Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Joanne Wardle Project #3 Gingham Triangle Box ....

"Hello all, Joanne here with my final GD project. I can't believe how fast the semester has flown by, I have had alot of fun making and sharing my projects with you all. Tonight's project incorporates my love of fabric". 

I love fabrics: Spotty, Flowery and, at Christmas, I especially love Gingham. I wanted to see if I could create the effect of Gingham somehow and decided to try using paint. I chose to use Fresco London Bus, because not only is it a gorgeous shade of red, but because of its transparent nature you can see it takes on more colour where it overlaps, to help create the Gingham effect. I also wanted a way to make giving cash a little more interesting, and the triangle box is the perfect size. Of course, it's also perfect for little presents, and really easy to make. Again there are probably better instructions on the internet, so my instructions are quite brief.

The sentiment stamp for this box is taken from the same set as the fairy from day one {Nut Meg 6}, and I think the words “wishing you a joyful christmas and a prosperous year to follow” is perfect when sending cash!
 First of all take one sheet of PaperArtsy Heavyweight Smoothy Stamping Card. Mark off a 3.5 inch as shown.

Using a fine paint brush, paint thin stripes of red as straight and neat as you can (not very in my case.. as you can see) I started in the middle of the strip and worked one way .... 

Until I reached the edge.

I then turned it around and went the other way.

 Until I had filled the strip.

 I then did the same thing in the other direction.

I then mixed the London Bus with a small amount of French Roast Fresco Paint to make a slightly darker red.

And painted a patch of this {all will become clear in a minute}....

And a patch of Tinned Peas onto the same card.

Once this was dry I cut off the strip of gingham card.

I then scored the triangle box as shown.

Now for the tricky bit. It's really important to get the sentiment in the right place, but it's really hard to see the score lines through the pattern. So a stamp positioner is a huge help. My stamp positioner is made of lego and some plastic packaging (not my idea, but one I found on youtube) and it works a treat.

To make the embellishment, freehand draw some holly leaves (about the only thing I can draw!) onto the green patch ....

And then punch out some berries.

Make the holes in your box, by marking, and punching the first and marking through this to find the position of the next.

Repat the same for the other side.

Next cut out the holly.

Take a piece of Paperartsy Lace and distress it by pull out the edges with a fingernail so that it starts to unravel a bit.

Glue to box and add the holly.

Finally tie the box closed with some white ribbon and your box is almost finished.

All you need to do now is just add some cash!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments throughout the semester. I do hope you are inspired to try one of my projects this week and join in the challenge. Joanne x

Leandra Says: Woohooo, loving wiggly gingham! I use lego for a diddy alphabet set, the littlest block each has a letter glued to the lego, then you can snap them together to make words. I thought that was quite clever, and I thunk of it all by myself about 10 years ago! LOL. Bet I wasn't the first tho! Thanks for such great projects, it's been a wonderful semester, and so great to have your CAS style represented on the blog this year! Thankyou xx

Gillian Says: The faux gingham effect looks wonderful and the pop of green holly completely finishes of the Christmas theme. Another fun project which I adore. Thank you for all your fantastic projects/techniques throughout the semester. x


Helen said...

Another fab project, Joanne! I've really enjoyed your projects this semester too, thanks for some great inspiration.

Julie Lee said...

This is really effective: I love the look of the hand-made gingham! Julie Ann xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Your handmade gingham is awesome and I love the handmade stamp positioner! the money looks very generous Auntie Joanne!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

A very cute gift box, the painted gingham looks lovely.

massofhair said...

Hand drawn gingham, well i never it looks ace! Nice idea, great box shape:-)

Alison said...

Gorgeous! xx

Unknown said...

Fab idea! xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Oh Joanne this is lovely fantastic ideas yet again xx

Etsuko said...

Fab bag.Lovely gingham!

selena said...

super ce petit projet de noel!

Darcy Marshall said...

Love that gingham! I use my bought stamp positioner all the time, could not live without it, but omg I want a lego one hahahaha

Cocofolies said...

Love that gingham too!! Super idea, thank you for all the tips. Coco x

laury55 said...

love this project and the previous ones, really amazing

Dawn Louise said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I did try promise miss lol but lines too wonky for me lol this box is so easy and quick too x

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