Friday 7 March 2014

Framed Flowers {with JoFY Stamps by Jacqui Hall }

Hello everyone, Jacqui here. You have no idea how chuffed I am to be writing this, although as you read this I’ll be hiding behind the sofa.. I began this little piece by thinking how nice it would be to think of spring coming and as it’s Mother’s day soon, I decided to make a little framed picture. 

I started by base coating a piece of grey board cut to fit my frame and used Limelight, Guacamole, Bora Bora, Ice Blue and Beach Hut Fresco Finish paints to get the landscape feel. Blending each change in colour to avoid harsh lines. I also selected some colours for my flowers. 

I had painted my background with the board in a landscape orientation, but then realized the stamps I wanted to use wouldn’t work this way round.  So I recreated the background but in portrait orientation and then got to work adding the flowers

 I stamped JOFY 10 and JOFY14 in Olive Archival ink and set about painting in the flowers. 

JoFY 10

JoFY 14

I chose to use Pumpkin Soup, Limelight, Sage, London Bus and Nougat Fresco’s, however I watered them all down so they were more the consistency of watercolours. Once finished, I re-stamped the big daisy over the top of itself to redefine it. I then used a combination of pinks and purples on the frame, gently blended,with the darker shades in the corners.

I then stamped the flowers from  JOFY 09. up the sides of the frame, before adding a little Royal  Amethyst and Renaissance Treasure Gold .

JoFY 09

Finally I stamped the words from JOFY09 along the bottom of the frame. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my framed flower project come together, thanks for reading. Jax. 

A huge thank you to Jax from all at PaperArtsy HQ, it is great to have one of our #PATWITS on the blog tonight. We really love how you continued the flower stamping from the picture over onto the frame. Often frames are neglected and this is a great way to create continuity on a piece. 

If you would like to join in our weekly challenge with any of this week's guests who have blogged since Sunday night, then join in to link up your creativity HERE. You will go in the draw to win PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by17:00 (London time) Sunday 9th March 2014.


Julie Lee said...

I love how you included the frame as well. The colours are lovely on this! It's beautiful and would be a lovely Mother's Day gift! Oh, yes, you can come out from behind the sofa now!!! Julie Ann xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow Jax, you little devil you! How exciting to see you in print. It's a lovely piece and fits together beautifully. Congrats. Pity you on the wagon at mo! Xx

Maz said...

This is lovely and a great Mothers Day gift idea. x

Lin said...

Well done Jax..your piece is lovely you dark horse lol!! I love the way you've stamped onto the frame it finishes it off lovely xx

Helen said...

It's absolutely gorgeous, Jax!!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Oh very well one Jax what a fanatic little frame xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

So pretty and vibrant!

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Well done Jax! Great project! xx

massofhair said...

Huge congrats Jax!!! I imagine you were mega nervous about your GD spot lol.

Beautiful project for Mothers Day, fab colours & stamps.

Hope to see you back as GD very soon:-) xxx

whyducks said...

Very pretty

Kathi said...

Congrats Jacqui! It's gorgeous and will make a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

craftimamma said...

Well done Jax. This is lovely so you can come out from behind the sofa now, lol!

Lesley Xx

Etsuko said...

It's a lovely and good for Mother's day present! I love colours for picture and frame. xx

Alexandra said...

This is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Jax, I'm so sorry I wasn't here last night for this. Well done you, it is gorgeous.