Monday 16 December 2013

Liz Borer Project #2 Ornate Case ....

"Good evening everyone, Elizabeth here with tonight's project.This case has been sitting around waiting for some decoration and so I finally took pity on it! Some years ago I decorated a similar case using metal embossing, stencils and stamps but I wasn’t very good at stamping then and so there was little stamping. This time I decided to use the same idea but in quite different colours and using stamps for the main decoration".

Both the sides of the case are treated similarly but are not exactly the same. I started by making two metal panels that will be attached to the sides of the case. I drew two simple designs for the two sides so that the spread of the flowers and leaves would be the same as the depth of the side. I transferred the design to the metal and drew over it with a stylus so that the design could be seen on the back (use any colour metal as it will be painted). I don’t want to give a tutorial on metal embossing when it has already been done and probably better than I could do it. I’ll just show a few pictures of how I got what I wanted.

Turn the metal over and emboss it on a foam mat so that it puffs up on the right side .

Turn the metal to the right side – it looks untidy at this point. 

Draw around the design again with the stylus (on a firm surface ) to reinstate the design.

Smooth the metal around the design with a paper stump. You may have to repeat these steps to get a good finish.

I then embossed the remaining part of the panel using Ten Second Studio metal moulds so that the whole panel of metal had some texture.

Finally I cut out the panel so that it would fit onto the case.

To stop the metal from squashing,  fill the whole of the back (I used Grunge Paste) and let it dry.

Back to the front again.

The whole case needs to be painted and I wanted to use a fairly muted colour. I mixed  Honeydew and Stone (mix B) and painted the case. I then started adding colours by splodging a bit of colour on and then spreading it about with a wet wipe. Think of a mixture of rubbing and sponging – I pounced the wet wipe up and down but also rubbed a little. The wipe picks up the colour and so it can be blended from a darker area to a paler area. To start with it looks very messy but as you add colours they start to blend together in a pleasing way.  Start with a mix of Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse– Mix A.

This shows the first colour all over the side of  the case. Repeat over all the panels of the case.

This is how I ‘splodge’ the colour on, definitely not neat before spreading it. I repeated this technique with various colours. This colour is Bora Bora mixed with the base colour.

The next colour is a mixture of Green Olives and Beach Hut (I like this mix because, depending on how much of each colour is used, you can get such a lot of lovely greens).

The last colour is a mix of Bora Bora and Beach Hut. If the finish does not look well blended use some more of the colours to get the effect you want.

I then stencilled some diamond shapes on randomly. I mixed Green Olives and Beach Hut with some Matte Glaze to make it more transparent.

I stencilled some words with a mix of Mocha Mousse and Beach Hut.

And finally some flowers.

While I had all the colours mixed I painted the metal panels with the base colour and dried it. I then started adding some of the colours from the palette. I only added a little at a time and rubbed the colours in with my finger so that the overall look was paler than the painted background.

I added some green to the leaves (Green Olives and Beach Hut) and some orange, very lightly to the flowers (Autumn Fire).

The flowers were stamped using HP1009, both the spray and the single flower, using perfect medium and gold embossing powder. I then cut them all out and started colouring them. The first colour is a yellow mixed from Zesty Zing and Pumpkin Soup thinned with a little water. I only wanted a wash of colour. I’ve just washed this onto some of the petals.  


I then added washes of other colours to the petals – not all over but a little of each colour on each flower. Firstly the yellow mix and Autumn Fire and then Autumn Fire alone.

Finally I washed on a layer of Blood Orange.

I found these two die cut columns in my stash and painted them with the base colour.

I then added a dark green around the edges (Green Olives and Beach Hut).

Rubbing on some Copper Treasure Gold seemed the right thing to do.  

Along the edge opposite to where the metal plaques will go I stamped and embossed the swirl MINI 96 using perfect medium and gold embossing powder. 

I then stuck the columns in place and stamped- using the green mix of Green Olives and Beach Hut – the ferns from HP1010 to make a background for the flowers.


I stamped and embossed using gold powder the words from HP1204 and HP1102, one on each side before attaching the metal plates and flowers.

The small Tim Holtz frames were painted with the original mix of Bora Bora and the base coat and rubbed with Copper Treasure Gold. I stamped and embossed with a toning colour the words Art and Dreams from ELB01 and ELB04 (as you will see I just used one word from the saying). I used an orange wash from the flower colours to make the backgrounds tone in and then stuck the paper on the back of the frames and the frames onto the case.   

The raised edges or the case were painted using a turquoise from the palette and then dry brushed with Aquamarine treasure gold and then Copper treasure gold.

Palette of colours.

I tried to avoid making the decorations on the sides of the case too raised because they will be damaged if the case is laid down. Well that me finished for today and I will see you all again tomorrow with my finale project as GD.

Leandra Says: Ohhh, it's fantastic Liz, the colour combo is amazing, and the metal embossed and painted that way looks fabulous!! How well you manage to pull a project together. So inspirational!

Gillian Says:Oh I adore this, the colours are so delicate and the textures/dimension look wonderful.

If you can find 5 minutes at this very busy time of year to play along with Liz's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! 


massofhair said...

Very impressive project, fabby colours:-)

Helen said...

WOW!! I had to zoom through this as I'm off out but couldn't bear not to check it out quickly! What a stunner.

Hazel Agnew said...

So beautiful, textures and colours work so well. Love it. X

Kathi said...

This is absolutely totally gorgeous!!!

Keren Baker said...

Wow- that is some work of art. Amazing- love the metal embossing!

Craftyfield said...

Fantastic piece of art! The metal embossing is brilliant.

Ink Art Designs said...

Wow!!! totally stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's so gorgeous, I love the colours.

Trish said...

WOW! Another truly amazing project - I love all of it!!!
Thank you so much for your amazing inspiration

Lucy Edmondson said...

Your work is always absolutely stunning, Liz! The metal work is so beautiful and unusual,

Lucy x

kjjc said...

Unbelievable. Stunning.

Etsuko said...

This is incredible project!! The metal embossing is so gorgeous. I love it. xx

Julie Lee said...

So very beautiful. How talented, skilful and creative you are Liz! I am in awe! Julie Ann xx

Emma Burns said...

This is absolutely fabulous!!!! I love working with metal and I think what you have done with this case is so lovely. The colours and your textures are just spot on with this project. Very impressed crafter here xxxx

Unknown said...

Un extraordinario tutorial, paso a paso como siempre. Me encanta como te ha quedado, la combinaciĆ³n de colores que has utilizado.Genial

Carol Q said...

I absolutely love this Liz. It must be one of my favourite projects from the GD designers so far. So clever and innovative. Your metal work is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Wow Liz ! Another absolutely stunning project ! Love it ! Sue C x

Dawn Louise said...

Another amazing project, your attention to detail and mixing of paint colours is brilliant and inspired me to get working with metal in 2014

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely stunning, so elegant and rich and I love the colours and the metal work :-) Kezzy xxx