Sunday, 20 October 2013

Welcome Back Liz Borer Project #1 Trick Or Treat Bag ....

"Hi there everyone, it’s great to be back again sharing my projects with you. As it is October and Halloween is around the corner I decided that my inspiration would be Autumn and Halloween especially as I love the Halloween stamps .So here is my first project". 

I found this little wooden bag in my stash and thought it would be perfect for a Trick or Treat Bag. Firstly I drew the words Trick and Treat onto tracing paper making them a bit spooky  and then I traced the words onto either side of the bag.

 I used Grunge Paste to make the letters stand out. Put a small amount of Grunge Paste on a palette and add a little water to it. The aim is to make the paste a little more fluid but still able to hold its shape. Use a damp ( not wet ) brush to pick up a blob of paste which can then be used to paint the letters in a sort of controlled drip(!). This is rather like applying glitter glue from a bottle. If the paste goes in the wrong place pick it up with another damp brush. I find that the brush needs to be cleaned regularly to stop it clogging up.
 I applied Grunge Paste through different stencils on each side of the bag to create more texture. Once dry, I painted the whole bag a pale colour, Nougat for example, and dried it well.

 I then started adding colours to the bag. I started with Pumpkin Soup painting all over the bag and making sure all the nooks and crannies were covered.

 Next I added Autumn Fire making sure to leave some of the flat areas yellow.
 Add Claret concentrating around the stencilled areas and leaving some orange and yellow showing. 

  Now use Eggplant in the same way.

 Now I started stamping with black ink using HPHW02


 The Owl collage on the side of the bag is from ID02.
On the side with the skull and the tree I stamped the skull first and then masked it before stamping the tree.
 More stamping all around the bag.

 I then started rubbing Treasure Gold White Fire all the Grunge Paste areas to make them stand out.

 I painted some Grunge Paper with Autumn Fire ( I felt that this would be more sturdy than card ) and stamped the Bat wings from Eclectic Plate 6 onto it. I used a permanent black marker to tidy up the stamping and to add a bats head and body. I then cut out the Bat and attached it to the bag with silicone /pinflair glue.

I stamped and cut out pumpkins and a poison bottle and stuck them on as well. The two ravens were also stamped and cut out . One of them was turned over and coloured black so it faced the other way.

 I lined the bag with some toning paper and used some red cord for the handles. These pictures show the finished Trick and Treat sides of the bag.

 I hope you like this and I will be back tomorrow.

Leandra Says: This project is stunning, it really brings out the festive Halloween spirit making me want to get involved.

Gillian Says: Liz this is absolutely gorgeous. The combination of texture, rich colours and spook-tacular images really bring this project to life.


Hazel Agnew said...

Simply awesome. Love it!

Helen said...

WOW!! What a stunning project - and you could adapt it for any gift occasion... I love how you managed to paint with the grunge paste, I have to try that if nothing else...
Looking forward to tomorrow's post too.

Lin said...

Wow this is stunning!! great colours and texture. Love how you've used the grunge paste to write trick & treat..

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely stunningly spooky, I really love how the colours came out, I can't wait to have a play :-) Kezzy xxx

Julie Lee said...

Those colours are so fabulously spooky - they just pulsate somehow! Grunge Paste lettering is inspired! I love the dramatic black contrasts and those 3D batwings - wow! Some little witch or demon is going to be sooo delighted with this! It's just gorgeous! I soooo want to play! Julie Ann xx

Susan said...

Wow the grunge paste watered down great idea! I love the project and all the details!

Craftyfield said...

What a treat (pun intended)! Love that writing technique with the Grunge paste.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is wonderful & so gorgeous. The letters look fantastic.

Carol Q said...

fabulous. gorgeous colours and stencilling. what a great hallowe'en project.

Linda Hart said...

That's such a great idea to write the lettering with Grunge Paste!

Kathi said...

Wow! Fabulous project.

I really love the hand drawn lettering, textures, colors, and images you used.

Sue said...

Absolutely gorgeous! This must have taken hours, but certainly worth the effort. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous project Liz ! Sue C x

sam21ski said...

WOW fantastic and perfect colour combo

Sam xxx

Rebecca said...

Super dupa, wicked in fact!
Happy craftin

massofhair said...

STUNNING ! :-) x

Trish said...

I love the rich autumn colours - brilliant!

Sheelagh Tomsett said...

Wow Liz, this is a gorgeous project, love the colours and images used but especially your grunge paste painting technique, it is so effective.
Sheelagh xxx

Cocofolies said...

Fabulous Halloween hanging, I'm totally captivated... all is perfect, and there are so much gorgeous details on that !!! Coco x

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