Sunday 2 March 2014

Weekly Challenge and Winners {March:Week 1}

Hi everyone Darcy here. 

Last week we had another great week, with explosions of colour and texture. Pam Thorburn had 3 beautiful scrapbook layouts for us, providing lots of inspiration. Marie showed us a really cool altered bangle, and we welcomed back Jo and Linda with their great use of colour in two very different styles. Liz closed the week for us with her adorable dollie; a piece to fall in love with. 

Thanks to everyone who joined in and made projects last week. And thank you also for all the comments left on blog posts. It's really encouraging for us to see your response to all the blog contributors.

1. And the winners are...
Random winner #1 from the First Challenge draw (every single entry linked, including multiple entries) is: Daisymay
 Congratulations, you have won a PaperArtsy A5 stamp of your choice. 

 Random winner #2 the winner from the Second Challenge draw, (only one entry per name)
 is: Jax
 Congratulations, you have won a PaperArtsy A5 stamp of your choice.

*Winners please get in touch with Darcy ( with your full  name,  address and choice of stamp plate. 

2. The week ahead...

Tonight we start by welcoming back Clare Lloyd. Let's see what Clare has been creating  since we last saw her. It is such a treat going to Clare's blog, there is just so much inspiration on there. All of her projects are so vibrant and full of life. 

As you know Clare loves creating faces, so it is no surprise to find lots of faces on her blog. this one caught my eye. 

Not all of them are large, I love how Clare has varied the sizes. These mini faces are especially cute. 

However there is more to see than just faces, Clare has been making gorgeous mail art. 

Finally pop over to Clare's blog to see how she rescued a piece of art, it went from being muddy to being full of light. 

Clare will be joining us soon with fantastic projects, so get comfy and have a great week. 

3. P.A.Weekly Challenge from....{Clare and other guests}

Clare will be joined in the latter part of the week with other surprise guests, and of course, if you are inspired by any item you see on the blog this week, then please share what you get up to, and link your creativity here on the weekly challenge link. 

Your challenge entry can link to your own blog, Pinterest or Flickr pages, or any webpage that shows us what you have made in response to the posts on the blog this week. Just make sure you come back to this post, and use the linking tool below to show us your entry. We have extended the challenge entry deadline to 5pm on Sunday evenings.

Make sure on Sunday 9th March by 17:00 (5pm London time) you need to have your link entered below, and you will go into one of 2 draws to win new stuff.

To help you find the linky tool when you need it, just look at the final green paragraph on each blog post, there you will find a link that brings you back to this post.

Weekly Challenge guidelines
The first draw is for every single entry listed, so if you have multiple entries, you get entered multiple times. 

The second draw is only for one entry per name, and the winner of Draw 1 is not included in this second draw. Having 2 draws makes it fair for everyone, no matter how many times you can join in during the week.

As this challenge is to show how you have been inspired to action by this week's designer, make sure in your blog post you explain what prompted you to create.

Please don't feel you need to copy a designer's work exactly, it may be one small aspect or idea that you want to explore that sends you into the creative zone. You are also welcome to use any stamps/ products / substrates you have to hand, we do not expect you to exclusively use PA products - but of course it is lovely when you do!

The winners are announced Sunday evenings in the 7pm blog post (as above). It is your responsibility to check back and see if you have won. If you are a winner, email Darcy with the name of the stamp you would like, and your snail address. We do not chase people for unclaimed prizes.

If we are away at an event, then the winners post would generally be updated by Monday evening with draw details.


Helen said...

Well done to Daisymay and Jax. Looking forward to seeing Claire's first project.

Lucy Edmondson said...

Well done jax and daisymay. Loving Claire's work!

Lucy x

Colleen said...

Enjoy shopping Daisymay and Jax! Great projects.

Anonymous said...

Great to have Clare back & congrats to he winners.

craftytrog said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! x

Linda M. Cain said...

these are just adorable!


Etsuko said...
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Karen said...

Can't believe I won, what a lovely surprise after working last night. Thank you, now what a decision to make

Etsuko said...

Lovely project and congrats to the winners. xx

ionabunny said...

Hi, the linky is closed but I think it is supposed to be open for another 30minutes. Unless I got my time zone wrong which is a possibility. OK, I know, last minute posting and probably poor mathematics as well. Just in case here's my link

If I missed it no worries. There's a new day coming and the art is calling.

PaperArtsy said...

We realised there was a linky problem early evening, we think the change in daylight saving hours in the USA closed off the link an hour earlier than we planned. If you had emailed Darcy she could have added you in to the mix, but as its just 10 mins away now I think she will scream if she has to change it again! LOL