Tuesday 30 October 2012

Short break in France

We've taken the opportunity to hook up with family from New Zealand and pop over to France for a week.

We are in La Turbie, which isn't far from Nice and kind of overlooking Monaco from up the sheer hill/ mountain.
This afternoon we had a quick squiz around this gorgeous very old village. Even the roman ruins are stunning!

With the teeny tiny streets and picturesque outlook it really is quite breathtaking.

The cemetery's top the hill is a riot of colour; the end of October is traditionally when you visit the resting places of the deceased to pay your respects and leave flowers - often chrysanthemums.

Inside the church which looks very plain from the outside we're plenty of beautiful altars to various important saints

Stunning portraits....

and .....a skull in a box...... LOL not quite what I expected.....

But I was particularly fascinated buy this gilt assemblage - the detail was so intricate. We were lucky to find the light switch, and no one was in there, so we got some beaut pics.

And from the village the view down to the Mediterreanean is stunning, particularly at dusk with the sun catching the clouds.

No idea what we will do tomorrow, but I need to get some rest so I can face the drive! The roads here are pretty hairy! The car we are in often hardly fits the gaps, and ridiculously steep hairpin corners the likes of which I have never encountered before in my life! Even the kids are pooping themselves in the back!

But its worth it for the stunning views.

Hope your week is going well




kjjc said...

totally envious-looks beautiful.

Lynn said...

'Popping over to France for a short break'... am I envious? Betcha socks I am:) it looks just gorgeous but my reaction to the drive would be much the same as the kids'in the back I think

Netrix said...

Beautiful part of the world and nice to be able to share with the family
Jeanette x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place, well done on taking some time of, you deserve it. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Helen said...

Shame there wasn't room for me too!! What gorgeous pictures - that skull was a totally unexpected sight!
Have a safe trip home!!

Words and Pictures said...

The streets and buildings look so beautiful - love those Gothic doorways and rickety window shutters! Thanks for sharing your photos... hope you have a great stay!
Alison x