Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Hi everyone, Leandra here

What can I say, where do I start. This year has been an utter joy and it's all because of you guys. We had our 10th birthday, and what a great way to celebrate the PaperArtsy brand with you guys. Thankyou!

The blog has evolved remarkably this year. Thanks wholly to Gillian and her wonderful administrative skills coordinating 12 beautifully talented Guest Designers, the PaperArtsy blog has been such a huge success and massive inspiration to people the world over; you the crafty people, you the amazing shops we supply, and a fantastic resource for those of you who are craft teachers looking for ways to share all things PaperArtsy. Thankyou!

The friendships that have developed online, off line, in classes, at shows, at PA tweet-ups, and via the end of semester PAtwit challenges has been fantastic. It is so fabulous to be one small part of a fully supportive, friendly and encouraging community. You are so good at welcoming new PAtwits to twitter or blog land, you all greet each other with such excitement and joy at the shows, and you all ask each other advice and offer support 24/7 be it leaking roofs, crazy weather, unwell pets, or the sad loss or ill heath of a loved one. Through thick and thin you guys are there for each other, and the crafting journey is just one part of the enjoyment we share together. Thankyou!

The participation in the weekly blog challenges has been fantastic to observe. You have no idea how important it is for our guest designers to get to see the impact of what YOU chose to make on the back of their posts. It is such a buzz for them to hear from you via the comments on each post, or with an evening chat on twitter. Thankyou!

And none of this would have been possible were it not for the wonderful products, stamps and ideas that our in house designers have brought to the table this year; Lynne Perrella, Jo Firth-Young, Lin Brown, Sara Naumann, Darcy Wilkinson have each created so many beautiful products. It has been an utter joy for Mark and I to work with you all and supplement your ideas with co-ordinating products. Thankyou!

I am very excited for 2014. We have brilliant new products to share with you and many of them will start to be featured in January by the first semester's guest designers. January is going to be all kinds of crazy as we get all the final details of these new products signed off. I wish I could say more, but I can't just yet! Our new guests are so excited behind the scenes and absolutely bursting to share their ideas with these products. They have such big boots to fill after our 2013 guests, but I know you will be awesome. Thankyou! 

2014 also sees some more changes to the blog, but those will be revealed on Sunday night. Will are thrilled that Darcy is joining Gillian as an additional administrator to help coordinate the new features. Thankyou!

We have a couple more videos to share with you to round off this week before the new kids kick off the term on Sunday, here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's video...I know, I'm ending the year on purple!! And starting the new one on purple! So I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new too!
Oh, and I almost forgot, the January sale starts tomorrow too, our annual way to thank you! The more you spend the more you save. Discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% will be automatically applied to your shopping basket SUBtotal once it exceed £50, £100 or £150 pounds. The subtotal is the value before VAT and freight are applied. 

Our wish for you is that 2014 brings you happiness, good health, many new crafting friendships and much enjoyment!

From all of us here at PA HQ, a very happy New Year to one and all

Mark and Leandra, senior elves, and the munchkins x


Deborah Wainwright said...

Thank you too Leandra wishing you all at Paper Artsy a very happy New Year xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Wow. Leandra, have gone all emotional. Without you guys, we would be rudderless. You have enriched and inspired my crafting world more than you could ever imagine. Healthy crafter, healthy mind etc. keeping me young. I have loved your companionship this year. Here's to the next. Love you...Hazel xx

Helen said...

Thanks to all of you at PA HQ for stunning projects, superb products to work with and 12 months of fun fun fun! Looking forward to 2014 already! Embrace the purple... Happy New Year to Leandra, Mark and all the elves and munchkins. xxx

sam21ski said...

Happy New Year to you and your family and a big thank you to you too for co-ordinating it and making it all happen.

I for one have to say it's been a great pleasure to be included and to join in with the weekly challenges and it has been with much excitement that we have patiently been waiting on twitter for 7pm on a Sunday to come round for the GD to be revealed, some using brand new products to tempt us all with.

Here's to an excellent 2014.

Sam xxx

Linda Jones said...

Happy New Year to you all. I was honoured to be welcomed into the Patwits family in September. Everyone is so kind x

Anonymous said...

A very Happy New Year to you Leandra & to Mark & everyone at PA HQ. Thank you for everything. Here's to a fantastic 2014 for all of us.

Kathi said...

Happy New Year from one of your new converts!

Thanks for all the great videos, the inspiration by the guest designers, the PATwit 3Up challenge, and the great products!

krcmasterpiece said...

I know I've totally enjoyed finding your site and participating in the techniques shared.

Thanks to you all for your hard work & inspiration!

Anonymous said...

A happy, healthy and creative year to Leandra and Mark and all their friends on the PA blog.

Trish said...

Thank you for such a wonderful, creative year! Happy New Year to all at PaperArtsy HQ, I'm certainly looking forward to 2014!

massofhair said...

It's all been said many times but THANK YOU Mark & Leandra, all at PA HQ & guest designers for an amazing 2013.

Looking forward to 2014 & a new set of PATwit adventures:-);xxx

Lin said...

Ah Leandra what a lovely post!! 2013 has been a brilliant crafty year..meeting so many new crafty friends and the birth of the patwits..the laughs, the craft shows all of it..so I say welcome 2014!! bring it on!!! xxx Happry new year to you Mark the elves and your darling munchkins xxx

Dawn Louise said...

Thank you too for all your hard work and the designers you have all inspired me so much to take my crafting where I want it to be all the best for a very happy and prosperous 2014 x

Redanne said...

You are so right about crafters Leandra, they are the best. It was a pleasure to meet you at the shows and also at Wirksworth. Thanks so much for your wonderful inspiration, I look forward to more in 2014. Have a very happy and rewarding New Year. x

Miriam said...

Thank you for all of your inspiration and support - Happy New Year to you all.... and a very creative 2014!

Mark said...

Leandra and Mark and all the others, thank you for the fantastic blog with so much inspiration! Happy New Year to you all!

Siobhan Brignull said...

Happy New Year to all at Paperartsy, especially you Leandra . . . mwah haha

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a lovely post. Thank you to all of you who make the wonderful inspiration happen and for giving us so much pleasure. Looking forward to another year of it!

Lucy x

margaret said...

Thanks for everything you do and best wishes for 2014

Sobre el Arte y otras Aventuras said...

Happy New Year too! I have enjoyed reading and learning amazing techniques on your blog. I must add that your designers have been all great. Congrats to all of them too.
Cheers, Vron

Etsuko said...

A Happy New Year to you Mark and Leandra, all of PA members. Thank you for fab projects and many products. I'm looking forward to 2014 PaperArsty.

Etsuko xx

Steven said...

"So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me"

Great memories and experiences in 2013, looking forward to more in 2014

Carol Q said...

OMG that song's going to be in my head all day now lol. It's been a fabulous year for PaperArtsy hasn't it Leandra and thank you very much for including me in it - I have had a whale of a time!

selena said...

une bonne et heureuse année pleine de creativité!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends Leandra and Mark - Happy New Year to you both and to all around you. Your blog has provided so many hours of fun and inspiration and is enormously appreciated. And - even though I'm not a great challenge participator - I gobble up so many new ideas from you and use them whenever possible in my messing around!! Hope to see you both sides of the Channel in 2014 - much love , Sally xoxoxoo

Linda M. Cain said...

I truly love everything PaperArtsy! It was just way too much fun being a GD and learning all sorts of new tricks with the fabulous Fresco Paints! Hugs to you all!


Gillian .... said...

Thank you to my fav two spesh people for making it all happen in the first place. Huge thank you to everyone who joins in and supports the PA adventures. What a year 2013 has been here on the blog, very excited about what 2014 has in store for you all. XX

Liesbeth Fidder said...

Thanks Leandra and Mark ! A very happy new year to all !!!

Hugs, Liesbeth

Unknown said...

I am go glad to have found you and your website as it's definitely changed the way I craft and the taken my into out of my comfort zone and into mixed media projects. Have learnt and continue to learn from the guest designers, blogs and PAtwits. All your products are fab and can't wait to see you at the next Donny craft show x

Cocofolies said...

Wishing you also a belated Happy New Year Leandra and everyone!
Thanks for all the great videos and posts for the inspiration by all the fabulous guest designers. I miss time to see all unfortunately, but be sure I'd love to do!!! See you soon in VS! Coco xx

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