Saturday 20 October 2012

A bit of {Stamp Magic} tomorrow

Tomorrow we are off to Doncaster. It's the Stamp Magic show at the Dome. The van is packed and we have more new stuff that has arrived in this week to PAHQ

First up we have every single colour of Liquid Leaf highly metallic paint and Treasure Gold highly metallic wax. So even more to choose from than we had at Ally Pally and Harrogate! And this picture still doesn't show them all!

The paint is great for changing the colour of paper flowers like these

Into this, or look at the die cut crunchy songbird that was embossed, then painted with brass liquid leaf. So easy and very effective.

We also have a whole lot of prima flowers on the racks this weekend. I can't pick my faves, so not sure how you will!

And check out these 7 gypsies knobs! Quite like the idea of putting them on the front of a wooden icon, but I can think of so many places these would look fabulous!

We picked up a couple of new elves this week! (Dad Roy, and his wife Sue) Took them a while to get the hang of bagging stamps the right way up in a bag (these elves are from down under though so that might explain it) they did quite like pricing up and hanging stock! But sadly they depart for France tomorrow, so we didn't get to keep them for very long!

What else is new this weekend? I am Very excited about a whole bunch on new resin and metal embellishments from Melissa France's and Prima. These are going to be awesome with the treasure gold on top! This is just a few of what we have on the stand tomorrow.

Amazing metal bellies.
And lots of amazing prima goodies like these bonkers embellishments!

So, a late blog post, but we do hope to see you there if you can make it at the dome to the stamp magic show!


Gillian .... said...

Have a great show, which I'm sure you will with all these new goodies on show (sigh of relief they weren't at Kettering lol). Great to see Roy & Sue helping at PA headquarters, hope you had a fab week. x

kjjc said...

wish I was going to be there but will see all those new goodies at NEC.have a great day

Rebecca said...

Have a super show :)
Happy craftin

Words and Pictures said...

Wow - all looks fantastic... am very envious of a good friend of mine who's coming! I've triggered her into the whole thing, so she's brand new, and just putting her toe in the water - have told her to make sure she finds your stall!! Hope it all goes brilliantly, and I also hope to see you at the NEC in November...
Alison x

Helen said...

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome indeed...hope you have a fab day. I love those light bulbs..and the flowers and the liquid leaf and and and! Great to see you put your new elves to work before they leave you, hope you've had a wonderful time with them this week.

Netrix said...

Wow all the new stuff totes amazeballs I need at least 1of everything.
Enjoy the show x

TAM said...

WOW loving all your new stock - good job I couldn't make The Dome - although my pocket is likely to be hit very hard at the NEC.

Ali H said...

Hi Leandra hope the show was fun & that you have saved some goodies for us at the NEC! Ali x