Tuesday 15 October 2013

Joanne Wardle Project #3 Scrapbooking On The Wall ....

"Today's piece is again a result of some of the goodies I found in my Guest Designer parcel from Leandra, namely the Paper Mache Hanging Board , Krunchy Kraft Wax Paper and some Crackle Glaze. I am also taking a little sidestep form a true clean and simple design, I imagine this is a relief to some"!

I originally started papercrafting and stamping through scrapbooking. I really loved the idea, however I wasn't confident that my crafting was good enough to preserve for ever, so I decided to practise my techniques first with the art of card making. And here I am ten years on and it's still cardmaking that I love. However I have started trying scrapbooking again with one-off pieces such as this.
I love the colours of autumn and taking the children out to play in the leaves and collect conkers, and that's what I wanted to capture with this piece using an old photograph of my children.
These are the products I used ....
and all of the dies (you could do this with less leaf dies, but it's lovely to be able to use all of them).
I started by painting the front and sides for the icon with Cinnamon Fresco Paint and leaving to dry.
I then applied a coat of Crackle Glaze, just to the front and a coat of Nougat Fresco Paint. Again leave to dry and crackle.
I stamped the title into the corner using the alphabet from Words Plate 2.

Once this was dry I stamped the Mini 72 with a combination of two autumnal coloured paints {Smoked Paprika & Cinnamon}.

I scrunched them up and sponged the same paints I had used for the splatter onto just two of them to produce a contrast. The wax paper is perfect for making autumnal leaves, in fact my son aked me if I had used real leaves.
I then just arranged the photo and the leaves and glued them into place.

I finished with a little hidden jounaling on the back of the icon.

I hope you have been inspired by the techniques this week. Join me again next month for some more.

Leandra Says:I adore the leaves, there is so much you can do with them, and the addition of paint really warms up the kraft colour, which is so popular at the moment. Thanks for another great week Joanne!

Gillian Says: Fantastic to scrapbook onto the hanging board Joanne, perfect to have in the home, but i expect a grandparent would love that momento too! See you next month Joanne!


Helen said...

Much as I love your CAS style it's great to see something so different - the leaves are gorgeous, you can almost feel the crunch beneath your feet.

Unknown said...

Fab idea! Fab make. Can't wait to play along now

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! xx

Craftyfield said...
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Craftyfield said...

Lovely idea... think I could do that and incorporate in a larger layout...time allowing!

Anonymous said...

That is lovely, the leaves look fab against the background.

Kezzy said...

Wow wow wow absolutely fabulous, I love those leaves they are amazing and I love the whole scrap book feel :-) Kezzy xxx

Susan said...

This is gorgeous and inspires me to work on my son and his fiancee's album! The first few pics are from fall!