea. xx

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely gorgeous awesome creation, so useful and fantastic technique. Awesome :-) Kezzy xxx